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Pretty Little Liars "The Guilty Girl's Handbook" Recap

Previously on Pretty Little Liars: Team Taleb got a little bit closer to "A" through information from Nigel Wright. Aria's brother almost got into trouble until Fitz interfered. If convicted, Hanna's mom will face 20 years-life in prison. And because Detective Emily and the PLLs broke into Wilden's apartment, "A" sent a car crashing into her living room!

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This recap will start with some light, cheery compliments about the PLL wardrobe in this episode because to be honest, things only get worse (and then way better) from here. Aria is sporting possibly the greatest comic book jacket I have ever seen. She's out Aria-d herself, and I love it. Also, Spencer Hastings has no business in Rosewood this episode. Instead, she should be on her way to Hogwarts in her Gryffindor attire!

In other news, The Fields have moved into a motel after "A" sent a car into their living room. Pam is still concerned for her job, and Emily is worried about college since she can't swim. But have no fear, Emily, Rumer Willis is in Rosewood to save the day -- and possibly take a Liar away next summer! Zoe, an organizer for Habitat who worked with Emily in Haiti the summer before season 3, is more than willing to give Emily a recommendation for college. However, it looks like Em is ready to do some more charity work and get as far away from Rosewood as possible! Who can really blame her?

ABC Family

Back at Hastings Manor, Spencer sifts through the many files on Wilden that Veronica's firm sent over and finds some interesting information on Toby's mother. Detective Spencer makes an appearance at Radley to chat with E. Lamb since Wilden questioned him about the suicide. From the looks of the file, he changed facts and lied about how Marion Cavanaugh died. According to Mr. Lamb, it seems that Rosewood's creepiest detective may have been paid to lie!

Meanwhile, nothing is happening in Aria's life. Jake is back, and since Mike is taking MMA classes with Aria's new beau, he has some inside information on her brother. Don't worry though because Mike is just becoming a typical teenager!

ABC Family

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty. In other Rosewood news, Ashley Marin pleads "not guilty" in Wilden's murder case, and the judge doesn't grant bail. They're also relocating Mama Marin until her trial. Seriously though, when did Rosewood's law enforcement get so strict? Anyway, Hanna obivously is willing to do anything -- and I mean anything -- to help her mother. You know things are extremely bAd when you have to turn to Mona Vanderwaal for help! Former-"A" coaches Hanna on the techniques of lying and how to conjure up the perfect lie about how SHE KILLED WILDEN. Yes, Hanna wants to take the blame so her mother doesn't have to suffer. Then, the biggest twist since Toby was revealed as the betrAyer occurs: MONA TAKES THE BLAME FOR WILDEN'S MURDER. THE END.

ABC Family

Next week, Jenna Marshall is back! And well, that just can't be good. Tune in to "Into the Deep" next Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC Family!

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