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Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 - Spoilers! - An Episode in Hong Kong? And the Truth about Steve & Wo Fat to be Revealed?

Hey guys well it's been a week since I have been back from my trip overseas had heaps of fun. Tomorrow S4 premiers in Hawaii at Queen's Beach with the stars to walk the red carpet and the screening of 4.01 and The Joans Brothers to perform soon after. Nick Jonas is now in Hawaii filming his episode. All major cast members have been confirmed but word is that Scott & Grace will not be attending.

A couple of news I spotted last night that might get everyone talking that I thought I might post.

Apparently, the show is going to be filmed in Hong Kong, China from what Stunt-Co-ordinator and one-time director Jeff Cadiente posted last night on Twitter @airjef No official word as yet but will let everyone know when I hear anything. Maybe they could be filming scenes about Kono & Adam since they rang off over there after Adam killed his brother Michael in the S3 finale. When I posted the news on the FB page at Hawaii Five-0 Australia Jeff actually favourited my Tweet so the news could be true.

Also @H50_Writers on Twitter posted this interesting white board pic of what looks like a timeline of the McGarretts. And mentions Wo Fat being born in 1971 theories have been speculating for nearly 2 years of fans asking could Wo Fat be Steve's brother or Doris was in a relationship with Wo Fat or with his father. In the S4 premier we see in a confrontation on the plane between Steve & Wo Fat that Steve actually takes a DNA sample of Wo Fat's blood. Tweet below. Question... what's below the red line? Could that be when Wo Fat's father was killed? We'll soon find out

Hawaii Five-0 Australia will be covering Sunset on the Beach from tomorrow afternoon U.S. time if anybody wants to join in feel free to like the page here and follow me on Twitter at @HawaiiFive0_OZ one of my lovely other Admins Lydia will be there with the fans to take pics and keep us up to date with whats going on throughout the premier.

Hawaii News Now will be streaming the red carpet live also go to Hawaiinewsnow.com for more info.

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