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The Bridge - Episode 1.07 - Destino - Advance Review

     This episode of The Bridge starts with Ray going into his first meeting as "tunnel manager" with Graciela Rivera. In the last episode, Ray agreed to take over Charlotte's position on the ranch in relation to moving people (or possibly weapons) through the tunnel. While Graciela and Monte reluctantly agreed, it was obvious that they wished to have someone who wouldn't ask any questions about the business in charge. From what I've seen, I don't think this person is Ray. During this meeting, Ray suggests a few things to Graciela that she is obviously dismissive of, but also willing to compromise if Ray is willing to do something else. Honestly, this scene was hilarious enough to make the whole episode for me.

     Sonya and Marco, meanwhile, are going to follow up on a lead in the case that takes them out to a ranch in the middle of nowhere. They search the place and I don't want to say a whole lot about what happens here, but I will say 3 things. 1. There is a fatality. 2. Aliens 3. Sniper rifle. So combine all those together and you get…. Falling Skies! Well, not really, but it's really cool in itself!

     In the midst of all this other stuff going on, Steven Linder is busy with his "job". I say this with air quotes implied because it's not really clear exactly what he does. He works for a strange woman who we meet in this episode, but it's unclear what he does for her.. The strange thing is that this time, the person she wants him to save, her daughter, doesn't want to be saved. She is hanging around the cartel leader with the baseball cap that we have seen in the last few episodes. Linder is understandably confused by her reluctance to go with her, but continues to try to help. Even as little as he seems to talk, Linder just keeps running into trouble. Besides Sonya, I think he is the most interesting character of the group.

     They are both certainly a lot more interesting than Frye. If I had one thing to complain about in The Bridge, I would complain about the character of Daniel Frye. He can be funny sometimes, but overall… there is no other way to say it, he's an ass. As I had predicted in the last episode, he is facing a major detox period that is going to be anything, but fun for him.

     Move over to the storyline that I'm sure is going to annoy me in the coming weeks. Even though she pushed her boss, Kenneth Hastings, away when he kissed her in the last episode, Alma decides to meet up with him again. I think she is just trying to get revenge on Marco for his indiscretions. Someone should remind her that two wrongs don't make a right, but I sure wouldn't be the one to do it because given the stress that the family already has… I can't say that I blame her much.

     This episode was just as good as the last 6 episodes and this show just does not seem like it's ever going to stop being so good. This episode had more action than the last few and was really exciting to watch. I know it probably sounds like a broken record, but The Bridge is without a doubt one of the best tv shows airing right now.

Rating: 9.5/10 

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