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Vikings - Season 2 - Plot snippets

Thanks to The Spoiler Fairy for sending us the following..

Based on online articles and audition videos for roles being cast for Vikings season 2:

There will be a time jump of several years.

The regular role of Ragnar’s son Bjorn will now be played by Alexander Ludwig, who played Cato in ‘The Hunger Games.’ (source: http://www.accesshollywood.com/hunger-games-alexander-ludwig-heads-to-historys-vikings_article_80632)

Linus Roache will play the regular role of King Ecbert of Wessex.

The Vikings land in Wessex. (There was an audition video for the role of King’s messenger, and he announces to the king that the Northmen have come ashore in Wessex.).

Ragnar and Bjorn are separated for a long period of time, but are reunited, and Bjorn talks with his father about the good times they’ve shared and how happy he is that he is that both Ragnar and Lagertha are there together with him. (This information is from an audition video for the part of Bjorn.)

Lagertha remarries, to a wealthy earl. (There was an audition video for an earl who is Bjorn’s stepfather. In the scene, Bjorn tells his stepfather that he wants to go live in a cabin in the mountains by himself, so that he can test himself and learn what is essential to life, but his stepfather refuses.)

Source: SpoilerTV