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True Blood - Episode 6.08 - Dead Meat - Review

True Blood - Episode 8.08 - "Dead Meat" - Review

"Dead Meat" opens up with an amazing exchange between Eric and Bill. Eric is still trying to wrap his head around his sisters death. Bill walks in and insists that Eric still help him in his quest to save the vampires that are in Vamp Camp. They begin to argue and Bill takes Eric for a ride with his telekinesis. During their anger fueled exchange, Bill insults Eric by insulting his maker. After some more words, Bill throws Eric to the ground and tells him to get out of his house.

Sookie goes back to Faery to work out a deal with Warlow, in hopes that he will help Bill. She asks him to help Bill so that her friends at Vamp Camp can be saved. Warlow is hesitant at first...until he gives Sookie an ultimatum. He wants Sookie to he his...forever...as his faery vampire bride. She tells him she needs time to think about this. And leaves to think about it. As Sookie walks home, we can see Eric lurking behind a tree. He's seen her come out of Faery and goes up to the portal, and goes up to it to investigate. Warlow can see darkness falling over Faery as Eric is approaching the portal.

Back at Vamp Camp, Violet has a chat with Jason to find out how he got in there. She also explains that she meant what she said when she told the other vampires in Gen Pop that he was hers...forever. We also see that Jess has consummated her relationship with James, while Pam has given the good doctor what he wants, so she can get what she wants.

Back at Merlottes, Sam has just gotten back and is taking on the task of cleaning out Terry's cubby, including a tiny toy armadillo, his apron and a picture of Arlene and Mikey. Sam begins to tear up, overwhelmed with emotion. He then goes outside only to run into Alcide. He informs Sam that Nicole and her mother are in Sam's trailer and how Rikki kidnapped them. Sam thanks Alcide and offers him a beer. Sam gets Nicole and her mother settled in. Sam then goes over to the bar to have a talk and some shots with Alcide. It's then revealed that Nicole is pregnant.

Tru Blood is now back and being served to the vampires at Vamp Camp. Steve gets his bottle and goes to sit with James. He tells James how unpopular he feels. They begin talking and even seem to form a bond. James feels bad for Steve and advises him to not drink the blood.

Violet is feeding on Jason and telling him how delicious he is. Jason then brings to light his worries that Violet is going to rape him. She tells him that she is not the type of vampire who can't separate sex from feeding. She tells him that when they will be intimate, it will be mutually consensual and he will want to be intimate with her. She tells him she's going to make him woo and beg her, and when he's wooed and begged to her satisfaction, she's still going to make him work for it.

Over at the Bellefluer estate, Lafayette has made Arlene breakfast to help with her hangover. Arlene asks Holly to go to the funeral home with her. Lafayette insists that he doesn't care about what Arlene had said while she was drunk, but to just eat his breakfast. He then tells her what Sookie and he found in Terry's safety deposit box. Arlene then realizes that Terry had planned the entire thing. Andy's surviving daughter listens in to Arlene's thoughts and they get upset with each other and both run away from the table.

Sookie goes to Bill to tell him what her and Warlow talked about. She asks Bill to lay out the plan. He intends for the vampires in the white room to drink from Warlow so that when the roof opens up, they will be impervious. Sookie starts to ask what his plans are for Warlow after he does this. Bill tells Sookie that he will not kill him, he still needs Warlow to synthesize his blood. Bill tells Sookie she needs to hurry up and decide if she's going to go through with this plan or not. She tells Bill that Warlow wants her to become a vampire and to be his for eternity. Bill does not care and tells Sookie he'll leave her to gather her thoughts. Sookie says she needs more time than that, and he isn't willing to wait any longer. Sookie basically tells him that, she will let him know, IF she decides to agree to all of this.

Guards at Vamp Camp notice that some of the vampires are not drinking their Tru Blood. Sarah brings Steve to a human sized hamster wheel and forces him to run and threatens him with UV lights until he reveals why he won't drink the blood. He finally gives up and confesses that he was told that the Tru Blood has been tainted with Hep V. Steve is taken to the White Room where he comes face to face with James. James has no idea why he is in that room and Steve simply says, "I am SO sorry." Steve walks to the one way glass, knowing full well his ex is on the other side. He begins to weep and says her name. On the other side, Sarah informs her crony that any of the other vampires who do not want to drink their Tru Blood, can join this little party.

