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True Blood - 6.10 - Radioactive - Review

This past Sunday was finale of True Blood's sixth season, and what a finale it was...quite possibly almost tearing the fandom apart in the process. Much like last weeks penultimate episode, the finale was basically sepearted into two parts. However, unlike last week, instead of having the two parts edited together, we get the first part and then we jump forward six months to the second part of the episode.

The episode opens with Sookie, still in the cemetery, watching as dirt is shoveled onto Terry's grave. She suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder, and whips around to find that Alcide has waited for her to offer her a ride to the Bellefleurs'. Instead of going directly there, they take a walk through the cemetery and have a small chat. Alcide suddenly catches a scent...the scent of vampires. Sookie and Alcide continue forward to find the group of daywalking vamps returning to the Compton house after getting out of Vamp Camp. The vampires are all still high on the blood that they drank from Bill, and are all undressing, having sex, feeding, and even Pam is doing cartwheels. Alcide questions how it's possible and Sookie replies that Bill was right about everything. Jessica shouts to that the vamps can turn the Compton house inside out and it's all theirs. Sookie then sees Jason going past and tells Alcide she has to go. He attempts to go with her, but she reassures him that, she's a survivor too.

Sookie walks closer to Bill and Jessica's house, hearing music that sounds like its from circa 1920 along with vampires dancing the Charleston to it in the sunlight. There are naked vampires dancing all over the grounds and even some feeding on Ginger while others are having sex in the front yard. Meanwhile, Violet is feeding on Jason in the front yard of Bill's house, and while she drinks, Jason tries to hint that he might already be ready to have sex with her. She tells him not yet, and bites into her wrist, so that he can drink from her. He tries to talk to her more about it but she commands him to take her blood.

Just as Jason starting to drink from Violet, Sookie runs up to them. Violet immediately becomes confrontational and asks who Sookie is. Jason tries to tell her that Sookie is his sister, but she can only growl that he hasn't mentioned her before. He looks to Sookie and tells her to tell Violet that she is his sister. Sookie, clearly, irritated tells Violet that she is Jasons sister. Violet then retracts her fangs, tells Sookie that she is her sister too then, and then takes her by the face and kisses her passionately. Jason does the introduction and advises that Violet is "European." Violet then lets Sookie and Jason catch up alone.

Jason tells Sookie that he is hers now and how weird it is. He then also laments that he thinks he feels how she felt with Bill, that someone has his back. Sookie tells him that she's learned forever is a rare thing, no matter what vampires say. Then out of no where, we hear Pam shout Sookie's name and as Sookie turns around Pam is running up and embracing her in a hug saying how she's actually happy to see her. Tara then comes up and greets Sookie. She tells Sookie that BIll gave them magical blood and that now there's light. Tara then swears she'll never hate him again and Sookie can only wish her luck with that. Bill is watching over all of this from a window in his house. He watches as Sookie says good bye to everyone and begins to walk away.

Back in the Faery cemetery, Warlow is busy preparing the maypole where he and Sookie will become married. Sookie has just returned and takes in the sight. She walks up to the faery altar and Warlow tells her that the maypole ritual is only done for Fae that have found their soulmates, which even back then was a rarity. He says that it can be proven that they're soulmates by the light that appears when they touch. He tells Sookie that at night fall, they'll each take a vine and wrap themselves around the maypole and that once they're entwined, they will use their light to make the circle on his necklace form into two, and those will be their wedding rings.

Sookie then starts to break it to Warlow that, she is about to back out of their deal. She tells him she does have feelings for him, but the circumstances have changed. She tells him that her friends have been saved and he's no longer in danger. Sookie then asks instead of immediately getting married and turned, if Warlow is willing to date her. They quickly talk about their very different ideas of dating. He insists that they've made a deal and Sookie tries to tell him that they can live their lives in Bon Temps and the town and her friends will accept him. She tells him that her friends aren't ready for her to leave them and she's not ready to leave them behind. Which does not make Warlow a very happy Fae-pire. He falls silent for a moment before lashing out and backhanding Sookie to the ground. He then grips her up, by her throat, and asks her who she thinks she's talking to as she gasps and shakes.

Next we're back at the Compton residence and there is an intense volleyball game between Jason and Violet versus Jessica and James. (That's a lot of J names...anyway!) Jess and Jason high five each other even though they aren't teammates. Violet sees this and immediately becomes jealous. She then serves the volleyball...right into Jess' chest. Willa and Tara are watching on the side. Everyone is dressed in bright clothes from their run to Target. Violet apologizes in a tone that makes it clear that she's not truly sorry at all. She then runs to Jason and jumps onto him wrapping her legs around him, clearly in a display showing Jessica that Jason is hers now.

