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Teen Wolf - Episode 3.12 - Lunar Eclipse - Recap/Review

This is it Teen Wolf mid-season finale ‘Lunar Ellipse’. If you haven’t watched the episode I strongly suggest you close this page and find a way to watch it, because you have missed out on a fantastic episode and a good ending to the first part of season three. Below I will recap ‘Lunar Ellipse’ and give my opinion on the episode.

‘Lunar Ellipse’ was written by Jeff Davies and directed by Russell Mulcahy, which has directed a number of episodes since season one. The episode opened the way ‘Alpha Pact’ ended with Scott, Stiles and Allison going into the tube of ice to die for ‘a couple of seconds’ to try and find/remember where the location of the tree Lydia keeps drawing.

Scott, Stiles and Allison all wake up in a huge white room that kind of looks like an empty office building. When I saw this it reminded me of Bruce Almighty, where God (Morgan Freeman) was always on the ladder fixing things. However in this scene there was no Morgan Freeman, there was the cut down tree stump in the middle of it. As Scott starts walking towards the Nemeton he looks at his tattoo and the circles in the tree root and has a flashback of when he was describing his tattoo to Derek and he sees the resemblance. When Scott leans down to touch it all three get transported to the night Scott got bitten by Peter in the Pilot episode.

They all see themselves the night it happened and experience the night again, they realise that this is the location of where the tree stump is, and where their parents are being held, with this realisation they joint awake from their icy tub, however, when they wake up they find out they have been asleep for sixteen hours and the full moon will rise in less than four hours.

We then find out that Cora is better now because Derek saved her and he is also alive but he is no longer an Alpha. Scott is thinking of going back with Deucalion because he believes that is the only way to beat Jennifer, while this conversation is happening Ethan comes in the vet asking for Lydia’s help to stop his brother and Kali.

Meanwhile the three parents are scared but are trying to keep each amused with some jokes and sarcasm, while hearing that a terrible storm is coming. Ethan warns Derek that Kali and Aiden are coming and tells him to run away because she is too strong and Lydia informs them all that she feels like Derek place is a graveyard, which later makes sense.

Back at Allison’s house, Scott, Allison and Isaac are looking for something to help them with their parents, while they find Scott’s dad in her house and he starts interrogating them. Allison distracts him and throws a smoke grenade and they get out of there.

Okay enough with the boring bits, let’s get to the main fighting scenes, the first one starts with Kali, Ethan, Aiden and Lydia but then Jennifer joins in shortly and stabs Kali with thousands of glass pieces, which kills her (I think she is dead, RIP Kali). Jennifer then breaks the back of the twins, while Lydia screams which is loud enough to call Derek and Cora back to the loft. When Derek gets to the loft Jennifer tries to convince him that she did it for them and he should help her kill Deucalion, Derek goes with her. When Cora and Lydia are about to leave the loft they see that the twins are still alive and bring them to Alan to help them.

Scott goes with Deucalion while Allison and Isaac go and find the parents, however, when they get there and go down to the bottom the storm makes the underground room start to cave. Now, the major fight was between Scott, Deucalion, Derek and Jennifer, they met at the warehouse where the alphas marked their symbol of revenge all those years ago.

Also Stiles is driving trying to find the Nemeton, however, because of the storm he crashes into a tree and gets knocked out, eventually he does wake up and helps Allison, Isaac, Chris, Melissa and his dad with the collapsing underground room.

They start to fight and about half way through the Eclipse happens the wolves lose their power and Jennifer is stronger than them. Jennifer starts to continuously hitting Deucalion and Derek convinces her to stop and restore his sight so Deucalion can see what Kali did to her all those years ago. This makes her lose some of her strength and buys time for the eclipse to pass and the wolves to get their strength back.

This is one of the most important parts that everyone saw coming but was waiting for it to happen, Scott to become a true alpha. Jennifer makes a mountain ash circle around her so Derek, Scott and Deucalion cannot come through, however, Scott uses all his strength and focus to pass the invisible boundary, which was the act that made him into the true alpha he was always meant to be. When he passes the boundary he gives Jennifer the chance to stop the storm and save his parents, however, before she has the chance to speak Deucalion jumps in and slits her throat. After this Derek lets Deucalion go because his mother once called him a man of vision and they tell him if he tried anything they’ll beat him.

Within the last ten minutes everything wraps up with everyone getting saved and happy again. Allison tells her father she wants to be trained by him with a new code “we protect those who cannot protect themselves” and Scott doesn’t want to see his father and closes the door in his face.

Hmm wait a minute we are missing something, where was Peter in all this? He was seen when he was telling Cora and Derek to leave but where was he when the fight was happening. Well what I failed to mention was when they went back into the warehouse Jennifer’s body was gone. She crawled out of there back to the tree that once gave her life but just as she was going to reach out to the tree, Peter grabbed her hand. I’m going to quote what happen next because I don’t want to ruin the scene with my words. “Of course it’s you, everyone else suffers and you come out on top, and now that Scott’s an alpha you will be able to steal it from him. You’ll be an alpha again.” Jennifer said. "Again?, Again?" Peter replied, with a slash of his claw he kills her. "I am the alpha!" "I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE ALPHA!!", Peter screams out into the night. End Scene.

Now that’s one way to end a mid-season finale. I really enjoyed this episode; it was a great tie up for part A of the season.
Out of 5 I would rate this episode 4.5, it loses half a mark because there wasn’t nearly enough Stiles and his cute, random jokes, especially with Derek.

I just wanted to point out two funny lines that had me laughing in my seat.

Scott: Stiles I’m not smelling your dad’s boxers, socks? Okay I’ll smell his socks

Kali: who do you think you’re talking to?
Lydia: Someone in desperate need of a pedicure

Fun fact: the only reason Scott got a tattoo was because the actor Tyler Posey got the tattoo and they thought instead of covering it up they can just add it in the show.

Melissa Cavallo
Melissa is a journalism student that is interested in a lot of different TV shows and movies especially Once Upon a Time and the new up coming season of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She is a big formula one fan supporting Ferrari and she is also a supporter of the Juventus Football team. Melissa writes regularly for ONCEpodcast.com and will write reviews on Teen Wolf and Hawaii five-O for SpoilerTV.

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