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Under the Dome - Brian K. Vaughan Interview

The Hollywood Reporter: Nice Simpsons Movie nod! Did you guys feel the need to inject that into the series? Will there be more?
Brian K. Vaughan:
It was only the question of do we do it in the first episode or the second! We were waiting for the right moment because we knew with our young characters that that's where most people are familiar with a dome covering a town. That's it for now. We'll try to find other more obscure domes from past literature to reference but that's it for The Simpsons for now (laughs).

THR: Is the dome making people act crazy or are people like Paul and Junior freaking out on their own?
Is Junior's instability connected to dome? That question is still up in the air but people like Paul, no, the dome itself is not actively making them insane. Sadly, this is just human nature when these people are trapped, bad things start happening. Paul is sadly indicative where the town is headed. As much as he seems like a crazy lunatic ranting about things, his fears about where this town is headed will turn out to be right on the nose.

THR: Julia begins to question why Barbie was in Chester's Mill. How will she use the map and code to explore who he is?
You don't find a map with an "X" on it and be an intrepid reporter and not immediately go to find out what X marks the spot is all about. We'll see in the very beginning of the next episode that Julia will track that map and find out why Barbie came to Chester's Mill in the first place. She's going to find out some answers next week, so this won't be a wild goose chase; her hunt will pay off and she'll get some answers but not all of them just yet.

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