Tara then notices that Pam is even further off to the sides. When she goes to see what the problem is, Pam replies that she thinks her high is worn off. Tara begins to ask how she can still be worried about Eric after being able to be in the sun and escaping vamp camp. Pam cuts her off by asking if Willa knows that Eric is gone yet and Tara says that she doesn't think so. Pam starts to tell Tara that she's gonna be pissed and Tara already knows that Pam is going to go after Eric. Pam tells Tara not to start because she doesn't want to, but she will if she has to, release her. Pam starts off and tells Tara to take care of Willa to which Tara calls them the worst makers ever. As soon as the words leave Tara's mouth, Pam flies straight up into the day and away to look for her maker.

Back at Bill's house, we see a tense and frustrated Bill. He's focusing on a glass and he's attempting to use the telekenesis he once had, however the glass just crashes to the floor, as Jessica comes in. She asks what's wrong and he tells her that he no longer seems to have his abilities and that he no longer feels Lilith. He tells her he feels like Bill again. She tells him he said that like its a bad thing and she asks what's really wrong. Bill can only respond with one word, which is, "Sookie." He then tells Jessica that the blood that saved them all came at a price. He explains to Jessica that in order to save them, he bargained with Warlow to help save the vampires, and in exchange he wanted Sookie and to turn her into a faery vampire. Jessica tells Bill that the Bill she knew would've walked through fire to save Sookie. She tells him that he asked her to protect his humanity and she begs him not to make her failure. Bill asks where Jason is.

Down in the Bill's office, Bill and Jessica tell Jason, accompanied by Violet of course, what Warlow is planning to do to Sookie. Jaon becomes very angry as Bill describes what they need to do to save Sookie. He tells them that the only faery in Bon Temps is Andy's daughter Adilyn. Jason and Violet leave for Andy's together.

Bill then is seen commanding Takahashi through a woodsy area. Bill finally tells him to stop and Takahashi begs for his life. Bill tells him to look into his eyes, and he does so. Bill glamours away all of the creatures and events he involved Takahashi in. He tells Takahashi he will leave and that Takahashi will leave and take the bag at his feet with him. Bill apologizes and says good bye. Takahashi is left to look around and then discover that there is a large sum of cash in the bag.

Jason and Violet arrive at Andy's home. Jason tells Andy to invite them in, because of Violet. Andy yells for Holly and his daughter to go upstairs. Jason then begins to tell them all that they need Adilyn to help save Sookie. Jason begs Adilyn in his head and says pleadingly that he can't lose his sisters like she has. She finally agrees to help. He tells them that they need her to help them get to the faery plane where Sookie is being held by Warlow. Jason tells Andy that the man holding Sookie is the same man who killed their parents and all they need Adilyn for is to get to the faery plane. Andy apologizes and says he can't put his daughter in harms way. Adilyn then speaks up, and says that she wants to help Sookie because she's the only other girl she knows now who is like her. Andy then steels himself up and says, "Let's do it ithen...but we're goin' in heavy." We then see Jason and Andy gearing up for the coming fight. They're loading guns upon guns with all the special ammo that Andy got from the LAVTF.

Sookie has been somewhat entwined around the maypole and Warlow is binding the vines with his light. He's frighteningly calm while he asks her if she thinks he's waited 5500 years to become a part of Bon Temps. He has some speech about Lilith and his people and says he needs to get back to the start and Sookie tells him she can't give him back what he's lost. And that's when he really begins to lose it. He grabs her by the neck again and tells he that she WILL fill this hole in him. Sookie then gets her super nova sun ball formed and ready to go. Warlow says that they both know she won't use it on me and Sookie says, no but she'll throw the ball away because he doesn't want a vampire bride, but a Faery vampire bride. Suddenly Warlow breaks her hands apart and the light ball disappears. At vamp speed, he grabs her hands and fully ties her up to the maypole, rhetorically asking Sookie, "You really are a danger whore, aren't you?" He then comes around to face her and binds the vines around her wrists with his light. He tells her that she was right all along, that he only wants to own her and use her for her blood and she can only call him a monster in return. He then smiles and Sookie asks why and he tells her that night has fallen and sinks his fangs into her neck.

