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Hart of Dixie - Season 3 - Spoiler Round Up

When we left BlueBell for the summer, Wade had finally declared his love to Zoe who asked for some time before returning to New York for 3 months over the summer. In New York, she attended a wedding with Lemon’s cousin, Jonah Breeland. Inspired by seeing how happy AnnaBeth and Lavon were, Lemon resolved to find happiness and love of her own. Brick and Shelby were off on a romantic getaway with the intention of eloping. George, who was still reeling from his break up with Tansy, headed off on tour with Wade’s ex, Lily Anne. Summer is now over so what can we expect in the upcoming third season?

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Fan favorite Kaitlyn Black, who plays Annabeth Nass, has been promoted to a series regular. Mircea Monroe tweeted that Tansy would be returning for “lots of amazeness”. EP Leila Gerstein told TV Line that Laura Bell Bundy would be reprising her role as Shelby despite joining Anger Management as a new series regular. EP Leila Gerstein was hopeful that Claudia Lee would be able to make to make an appearance as Magnolia even though she is now a series regular on a new Fox series this fall, Surviving Jack. It is unknown whether Travis Van Winkle will be returning as Jonah Breeland this season. His series, The Last Ship, was picked up by TNT.

There will be many new faces appearing in BlueBell this season. In the season premiere, we will meet two recurring characters: Lavon’s cousin, Lynly, and New Yorker Joel. Dexter’s Josh Cooke will portray Joel who will find himself a fish out of water in BlueBell. Antoinette Robertson, a relative newcomer, will play Lynly who is described as “beautiful but spoiled and clueless.” Lavon’s family isn’t the only one expanding this season. We will also meet Annabeth’s parents and Zoe’s Wilkes family. Lauren Bittner (Paranormal Activity) will recur as Zoe’s cousin, Vivian Wilkes. Soap vet, Maree Cheatham, will be portraying the matriarch of the Breeland clan as Grandma Bettie Breeland. As if there weren’t enough attractive males in BlueBell already, Ryan McPartlin (Chuck) and Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill) will be mixing things up with Lemon. McPartlin will be playing perfect Southern gentleman, Carter Covington. Buckley will be portraying out-of-towner, Peter. The Belles are expanding this season. In the 5th episode we’ll meet a new Belle named Sadie who is described as bubbly and quick-witted. Although unannounced, Mo Gaffney and Karla Mosley (The Bold and the Beautiful) have tweeted about being on set. Karla Mosley appears to be playing a recurring Belle.

What to Expect
EP Leila Gerstein says that when the show returns we won’t find anyone where we expect them to be physically or emotionally. Fans who were hoping for a George and Zoe romance will be disappointed to learn that George and Zoe’s connection has run its course for the foreseeable future as the Wade-Zoe-George love triangle is put to rest this season. Instead new love triangles will form as new love interests are brought on for almost everyone. Wade and Zoe’s rollercoaster romance still has more life in it as Leila Gerstein confirmed that their break up “was never intended to be the end of their story.” It appears that it won’t be smooth sailing for Wade and Zoe. Zoe failed to contact Wade the whole time she was in New York which turned into a five-month stay instead of three. Wade also won’t like the connection that Joel has to Zoe. Wilson Bethel reports that there will be a confrontation between the two in the season premiere about her disappearing act.

Aside from his rocky relationship with Zoe, Wade will be in a good place when the season starts doing his “dude thing” free of any romantic involvement while running the Rammer Jammer with Lemon. Wilson Bethel describes Wade’s friendship with Lemon as fun and more of a brother/sister thing. Things have been kept mum on how Wade will be affected by Zoe’s return.

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Lemon’s romantic life has certainly picked up speed since the season 2 finale. When the show returns she has been enjoying a secret relationship with someone. And she will also meet 2 new gentlemen, Carter and Peter. The latter seems to have made a strong impression on Lemon. Jaime King described Peter as “unlike any man that Lemon has ever encountered.” At this time, both Ryan McPartlin and Robert Buckley were only reported to be in 1 episode a piece. Jaime King, who plays Lemon, is also expecting her first child due in October. Other than to say that Lemon would not be pregnant, there hasn’t been any word on how it would affect Lemon’s storyline this season or if she would be absent for any episodes.

Lemon’s romantic life won’t be the only thing keeping her busy this season. Her feisty grandma will be coming to town to help Lemon preserve the prestige of the Breeland name. Does Grandma Breeland’s arrival in BlueBell have anything to do with Shelby who won’t be making an appearance until we are several episodes into the season? Tim Matheson also tweeted that there will be “big surprises for Brick” this season.

George is a bit of a mess when the season opens. He has spent the summer away from BlueBell, and the townspeople don’t know where to find him when they are in need of a lawyer. He has used his time away from BlueBell to realize that he gave up too easily on his relationship with Tansy. Now that George has left the tour we won’t be seeing a reemergence of singing from him any time soon in season 3. George and Lemon will remain close friends this season while George is still very upset with Zoe following where things left off between them in the season finale.

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The new season will find Lavon and Annabeth still together and happy. There will be some conflict with Lavon’s cousin who has moved in over the summer. It is yet to be seen how things will go when Lavon meets Annabeth’s parents. There is still that little football rivalry that is bound to spark some interesting debate. How will Annabeth’s Auburn loyal parents take to her former Crimson Tide football player boyfriend?

Now that Kaitlyn Black has been promoted to a series regular we will see a stronger bond form between Annabeth and Zoe. EP Leila Gerstein also teased that Annabeth may start her own jam business. Despite Annabeth’s new expanded role she will still remain Lemon’s best friend.

What is a small town without gossip? In the 5th episode, we will meet a tween by the name of Maisie who has a particular interest in the love lives of George and Zoe. Perhaps the one-night stand that George has with someone who is not a series regular at the end of the premiere will spark her interest when it causes him some trouble with the rest of the town and maybe Tansy? Will Zoe’s tumultuous relationship with Wade and her connection to Joel be fodder for the gossipmongers?

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Every day in BlueBell is an event. Season 3 will be no different. We will see a return of the Founder’s Day Parade in the premiere. Scott Porter also tweeted about a garden party. He also tweeted a picture of Wilson Bethel and himself looking quite dashing in tuxes with what appears to be masquerade masks. Perhaps we shall see a masquerade ball in BlueBell? Now that Gloriana has appeared at the Rammer Jammer, more bands are bound to flock there. The band The Head and the Heart was on set,and season 4 of The Voice winner, Danielle Bradbery, will also make an appearance.

This week the CW released the official trailer for the season 3 premiere. Zoe receives a very unwarm welcome upon her return to BlueBell. George appears to have had a rather rough summer and is looking to drown his pain in alcohol. Lavon remains the steadfast friend who is the voice of reason for Zoe. All does not seem to be well between Wade and Zoe. Despite Wade and Zoe telling each other that they wish they are happy, Lemon has a vendetta against Zoe for breaking Wade’s heart. Lemon informs Zoe that Wade has a new girlfriend before wishing her a safe trip back which does not seem to sit well with Zoe.

Why does the town seem to have turned against Zoe? What has Lemon being so protective of Wade? Does Wade really have a girlfriend after he told Zoe that he loved her? Why does George seem intent to drown his sorrows? You’ll need to tune into the season premiere on Monday, October 7 at 8 PM on The CW to find out the answer to these questions and many more.

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