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Once Upon A Time - Meghan Ory to return

Thanks to Darthlocke for the heads up.

Although Meghan Ory will not be a regular in Once Upon a Time season 3, the actress confirmed today at San Diego Comic-Con that Ruby will return.

The “Little Reds” of the Once Upon a Time fandom were disappointed to learn earlier this year that Meghan Ory, who had been promoted to a series regular for season 2, would not be back for the show’s third season.

After learning that her role in season 3 had been reduced to make room for the many new characters, Ory began to look elsewhere for work, and was cast opposite former Lost star Josh Holloway in the new CBS drama Intelligence.

Ory and Holloway both attended the Intelligence screening and panel earlier today at the San Diego Comic-Con, and towards the end of the panel, Ory revealed that although there are no immediate plans for her return, Once Upon a Time fans haven’t seen the last of her.

As the character has not been killed off, she will be able to return both in flashbacks as Little Red Riding Hood and in present-day Storybrooke as Ruby.

While Ruby’s storyline may have been shelved for the time being, her character is still very much a part of the Once Upon a Time universe: Red and the Huntsman are the central characters in the new Once Upon a Time comic book, The Shadow of the Queen.

Source: Hypable