Andy, Jason, Adilyn and Violet pull up to the cemetery to find Bill waiting. Andy asks why he's there and Jason tells him that if they're going to kill Warlow, that it's going to take everything they've got. Bill thanks Andy for bringing his daughter and Andy tells him that he didn't do it for him. Then they set off into the cemetery. Adilyn in her head asks if Sookie is out there and Sookie replies in her mind, "Please, I don't want to be a vampire." I just wanna pause for a moment to pose the question....Didn't Warlow hear that little exchange? Anyway. Adilyn tells the group that it's happening already and asks how she's supposed to get them to the faery plane. Bill tries to explain to her how to harness her energy and everyone holds on to eachother. Adilyn becomes frustrated and Bill says that fear is usually what can trigger a Faery to tap into their unused power. Violet asks why someone didn't tell her and speeds to Adilyn and screams in her face to harness her power. Adilyn screams at the top of her lungs, but manages to transport them to the faery plane.

Bill tells the group to take care of Sookie, as he starts to go toward Warlow. Jason takes aim with a gun and shoots through the vines that are binding Sookie to the maypole. She starts to collapse over but Violet catches her and carries her over to where the group is. Bill and Warlow begin to fight each other, tossing eachother around. Warlow sees that the group has Sookie and Bill tells them to go and leave him. Warlow is about to set off to go get Sookie when Bill blindsides him by batting him backwards with part of the maypole altar. Warlow is sent backwards and the wing of an angel gravestone pierces right through his chest. Adilyn becomes scared, screams, and transports the group to the real life plane.

Jason carries Sookie into the house and up the stairs with Violet not far behind after he invites her in, trailed by Adilyn and Andy. Andy tells Jason he's going to stand guard outside and want to know where Adilyn can hide. He gives her directions to Eric's cubby.

After telling Bill what a nuisance he is, Warlow pulls himself off of the angel wing and begins to heal himself and attempt to leave but Bill lunges for him and grabs Warlows feet. Warlow delivers a swift kick to Bill, sending him flying backwards to the ground. Warlow then flies away.

Next we see Violet giving Sookie her blood. Suddenly, Andy yells "INCOMING" and the window breaks. Andy thinks he's got him, but Warlow then appears right in front of him. Warlow grabs Andy and brings him into the house. Jason appears with a gun but Violet speeds in front of him baring her fangs to Warlow. That prompts him to blast them both with his light. They fly backwards together into the wall and then fall down the stairs. Bill appears with a stake but he's unable to get through the door. He's no longer Billith, just plain old Vampire Bill whose invitation to Sookie's home has been recinded. Warlow reminds Bill that Sookie doesn't want him anymore and sends him off the porch with his light. He then glamours Jason into telling him where he can lock them all up. Adilyn is caught off guard as Jason and her father are thrown down into the cubby with her. Warlow then seals the doors with his light.

Warlow then walks past an unconcious Violet on the ground to look for Sookie upstairs. Adilyn starts trying to break through the seal with her own light. Warlow goes to Sookie's room but she's no longer in her bed. She's in her bathroom, hiding in the shower, trying to make her light ball work. He rips back the shower curtain and lifts her out. He tells in that in a thousand to two thousand years, she'll learn to love him and she quickly tells him she won't. He abuses her some more, grabbing her hair and yelling at her. She begs him not to to this to her and suddenly Niall appears in the portal behind Warlow just as he pops his fangs. He grabs Warlow by the arms and Niall yells for Jason to help.

Warlow barely even puts up a fight as Jason appears out of the blue with a stake and drives it right through his heart. Warlows face begins to splinter and become bloody as he says Sookie's name. He starts to fall forward and before he even hits the ground he turns into a pile of glowy blood. Niall tells Jason and Sookie he needs help, and they grab his arms and drag him back into their plane. Sookie looks terrified still while Jason and Niall appear to be pretty happy with themselves. The blood glows for a moment and then the shimmer fades.

We then cut to Bill, still on the ground outside. He's just coming to and as he does so, his skin begins to glow brightly and then fades out. The same thing happens to Jessica and James while laying in bed. Next we're going over snowy mountains in Sweden to find Eric, naked in a beach chair reading a book in broad daylight. As we get closer to him, we see that the same thing happens to him. His skin lights up and starts turning bright red. He looks down at his arm as he begins to fry in the sun. As he gets up in disbelief, we're finally given the full monty shot of Eric...as he bursts into flames screaming "NO!!!" as he drops to his knees.

We pan away while he's screaming and flash forward six months later. We see a newscaster talking about new cases of Hep V being diagnosed every day, he mentions briefly that its strange mutation pattern. He then says that one voice has risen above the rest to dispell many false rumors about the origins of the new strain of hepatitis. He then shows a book called "And God Bled" which has already spent 7 weeks on top of the New York Times Best Seller list...and it's author is none other than William Compton and he's there for an interview.

