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Suits 3.7 Review 'She's mine'

Since season 3 started, we’ve been wondering if there was a way back to the time when the firm got along and worked as a team. This week’s plot twist showed that it might be possible, and, by the time mid season ends, the old dynamics between the characters could be back with the British firm out of the picture.

 Nigel is back and wants his cat, Mikado, who Louis took care of while he was overseas. The problem is that Louis has fallen in love with the cat and doesn’t want to return her. The natural route, at least for this series, is to have a mock trial to decide who is more fit to be the cat’s owner. This somewhat ridiculous storyline brought the more than necessary comedy to an episode filled with lots of drama. Plus it gave Louis (and Rick Hoffman) some time to shine, while Rachel (finally) became involved in something that didn’t concern Mike.

 With Rachel as Louis’ lawyer in the mock trial, she fights against Nigel, who represents himself after firing the associate working with him. Rachel owns the fake courtroom, even when Harold (remember him? the associate Louis terrorized and fired?) makes an appearance to bring Louis down. Nigel knows he’s losing and tries to settle with Louis by giving back the ‘parenting rights’ of the associates he took some episodes ago while maintaining the cat. Rachel gives him advice as a lawyer, and they come to an agreement. They’re all happy. Especially Rachel, who finds out she got into Columbia and now can go study to be a real lawyer. (And maybe come back and become Louis associate/sidekick?)

 Meanwhile, the rest of the firm is dealing with the last problem of Ava Hessington’s case: Cameron’s bringing in the witness that could make or break the case, the General that killed the people protesting against the pipeline. She keeps repeating she’s innocent, and Nick, her ex number 2, says he isn’t guilty either. Who did it then? In a bold move Mike goes to Cameron, plays bad cop, kicks Cameron’s file to the floor and, while he apologizes memorizes, the important information he can find in those papers. Having a sidekick with a super memory comes in handy! When Donna tells Mike that Stephen has been snooping around the case again by reading the General’s deposition, Mike adds 2+2 and realizes Stephen was the one that order the murders. Stephen is Darby’s fixer, and when Ava told Darby about the pipelines, he sent Stephen to fix it. Nick and Ava thought they were paying a bribe but in fact were paying for the General to take care of the protesters. Being old college rugby buds, It took Stephen just one phone call on behalf of the general and some money to fix the problem; And here we have the plot twist... Darby doesn’t play by the rules and Stephen is a bad guy. Jessica and Harvey have came up with a lot of schemes together, but murdering someone? That’s a no go. After Mike presents his theory Donna with teary eyes, apologizes to Harvey, Donna never apologizes. It was all Harvey needed to go nuts, and the episode ends with him punching Stephen in the bathroom. It’s not that Harvey didn’t want to take Huntley down before, but his protectiveness over Donna surfaces in that moment when she says she’s sorry, and the fact that not only he lied to them but order the death of innocent people probably helped him to not care of the aftermath and blow some steam off in the workplace.

 Between Harvey having Jessica’s back again, or trying to, a fight against Darby and co’s honor code and Louis having a defined role in the office again, it seems Pearson- ‘Something’ could go back to what it was if they get rid of the outsiders. They know how they roll, it might not be always nice, nor pretty, but they know their each other and protect their own. And that’s how I enjoy these characters, they don't play by the book, but they have a code- most of the time at least.

 What about you?

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