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Chicago Fire – Episode 2.01 – A Problem House – Review

It’s that time of the year again: Fall TV season. Welcome back and I hope you guys had a great summer. Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

Previously on Chicago Fire, Hallie tragically died in an explosion leaving Casey devastated. Dawson, Hermann and Otis formed a partnership and opened a bar. Mills unfortunately did not make it to Squad and decided to apply for the police academy. Shay and Severide decided to have a baby, but it was unsuccessful. Renee returns, dropped the bomb that she’s pregnant with Severide’s baby.

We opened with a scene between Severide and Shay meeting up at a cafe, catching up with each other. Apparently, they’re moving out of their shared apartment. It looks like Severide and his Baby Mama Renee will be moving in together. Shay, on the other hand, does not look happy for her buddy. She tells him her suspicions about Renee’s pregnancy that the timing seems a little off. Severide then brings up that Shay’s just feeling bitter that instead of her, Renee is having his baby. Ouch. He did not just rub the failed pregnancy stint in his best friend’s face. Not cool man, not cool.

Duty calls. The team is being called out to a residential fire emergency. On the way in the ambulance, Dawson asks Shay how the house hunting is coming along. Shay tells Dawson about the conversation she had with Severide about Renee’s pregnancy and how it turned sour. Dawson, being the second person of the day asks if it has anything to do with how Renee’s the one with the baby, not Shay.

Shay sighs and tells Dawson she’s over the whole baby thing. I hope she meant she has decided to not get impregnated by her best friend for the time being, because I don’t know about you guys, but I was rather against the idea and pretty over it even before the first season ended. Please let this storyline die and never speak of it ever again.

Casey feels good to be back, it seems like he took some time off, probably to grief and mourn over his dead fiancé.

They arrived on scene, and before they could go on with their respective duties, Chief Boden smells something funny and stopped them just in time before the building exploded. Luckily no one was injured. They then realized the smell is actually diesel. Severide was going down the stairs in the house when it suddenly gave out and he lands on the ground surrounded by flames.

Chief Boden and the rest of the crew managed to save Severide and put out the fire. Severide turned and saw the numbers “1751” written on the wall outside of the building. Coincidentally, it’s his badge number.

The crew returned to the firehouse. Casey finds Severide sitting at a corner deep in his thoughts. He reassures Severide that the numbers on the wall is just a coincidence. They make some small talk and it’s nice to see them being on good terms.

Chief Boden makes a trip to the headquarters for a meeting. Gail McLeod, hired by the State Fire Marshal’s office announces that she will be monitoring the state’s money to the fire department. Budget cuts will be made and firehouses will be closed down. Apparently, firehouse 51 is on the short list. Chief Boden returns to the firehouse to break the news to everyone. They are definitely not happy with the news.

Shay and Dawson is over at a hospital, ready to leave when a car pulls up in front of the hospital and dropped an injured man off onto the ground. The car tried to escape, almost knocking Shay over. The police arrived just in time to stop the car and arrest the guys in it. The injured man suffered from four gunshot wounds and unfortunately, he didn’t make it even with Shay and Dawson’s help.

In his office, Chief Boden asks to see Mills. He tells the candidate that there will be new firefighters coming over from a closed down firehouse and one of them will be joining the rescue squad. Mills took the information in like a trooper, but we all know deep inside he is pissed off.

Casey drops by Heather’s (Andy Darden’s widow from season 1 if you don’t remember) place; I assume his is helping with her kitchen renovation. Heather reminds him that Andy’s death anniversary is coming up. She invites Casey to happy hour with her friends and Casey says he will try to be there. What’s happening between them? It’s obvious that Heather likes Casey and I’m not sure if he feels the same.

A new rival bar across the street from Molly’s seems to be doing great. The trio doesn’t seem too happy with it and employs Cruz as their secret customer over to the new bar to check out the competition. Casey and Dawson are having some drinks when Dawson brings up the whole “I’m happy just being your friend” conversation. We all know she doesn’t just want to be your friend, Casey. So is it Heather or Dawson?

Molly’s at night, the bar seems pretty dead. However, the rival bar seems to be booming with business. Cruz returns and reassures them that they have nothing to worry about, that the bar will be fine.

The next day over at the firehouse, Severide’s car went up in flames before it can be saved. After the fire was being put out, they smelled diesel, the same as the other day at the burning building. The new firefighters could not have picked a better time to show up. They introduce themselves to Casey and Severide, wishing that they could’ve met under better circumstances and not over burned car. They bring this up to Chief Boden, realizing that this is not a coincidence, that Severide is being targeted by an arsonist. Chief Boden decided to have this investigated.

The crew heads to another fire emergency. No diesel smells this time. The fire spreads to the next building where Shay and Dawson was checking up on a lady who was unconscious by the time they got to her. The only way for them to leave the building is through a ladder between the two buildings. Luckily, everyone made it safely to the next building.

Back at the firehouse, Shay tries to make peace with Severide, apologizing about having her suspicions. Severide says he don’t want to talk to Renee about it over the phone as she’s flying to visit her parents. So I assume Severide is having the suspicions too?

Otis and Hermann finds out that Cruz actually had a great time over at the other bar (Is it called Game Day?) through pictures and videos on his phone. Because of this, they argued in the middle of the firehouse, without noticing Mouch trying to gain their attention. Mouch raised his voice and successfully got the attention he wanted and announced that he will be running for union president. Everyone is supportive and encouraging of his decision.

Over at the headquarters, one of the new firefighter, Clark, was asked to see Gail McLeod. Turns out, she’s the one who promoted Clark to squad and in return she wants him to be her eyes and ears at 51. It seems like firehouse 51 will be under close scrutiny and if they do not behave well, 51 will be closed down.

The last emergency, car accident with one woman injured. Casey recognizes the victim, she’s Heather’s friend. Heather was the driver and seems like she was driving under the influence. She tells Casey that the kids are at the babysitter’s and he tells her that he will take care of it.

Well, what do you guys think of the premiere? Do you think Shay’s suspicions of Renee’s pregnancy might be right? I think the suspicion is quite predictable. How about Casey and Dawson? Will they ever be together? Are you as over Shay’s pregnancy storyline as I am? And who is targeting Severide?

Let me know under the comments section!

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