Sookie goes to Merlottes to speak with Sam, who is knee deep in an argument with Nicole and her mother. Sookie is looking for a life line, a reason to not go ahead and accept Warlow's proposal. Sadly, she gets none. She shows Sam her light ball, and tells him she can be normal if she throws it and doesn't absorb the light back into herself. She tells him that a part of her always thought they would end up together. He tells her she has the worst timing and that Nicole is pregnant. When Sookie tries to give Sam advice, he basically tells her, he didn't ask for her advice. Sookie says good-bye and walks out.\

At the funeral home, the Bellefluer family is trying to get the arrangements set for Terry's funeral. The funeral director is explaining the service. Caroline and Portia are taking firm control of the decisions being made and Arlene is biting her tongue until Caroline tells the director she wants a 21 gun salute for Terry. Arlene then loses it. They all begin to argue, all trying to explain their reasons for what they want. Arlene has an outburst of emotions and has to leave to go outside to collect herself. Holly and Andy follow her outside to help. After a short talk, Arlene calms down and they all share a beautiful group hug.

Sookie goes to visit her parents grave site. She has a beautiful monologue said to their grave stones. She tells them, "Death ain't the end anymore. Death is just a pit stop on a road that keeps on goin with no end in sight." She tells them that she refuses to spend eternity next to them. She tells them that she would rather walk the Earth as a corpse than spend another minute thinking about them. She then throws a boquet of flowers at their stones and walks away.

At the newly re-opened Tru Blood bottling plant, Ms. Suzuki pulls up in her limo, furious, looking for Governor Burrell. She storms throughout the factory screaming for the Governor. Sarah is informed that she's on site and shows up as Suzuki is searching around the factory. Sarah tells Ms. Suzuki that the Governor has been moved to an undisclosed location. Sarah tries to talk Suzuki into sticking together...to which Suzuki responds by kneeing Sarah in the groin. Suzuki goes to call the FDA to tell them what is going on at the plant, when Sarah begins to fight with Suzuki. An intense chase around Vamp Camp ensues. They fight and Suzuki breaks free, and runs away. Sarah chases after, however both are having difficulties running over the grated floors of the Gen Pop area. Suzukis heel catches and twists her ankle breaking it. She then drops to the floor and Sarah sees her opportunity. Sarah bashes Ms. Suzuki's face into the grated floor repeatedly and then finishes her off by stabbing her in the head with her own heel. Sarah then breaks down into happy tears.

Sookie is back at her house and she calls her brother Jason. She tells him on his voice mail to be careful and to come back in once piece. She also informs him of Tery's death and that the funeral is tomorrow morning. She also wonders where Niall has been. She tells Jason she will save him a seat at the funeral and that she loves him. Then she calls Bill and tells him to pick her up in an hour.

Andy's daughter, Adilyn Braelyn Charlaine Danica, had gotten a surprise visit from Holly's boys. They told Adilyn that they heard she was having a rough time and have come to sneak her out so they can all go hang and the boys can cheer her up, alcohol included. This turns out to be a very bad idea. It's now dark out, and they've been drinking. Adilyn is beginning to hook up with one of the boys, when along comes Eric at full vamp speed. Eric glamours the boys into forgetting that they were with Adilyn tonight. Adilyn freaks out and begins to run away from all of them. He humorously tells the one boy that he most certainly did not get her shirt off. He apologizes that he has to take that away from him, but says he has to. He then tells them to go home. Eric catches up to Adilyn quickly and drinks from her, not fully draining her. She's later seen running alone down a dark road when Andy's police cruiser comes up behind her. He sees that she's been bitten and holds her and tells her she's going to be ok.

Meanwhile, at Vamp Camp, the girls have an argument over Jason. Which leads to them all being taken to the very same room that Steve and James are in. The dreaded white room, where Bill's vision took place. Jessica tells James she is so sorry for telling him about the blood. She then tells all of them that they're going to meet the sun in this room.

The final scene, is Bill and Sookie, walking to the portal to Faery. Bill asks why Sookie has decided to go along with this plan. She tells him, "Destiny is too much of a bitch to keep fighting." She then transports them back to Faery, where they find Warlow still tied up, but almost completely drained. Bill realizes what has happened and can only utter one word...

Over all, I felt this episode was amazing. The shortened season truly has kept the story lines together and flowing quite nicely. Now that we're getting to the end of the season, things are going to get even more fast paced and intense. This episode was one of my favorites from this season. So action packed, great one liners, and of course that epic fight between Sarah and Ms. Suzuki. Definitely a great episode, one not to be missed!!!

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