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Warehouse 13 - Conference Call Synopsis

Today I had the pleasure of being part of a conference call about season 4 finale of Warehouse 13 (airing next Monday) with stars Joanne Kelly, Eddie McClintock and Executive producer Jack Kenny. Between several jokes and lots of laughs, they answered a few questions about this season finale and the next (final) season.
I must say, the chemistry between the actors is shown with every thoughtful answer and kind disposition to receiving comments, as does their love for the show they've been creating for the past 5 years.

When asked about the finale and Myka’s cancer arc, both actors get emotional and describe their preparation. They thought what would have happened if this was a real life event, and mentioned the interpretation came natural for both of them, thinking how do you deal with the disease and how you move forward after?.
With each answer it became obvious that life imitates art, and the friendship we get to see on screen, the sense of family, is pretty similar to what the crew and actors find each day when they go to work. Every answer related to the ending of the show was heartfelt and emotional, not wanting to think of what comes after the wrap-up.

Not wanting to say much about next season, Jack Kenny confirmed Dr. Vanessa and H.G. Wells will be back. He also said this season cliffhanger will have its closure during the first episode, allowing the storyline to move forward; being able to tell, in those 6 episodes, as many stories as they can, while being true to the show’s essence and for each one of the characters’ arc.
 When asked how they would like to see their characters when the show ends, Joanne said she would like to see Myka happy. Eddie jokingly mentioned some sort of (naked) dance between Myka and Pete, with the show’s final words being, Myka exclaiming ‘Oh, Pete!’, which was quickly corrected by Joanne and Jack saying it would be more accurate with a condescending tone, ‘Oh... Pete...’ I wish I could do justice to the joke, but until the transcript is out, this will have to do.

 Keep an eye out for the full transcript sometime this week or next