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Under the Dome - Episode 1.09 The Fourth Hand - Review: Doing Business

Under the Dome delivered yet another mediocre episode with "The Fourth Hand".

MEET MAXINE. The episode introduced us to the new character Maxine (portrayed by Natalie Zea) who was trapped in Chester's Mill trying to take care of business. You know.. Make sure that Duke keeps quiet and Lester stops making his own badges of the super-drug "Rapture". They're both dead, so good for her but bad for us because now that she is stuck under the Dome, she needs to find other ways to occupy herself and she does so by putting up Evil Jim to collect the weapons of the whole town. I was surprised at how many were actually doing it but I guess having food is better than a gun you might need to use on your fellow citizen.

I'm not too happy with this development. Following the events of last week, I was hoping for a big showdown between Evil Jim and Barbie. Though the friction between them is still there, I'm fairly disappointed that they have basically become Maxine's minions. Maybe they will team up to take the newcomer down but she clearly has some other people working for her so it's not gonna be that easy.

RAPTURE. Meanwhile, Linda finds Rapture in Lester's home and starts investigating the warehouse where the unusually high amount of liquid propane is being stored. She finds out that Duke was involved and she also caught a glimpse of Maxine in the camera footage. So can we expect a catfight a confrontation between the two of them in one of the upcoming episodes? I sure as hell hope so.

THE DREAM. It clearly is no coincidence that Angie had her seizure while Junior was near her. It seems like the Dome has found itself another pair of star-crossed lovers. Again, not too happy about this. I just want Junior as far away as possible from Angie but they somehow always end up with each other. It was also no coincidence that Junior's mom had a dream about him standing on top of a hill gazing into pink stars. They've already ruled out Angie as The Monarch and Junior is obviously somehow connected to the Dome. Could he be The Monarch? Who knows, maybe he secretly has an orange butterfly tattoo. It wouldn't be the craziest he's done.

THE FOURTH HAND. After Joe showed Julia the mini-dome, it was her turn to show it to Barbie but it was gone, vanished into thin air. Well, not exactly. The Dome used Joe to move the mini-dome somewhere else. My gut tells me that he wasn't alone in doing so and that someone helped him. Angie, Joe and Norrie find the mini-dome in a barn and they realize that they need a fourth hand to unlock whatever it is that's inside the mini-dome. My guess is Julia. She is the only other person who has seen the mini-dome and I think it is about time to include an adult character into the mythology aspect of the show (so far, Junior's mom is the only adult connected to the Dome) but I have a feeling it'll be Junior which I really don't wanna see happening because I don't want him around Angie. At. All.

- No tea, no shade but Junior's mom wasn't the best artist. Just saying.
- I'm surprised nobody died in this episode since someone has always died in every episode so far.
- I've already mentioned it in my last review but I need to say it again: I don't like the way the shortened timeline is being handled. It's been only around a week since the dome came down and yet sometimes it seems like they've been stuck there for months. If I was Norrie, I'd be up there with Carolyn bawling my eyes out and mourning over Alice.

What do you think about Maxine? Will Linda be able to uncover the whole truth? Who's the fourth hand and who's The Monarch? Will Barbie tell Julia what he did to her husband? How is Junior connected to the Dome? Sound off in the comments below!

Rating: 3/5

Watch the promo for next week's episode "Let The Games Begin" here!

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