The newscaster starts by asking Bill if he is a God. Bill corrects him by saying he was a God. He then asks Bill if he's insane to which he replies, "No, not at all." The newscaster says that his book reads like fiction and Bill says that is the reason why it's such a good read. The newscaster then asks Bill if it's entirely true that he walked into the Governors compound and ripped his head off. Bill looks at the newscaster and tells him that it wasn't like Burrell didn't deserve it. We then pan away from the TV screen to see that we're in Sookie's house. She's lounging on the couch watching her ex on the TV. The newscaster then tells Bill that what his book is, is essentially a 350 page irreversable confession and asks if he's worried about having to stand trial. Bill unwaveringly counters with "What jury would convict me?" He tells Lawrence that Hep V did not exist until Truman Burrell conceived it and used tax payers money to hire scientists to cook it up. Bill says its hard to say but according to reports 1/8 of the worlds vampires are now infected with the deadly virus.

We hear a voice yell to Sookie to ask what she's watching. She sits up and we see Alcide of all people walk in. She tells him that she's watching Bill on the news again and asks if he's mad. He tells her no because she's done watching and he scoops her up and takes her away as she laughs happily. The newscaster asks why Bill would write the book at all and Bill says to establish a trust between vampires and humans and to end all the secrets.

Next we have Jason and Violet. Jason has been orally pleasuring Violet for 178 nights, sometimes multiple times a night. He begins to try to get her to have sex with him finally and she denies him again. He pleads with her and describes how hard he work to build her cubby in his house and that he hasn't even looked at another woman. Violet says she believes him and tells him, "In due time." She says she's sorry and pushes his head back down again.

Next we see Sookie and Alcide walking up to the church. Everyone seems to be in clothing from older times even though it's present day. Anyways, Andy and Sam are seen talking outside the church. Sam tries telling Andy that the people don't trust the government but they still trust the church. Andy tells Sam that he'll be there for the meeting today, but he and his daughter will not be attending tonight. Sam advises Andy that it's a bad call, but it's his life. Sam suggests Andy take a few moments to collect himself and to come on in and to line up for his blood test.

In the church we see the towns people all lining up for blood tests. Sookie finds Jason and asks what this is all about. Jason tells her that they're taking blood samples from everyone to see if they're a carrier of the Hep V virus. Jason pushes Sookie up before him to get her blood test first. He starts to panic slightly asking Sookie if it hurts repeatedly. She dryly tells him she believes they've been through worse.

The meeting has begun with an unfamiliar reverend who thanks everyone for coming across town. He then thanks Reverend Daniels and his wife Lettie Mae for bringing their towns people with them. Reverend Daniels greets the crowd. He tells the crowd that it's all about togetherness. He tells the crowd to move their seats and sit next to someone they don't know and shake their hand and say hi. The crowd obliges. Sookie meets a little girl named Krystal and sits next to her. In the crowd, we also see Arlene and her kids, Sam's very pregnant girlfriend Nicole as well as Lafayette who doesn't get to speak at all the entire episode. Everyone does what Reverend Daniels asks and settle back down, and he reiterates it's all about togetherness. He states that there are packs of roaming sick vamipres out there and that they're on their way. He tells the crowd that if they stick together, they will get through these bizarre and unparalleled times. He then calls up the mayor....who is none other than Sam Merlotte.

Sam goes up to the podium and greets the crowd. He tells everyone that he knows they are all wondering what the blood tests are for. Mayor Merlotte tells the town that even though there are sick vampires out there that may be strong and dangerous, they aren't as strong as uninfected vampires. He says that he and Bill Compton have put their heads together and came up with a plan. Sam informs all that tonight at the Bellefleurs Bar & Grill, Arlene has been kind enough to sponsor a social if you will. He advises the results of everyones blood tests will be available at the social. He begins to try to lure everyone in with all kinds of food and music and that it will all be free thanks to Arlene. The crowd cheers, but one woman stand and asks what the catch is...because nothing in life is free. Sam tells her she's a smart woman. He starts by saying yes there is a catch, but it's for your safety and everybodies safety. He proposes that every single uninfected human adult pair up with an uninfected vampire in a monogamous feeding relationship. Everyone begins to buzz and some get right up and walk out. Sam continues by saying that the vamipre will then offer protection to their human and their humans family. He finishes by saying that he hopes to see everyone there tonight, and if he doesn't, he prays that God be with those that choose not to attend.

