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The Returned - Channel 4 picks up 2nd season + season 1 DVD release

Season 1 of Les revenants concludes next Sunday on Channel 4, and they've made it official that British viewers will be able to watch season 2 on this channel as well.

Who is really dead? Who is alive? Has anybody been able to sleep without a night light for the last two months since creepy but cute little Victor, with his Bambi eyes and the threat of Satin’s soul, sidled on to our screens? Is there a dermatologist, or, come to think of it, a taxidermist in that entire alpine town? What, actually, is on the menu at The Lake Pub?

Channel 4 is delighted to announce that it has acquired the UK premiere broadcast rights to the second series of hit drama The Returned from Zodiak Rights.

Series two (8 X 60’), currently in development with Haut et Court TV for Canal+, will begin filming in early 2014 for an anticipated broadcast later in the year.

The Returned has so far weaved a seductive and chilling tale which comes to a dramatic climax this Sunday (9pm, Channel 4).

The first subtitled drama on Channel 4 for over 20 years, it has attracted an average of 1.8 million viewers each week and a 7.1% share of the audience at 9pm on Sundays.

A supernatural thriller set in a small Alpine village in the shadow of a vast dam, The Returned has chronicled the lives, and in this case deaths, of the town-people’s harrowing discovery of loved ones returning from the grave. Created by Fabrice Gobert based on the 2004 feature film Les Revenants by Robin Campillo ; written by Fabrice Gobert, Emmanuel Carrère (La Moustache) and Fabien Adda and directed by Fabrice Gobert (Lights Out, Un Certain Regard section of the 2010 Cannes Film Festival) and Frédéric Mermoud (Complices). Beguiling and compulsive, the drama is accompanied by an ethereal and spine tingling soundtrack courtesy of Mogwai.

If you missed it, here's Channel 4 trailer for the show :

Universal Pictures UK will release the first season 3-DVD boxset of Les revenants on 9th September.

This boxset, featuring all eight episodes presented in French with English subtitles, is priced at £19.21.

The cover is showing Victor (Swann Nambotin) on the foreground and a bunch of extras in the background :

Here's what the original DVD boxset looks like.

I hope no one gets offended if I say you would truly be missing out if you don't give this show a try.


Since it's a post about a Channel 4 series, it's probably a good place to say that you should watch Dates, a Channel 4 original half-hour drama series (9 episodes) that aired from 10th June 10 to 3rd July.

The concept is simple : it's a show where during each episode, the action features a "date" between two people. It varies from restaurant to nightclub to hotel, but most importantly it's about the characters and it never gets redundant or ininteresting. Think In Treatment but with relationship stuff that doesn't feel half-assed like quite often. It centers on two characters during 23 minutes but there are many surprises along the way, and it becomes serialized after three episodes so it's imperative to watch them all in order. It notably features Oona Chaplin, AKA Talysa Maegyr on Game of Thrones.

Therefore, you'd be wise to set up a meeting between your viewing schedule and Dates, I'm sure they'd hit it off.

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