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Scene Of The Week - July 21, 2013 - *POLL*

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

BURN NOTICE, "All or Nothing", July 18, 2013, Actors: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar
The Scene: Michael saves Fiona
A Dahne:
Fiona's rope fails and Michael holds on to her and pulls them both back up to the roof. What really sold it was the flashbacks of some of Mike and Fi's most romantic moments. I'm not usually one for clip shows in my episodes, but this one totally worked for me.

DEXTER, "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?", July 14, 2013, Actors: Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington
The Scene: Deb's confession to Quinn about LaGuerta's murder
Darth Locke:
This scene is my favorite this week, not just because of Jennifer Carpenter's spiraling out of control exceptionally vulnerable performance, but this scene basically comprises of series of scenes including Quinn not taking Deb literally and calling Dexter, Dexter bringing Dr. Vogal to the station (and driving like a maniac on the way there), followed by Dexter drugging Deb, taking Deb home and handcuffing her to her couch, leaving Dr. Vogal to deal with Deb's PTSD when she wakes up! So hysterical and intense!!!
Linda Zoi: Debra comes to the Police Departement and confesses to Quinn that she had killed LaGuerta.

GRACELAND, "Hair of the Dog", July 18, 2013, Actors: Aaron Tveit, Manny Montana, Daniel Sunjata
The Scene: Mike finds out that Johnny's alive and confronts Briggs
Justyna Kubica:
One of my favorites this week is the moment when Mike, absolutely crushed thinking Johnny's dead, comes to the FBI office and finds his friend alive there. He's really trying not to cry but everyone can see how much he cares. And then he finds out that faking Johnny's death was just part of Briggs' plan who didn't share it with Mike. I'm not surprised that Mike punched him, I would probably be furious too. I honestly can't believe he didn't tell him. That's not only a complete lack of trust but also a very cruel thing to do to another person. Sometimes I don't really think I even like Briggs. But hopefully it will change. Maybe even soon, after finally seeing something real about him and his background at the end of the episode. But back to the scene, just have to add: kudos to Aaron Tveit for his great performance! Another emotional moment brilliantly acted on his part.
A Dahne: Again, there were many fabulous scenes and moments in this one. While I love Johnny and Charlie's conversation, I am going to go with Mike punching out Briggs after finding out Johnny was still alive instead. It was the emotional nexus of everything Mike had just gone through and had some powerful acting. Great episode all around.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, "Under the Gun", July 16, 2013, Actors: Lucy Hale, Cody Christian
The Scene: Mike and Aria make up
Jamie Coudeville:
These two do not get enough scenes together. I love their relationship. I'm also pretty sure that Mike was the one to destroy that kid's car, which makes me love him even more.

RIZZOLI AND ISLES, "Killer in High Heels", July 16, 2013, Actors: Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander
The Scene: Jane promises to kill anyone who hurts Maura
Klutzy Girl:
Jane being willing to go to jail for Maura. That is definitely something I can see happening.
Jamie Coudeville: Jane promises to kill anyone who hurts Maura - There were a lot of great scenes in this episode, but I had to go with this one mainly because I love protective Jane.

TEEN WOLF, "Currents", July 15, 2013
The Scene: Boyd's death & Melissa wakes up to find a sleeping Scott and Isaac & Stiles and Scott talk about telling Sheriff the truth
Justyna Kubica:
I'm going with the scene of Boyd's death. And I mean the entire sequence with his last words, his memory about Erica and also Stiles, Cora and Lydia getting there too late to do anything. This was just such a heartbreaking and very powerful moment. It's hard to imagine something worse than killing your own friend and that's exactly what happened here. Poor Derek, he didn't just watch his protege and friend die, but they made HIM do it. The way his hands were shaking and him holding Boyd and listening to his last words, saying how sorry he is... That's something hard to forget. And Boyd, his last words were basically about the fact that even though he was dying, he didn't regret becoming a werewolf and that what Derek did FOR him, it was worth it, worth him dying there. We also got a chance in this scene to see Boyd's memory of Erica's last moments. A way to finally say goodbye to her. Seeing her fighting till the very end... It's definitely something worth mentioning. Also, I'm glad that even though they were too late to change things, Stiles, Cora and Lydia came there to at least mourn, comfort the rest, especially Derek, who looked so broken and alone there, kneeling next to Boyd. Great performance by the entire cast in the scene, especially Tyler Hoechlin.
My second choice for the best scene in the episode would be Stiles worrying about the consequences of telling his father the entire truth, also very emotional moment, with (as always) fantastic performance by Dylan O'Brien.
Klutzy Girl: Stiles comforts Derek after Boyd's death. They've come a long way and I like that they're becoming friends. And the way that Derek's hands are shaking hurts. It was just a great, emotional scene.
Jamie Coudeville: Melissa wakes up to find a sleeping Scott and Isaac - This scene is one of my altime favorite scenes for this show, it was so funny.
A Dahne: While there were many great scenes and even more great moments in this episode, my favorite was Stiles and Scott debating whether to tell Sheriff about werewolves or not. I love how Scott backed off when he realized Stiles had everything to lose but also how Stiles realized Scott was right and prepared to tell his dad regardless. They both put others first and it made for the second episode in a row with a powerful Scott and Stiles scene.

THE BRIDGE, "Calaca", July 17, 2013, Actor: Diane Kruger
The Scene: Sonya picks up a guy at the bar (picked by Darth Locke)

THE FOSTERS, "The Fallout", July 15, 2013, Actors: Hayden Byerly, Gavin Macintosh, Sherri Saum
The Scene: Jude's friend Connor greets him with "Hey Jude"
Klutzy Girl:
The scene where Jude's friend Connor greets him with "Hey Jude", Lena makes a Beatles references, and Jude proceeds to tell him that "old people like them" was hilarious. I laughed pretty hard during that scene.

THE KILLING, "Try", July 14, 2013, Actors: Peter Sarsgaard, Mireille Enos
The Scene: Ray Seward claims innocence
Linda Zoi:
Ray Seward claims innocence and phones to Sarah to ask her help.

TRUE BLOOD, "F**k the Pain Away", July 14, 2013, Actors: Nelsan Ellis, Anna Paquin
The Scene: Lafayette channels Sookie's father
Darth Locke:
Lafayette channeling Sookie's father, Corbett Stackhouse, reveals the truth of attempting to murder his daughter and begins to relive the former events by nearly drowning Sookie.

UNDER THE DOME, "Outbreak", July 15, 2013, Actors: Dean Norris, Britt Robertson
The Scene:
Big Jim finds Angie in the fallout shelter (picked by Linda Zoi)

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