Later on that night, at Bellefleurs Bar, we see James singing while Jessica looks on. Sam and Nicole are dancing. Arlene is being the "hostest with the mostest" to all. Jason is pouring beer for folks and walking around with a tray with ears of corn on the cob. Humans and vampires are talking and making arrangements with eachother. Jessica looks around and walks off. Alcide and Sookie have gotten the results of their respective Hep V tests and both have come back negative. They agree to stay an hour just to say hello and be seen and have some food. We then see Tara and Willa hanging out laughing about the towns people. Lettie Mae then approaches the girls. Tara glares while Willa goes up to introduce herself. She tells Willa to tell Tara to talk to her.

Tara and Lettie are seen going into the storage shed out back. Lettie Mae begins to apologize to Tara again for the way she's handled everything during Tara's life. Tara doesn't know what to say so Lettie Mae tells her to just listen. She tells Tara that when her father left, she hurt for herself. Lettie Mae continues, saying that she forgot to hurt for Tara. Tara starts to tell her mother that she doesn't have to do this. Lettie Mae stops her, crying while she says she does. She tells Tara that she forgot to feed her, sometimes for days at a time. Lettie Mae begins to take off her jacket and scarf and offers to feed Tara. After a moment Tara softens and goes to her mother and sits down next to her. She pops her fangs and then bites into Lettie Mae's neck.

Andy and Adilyn are at home, just like Andy said they would. There's a knock at the door and Andy says that he'll get it. He picks up a gun and loads it and walk to the door. He opens the door only to find Jessica. He immediately points the gun directly at her. She tells Andy that she hadn't seen them at the mixer and that she came to offer protection to himself and his daughter. He tells her she's got nerve asking for any of their blood, but Jessica tells them she doesn't want their blood and he asks what she wants then. Jessica tears up telling Andy that she wants to give him his daughters back, but she can't. She says that she can only offer the peace of mind that from now on they'll be safe and never have to worry. She tells him that he has her word and he asks her what if they don't want it. She simply tells him they have it anyway. He shakily aims the gun at Jessica, but after a moment, simply closes the door in her face.

Back at Bellefleurs, Sookie and Alcide are walking to his truck to leave the party. As they're about to get into Alcide's truck, Bill appears and asks if they're leaving so soon. Sookie tells him she saw him on the news and that she thought he was good. He tries to speak with Sookie alone, but Alcide isn't having it. He tells Bill that anything he has to say to Sookie, he can say in front of him. Bill asks if Sookie had met anyone while at the party. She tells him that she hasn't made any arrangements with any vamipres. Bill tells Sookie that she needs a vampire in her life, moreso than anyone else. Alcide tells Bill she has him and Bill tells him that he's not good enough. Alcide's eyes begin to glow as he growls. Bill then delivers my favorite line of the night, "You can growl all you want bright eyes, but it doesn't change the truth." He offers Sookie his protection and Sookie, although she appreciates it, declines and says she'll be fine with Alcide. He tells her that he's changed and can be trusted again. Sookie tells him that even at his best, she couldn't ever really trust him.

Suddenly Bill and Alcide both catch a scent. We see a group of Hep V infected vampires walking in the woods near the bar. They pause for a moment, a couple of them growl and snarl and lick their lips. They then continue walking and as they descend upon the path to the bar, more and more speed up behind the group, making it larger by the moment.

Cue Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" and roll the credits, folks. This is how True Blood closes their sixth season. I felt the finale was overall decent and I wasn't left feeling the anger that a lot of fans have expressed. Maybe it was because I had read the spoilers before the finale aired and was somewhat prepared. I didn't actually believe the spoilers that were out, because they sounded so incredulous. There are parts of the finale that I personally didn't like but there are also parts I did enjoy. The only thing that ever truly drives me crazy about True Blood is plot holes, however there isn't anything any of us can really do to change or impact what the writers ultimately chose to do or not do.

Like I said earlier, the finale sent the True Blood fandom into over drive. News that their Viking could really have met the True Death sparked rage and depression amongst fans. Message boards and social media sites have been ablaze since the finale aired Sunday night. So much backlash has come about, that new executive producer Brian Buckner had to do some damage control as soon as he could. Buckner did an interview where he said that Alexander Skarsgard will be back for season seven but he will not say in what capacity. So we're left for ten months to ponder all of our burning (pun intended) questions and for some, to ponder if they'll watch the seventh season next year. I personally have always and will always love True Blood and will be ready to go once Summer 2014 rolls around.

Kelly Ann
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