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Scene Of The Week - August 11, 2013 - *POLL*

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

BURN NOTICE, "Bitter Pill", August 8, 2013, Actors: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar
The Scene: Michael saves Fiona from the fire
A Dahne:
My favorite scenes on Burn Notice inevitably end up being Fiona saving Michael or vice versa. This scene was especially touching because they are in a bad place in their relationship and because the series is coming to an end.

CONTINUUM, "Second Time", August 4, 2013, Actor: Rachel Nichols
The Scene: The last one
Justyna Kubica:
First of all, what a mind-blowing finale it was! I'm pretty sure I didn't even get half of the things that happened during this one episode. So to say it was hard to pick the best scene is an understatement. But eventually I've decided to go with the last one, since it's just such a powerful and haunting image that actually creates so many possibilities and shows us some really interesting revelations. And the desperation and fear on Kiera's face was wonderfully acted by Rachel Nichols, who truly shined this season, just like the the show kept getting better. I can't wait to see what the creators have in store for season 3.

DEXTER, "A Little Reflection", August 4, 2013, Actors: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Yvonne Strahovski, Sam Underwood
The Scenes: Hannah poisons Dexter and Deb & Zach is on Dexter's table
Romain Ossust:
Dexter and Deb finally getting along, talking and then they started to feel dizzy and tired, I knew it was Hannah coming back, we all knew she would be back but I thought it was a nice way for her return, poisoning Dexter and Deb. Even if we know they will survive, I'm glad she attacked them. (also picked by DarkUFO, Darth Locke and Sharon Seymour)
Alex Zhora: Zach is on Dexter's table. This scene is another example of how Hall alone can make the show close to compelling.

GRACELAND, "Bag Man", August 8, 2013, Actors: Daniel Sunjata, Aaron Tveit, Gbenga Akinnagbe
The Scene: Briggs manipulates the entire team by doing a drug deal with Bello
A Dahne:
Briggs manipulates the entire team by doing a drug deal with Bello, culminating in him knocking Mike unconscious. Briggs was very clever in how he acted like he was on the job with the team when he was really with Bello. It also showed how far he was willing to go to get revenge on the Karza cartel.
Justyna Kubica: I'm not quite sure why Briggs has become Odin in the first place, but I have my suspicions. The truth is, however, that no matter what his goal is, he's really crossing the line at this point. And once he reaches the point of no return, when (or if) he gets someone seriously hurt or even dead, I can't really see what's gonna happen next. Still, it's a very fascinating thing to watch him in this position and this specific scene where he meets with Bello behind his team's back and eventually fights with Mike is certainly a great one. By the way, it must have been a really hard fight, I mean, not only he had to try not to hurt Mike, but also prevent him from seeing his face, so... that's a tough one. But what an entertaining scene to watch!

PERCEPTION, "Neuropositive", August 6, 2013, Actors: Shane Coffey, JoBeth Williams
The Scene: Daniel flashes back to his college days
A Dahne:
Daniel flashes back to his college days when he convinced his dying mother to try a lot of "quack" solutions to cure her cancer. This was an idealistic, pre-schizophrenia Daniel, so very different from the one we are used to. It was great to get some extra background to his story.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, "Into the Deep", August 6, 2013, Actors: Ashley Benson, Laura Leighton
The Scene: Ashely comes home
Jamie Coudeville:
Finally some good news for Hanna. I hope they don't drag this storyline out much longer, I hate seeing Hanna so sad.

RIZZOLI AND ISLES, "All For One", August 6, 2013, Actors: Sasha Alexander, Lee Thompson Young
The Scene: Maura gets mad at Frost
Jamie Coudeville:
Maura is mad at Frost for hitting on the mean barrista. I'm glad Maura said something about this, although I would've loved to see a reaction from Jane.

ROOKIE BLUE, "For Better, for Worse", August 8, 2013, Actor: Missy Peregrym
The Scene: Andy sings along with the radio
Klutzy Girl:
Andy singing along with the radio in the car. It was hilarious and I loved it.

SIBERIA, "What She Said", August 5, 2013, Actor: Esther Anderson
The Scene: Esther is revealed to have played the group
Sharon Seymour:
Esther is revealed to have played the group when they cross the exit line and find out the "button" does nothing.

TEEN WOLF, "The Overlooked", August 5, 2013, Actors: Haley Webb, Felisha Terrell
The Scene: Jennifer fights Kali at the elevator
Jamie Coudeville:
It's nice to see the Darach in action, hope we get more scenes like this.

THE FOSTERS, "I Do", August 5, 2013, Actors: Teri Polo, Sherri Saum
The Scene: Stef and Lena get married
Klutzy Girl:
The entire scene was adorable.

TRUE BLOOD, "Dead Meat", August 4, 2013, Actors: Anna Camp, Tamlyn Tomita, Anna Paquin
The Scenes: Sarah Newlin and Ms. Suzuki fight & Sookie at the her parents' graves
Romain Ossust:
I love how Sarah is a total psycho, the girl fight was so fun and great. It was scary and funny at the same time... And the final blow to the head using her high heels was great!
Kelly Ann: The cat fight between Ms. Suzuki and Sarah Newlin was amazing. Anna Camp and Tamlyn Tomita did an amazing job with that scene, it could not have been easy to film. Anna Camp was actually hurt in that sequence, so you know they gave it their all. Seeing Sarah finally end Suzuki with her high heel was just epic. And Sarah truly believes its a sign from God that she's on the correct path, hence the "Thank you, Jesus!" at the end.
Also picked by Darth Locke
Justyna Kubica: I actually prefer a different scene, a very emotional one with Sookie at her parents' graves. Sookie is not usually one of my favorites, but I truly felt so bad for her in this moment. The idea of losing all the good memories and love for one's parents is just an incredibly sad one. To be left with nothing more than pain and anger towards the ones that were supposed to be your rock... Heartbreaking. That was an impressive performance by Anna Paquin, especially when Sookie says probably the most haunting part of her speech, that she would rather be a living corpse than to lie by their side.

UNDER THE DOME, "Imperfect Circles", August 5, 2013, Actors: Mackenzie Lintz, Samantha Mathis, Aisha Hinds, Colin Ford, Rachelle Lefevre
The Scenes: Alice's death & Norrie and Joe find the mini-dome & Julia's neighbor gives birth and names her baby Alice
Bradley Adams:
Alice's death scene. It was one of the most inevitably obvious TV deaths I've ever seen, but they still managed to make it very emotional.
Babar Suhail: Alice's death scene was so emotional and Norrie begging the dome to bring her back was just heart breaking.
Also picked by Sharon Seymour
Norrie and Joe find the mini-dome
Klutzy Girl: Julia's neighbor gives birth and names her baby after a dying Alice because of her help with the delivery. I figured it was coming, but it was a nice gesture.

Justyna Kubica
21. Student. SpoilerTV Writer. Loves Movies, TV Shows (SPN, Doctor Who, Fringe, Merlin, Sherlock, Once Upon A Time, POI etc) and Books (HP). Fantasy&SciFi geek! Scene Of The Week articles author.

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