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Covert Affairs - 4.01 - Vamos - Recap

Previously: Jai was blown up, Henry (Gregory Itzin) was not happy about it. Annie (Piper Perabo) was shot, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) was there for her. Henry gave Annie a file, she was apprehensive about it. A2 kissed.

At the start of the new season, Annie is in a see-through elevator talking to Auggie on the phone as he tries to stop her from potentially making a huge mistake. Calder Michaels is on the other side. He fires, so does Annie in a sequence that looks like something from an old west film. Already distrustful of the new guy, but then again I've only seen Hill Harper in Stonehenge Apocalypse where he tried to destroy the world (long story) so maybe my judgement is a little skewed.

Flash to that morning she read in Auggie in bed. A2 are having a roll in the sheets in a beautifully shot montage, because cinematography is what we were all focused on in that scene. Annie tells him about the file which contained information of Arthur (Peter Gallagher), lots and lots of information on Arthur, and proof Arthur has been meeting with The Puma. Who is the Puma? Stay tuned to find out. Or Google it later. Your call.

This operation Arthur has been undertaking with The Puma has been linked to one of Auggie’s code names. Auggie knows nothing of this. Annie asks Henry why he is confiding in her. He tells her that Jai trusted her ergo he does as well. He also tells her things will not end well for Auggie. Well, “Bull shit.” Auggie asks her why she slept with him even after all she knew. “You presented a strong case.” He then undresses her making them both late for work.

In the office they both pretend to not know that the other was “tossing and turning” in bed all night. People come in and down-grade Auggie’s clearance. Annie is worried. Auggie takes her to the Berlin wall Memorial where they talk about the case. Auggie tells her that they can’t tell Arthur or Joan because if the allegations are true, they could be tipping them off. His best advice is to not give Henry Wilcox the satisfaction of getting under their skin. Annie agrees. For the time being.

Annie goes to her desk and asks Barber (Dylan Taylor) to give a note to Auggie while she leaves the bullpen. Barber delivers the note verbally—Annie has gone to the bank.

In Columbia, Annie arrives and is trailed by Michaels. After the credits, she talks to a philandering assistant bank manager banker asking him to check into an account number for her. He agrees to meet with her a five. Annie walks away and her phone rings as a phone call from Auggie. She briefs him. Walking into her hotel, she finds him in the lobby. Last night they went south of the border and again this morning… (Sorry, my dad’s joke)

Joan immediately knows that Annie and Auggie have taken things to the next level. Arthur is not surprised to learn this and they decide to let them be in favor of rekindling their flame.

Annie asks about the last time Auggie was in Columbia and he tells her it was brief. Music starts playing on the square and A2 decides to dance. Auggie notes that it’s a good spy case study to see whether they should trust each other or not, remarking that he wouldn’t mind if the bank manager never showed. Annie sees him and starts to follow. They lose him and when Annie sees him again, he’s dead. The presumed attacker pulls on them before being shot dead. Michaels “suggests” that they come with him,

Annie claims to be there just on vacation. Michaels does not believe this and tells her it would be safer if they work with them. “So you’re like the sheriff of this here town?” He tells them things will go easier if they play ball with him. He places the ball in their court as to what their professional relationship will be. Neither Annie nor Auggie makes any commitments. Annie asks if he’ll call Langley on them. Auggie informs her Michaels is too ambitious to make the move.

Arthur unlocks a phone from his desk and asks about the status of Walker and Anderson. After a pause, he tells the person on the other line to keep him posted. Afterwards, he calls Joan to cancel on their big date citing “paperwork.” Arthur…when have things ever gone well when you’ve lied to Joan? Joan on the other hand, gets some surprising news: she’s pregnant.

Annie and Auggie play crossword puzzles until the account holder arrives at the bank. Annie places a bug and goes to fill out a withdrawal slip. Auggie confirms they have their courier. Annie trails him out of the bank, picking up Auggie along the way. The trail their guy for awhile when Auggie is suddenly shot in the shoulder. He plays it off like it was nothing but soon the pain gets to him and he starts leaning into Annie a little more than before. They go down an alley and find themselves surrounded by men with big guns.

They’re taking to a house. A man takes off Auggie’s sunglasses and asks if he’s blind. “No, she can see just fine.” He tells them to be careful who they follow around here. He guides Auggie to a chair widening the hole in his shirt before cauterizing the wound. Annie tells him to stop. He asks what they were doing accessing his accounts. Annie asks if he’s The Puma. He tells her his friends call him Teo and suggests again that they leave Columbia. He gives them directions and they leave.

Annie asks if that’s the same man that Auggie set up the account for. Auggie tells her that the voice is a match but the person he set up the account for was vibrant while this person was dead inside. Annie sees the note telling her to meet up later and says that maybe he’s not completely dead inside.

At dinner, Joan is sent a drink when Arthur steps away to take a phone call. He tells her today would have been Jai’s birthday.

Annie stitches up Auggie’s shoulder telling him he’ll probably have a scar. He tells her that scars are sexy. He doesn’t want her to take the meet. She wants him to be protected. He doesn’t want her to have to take care of him. Auggie tells her that she’s also working the case for herself. She tells him it’s probably “a little bit true.” He tells her it’s not a reason to stay and suggests that they go home. Annie agrees.

Annie and Auggie check out of the hotel. Michaels invites them to get another drink with him before they leave. They follow him to the bar. Annie bows out saying she thinks she left something in her room. Michaels asks what happened to his shoulder. Auggie claims a shaving accident. Michaels tells Auggie about his brave move in taking a station no one wanted. He offers for to help because his career plan is three years ahead of what he wanted it to be. Auggie tells him they aren’t getting off to a great start.

Joan tells Arthur about the weirdness with Henry. Arthur asks after the details citing the Columbian rum in the drink. The music, much like Arthur’s mood, goes dark. Auggie’s concerned for Annie and bows out to check on her.

Annie meets with The Puma and he protects her from some gunfire. Inside Auggie demands to be taken towards the sound of the gunfire knowing Annie was involved somehow. He tells her to tell Arthur that “the blood is on his hands.” He walks away from her. Michaels tells them that whatever their game was, it is now over.

Arthur goes to meet with a well dressed woman who works with purpose in an underground parking structure. He tells her that they need to end it. She calls him an asshole telling him that she never accepted that the moment was coming. She asks him if he has really thought about what it means to cut someone loose. She asks what happens next. He tells her that it is done.

Michaels knows that Annie and Auggie were working off book and tells them “it was a mess.” Hard to disagree. Auggie notes that Michaels “didn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat.” On the plane, Annie apologizes for ditching him to talk with Teo. He tells her that he’s glad she’s okay. Fans will note that he’s sitting in the widow seat as the last time they flew together. Auggie tells Annie that Teo is Arthur’s son. Annie understands and asks if Joan knows. She wants to tell the Campbells everything. Auggie agrees.

Auggie tells Arthur about what happened on the mission and asks to be able to read Annie in on the rest of it. Arthur warns him about “the ramifications” of talking before reminding him that he’s keeping secrets too.

Annie and Auggie walk in the office where Barber tells them that the DCI has ordered a press conference. Arthur admits to an extramarital affair and resigns his job as to not complicate the real issues at hand. “This changes everything.”

Liked: the stability of A2 (I prefer A2 but the writers have unofficially claimed the portmanteau‘Walkerson.' Rumor has it Christopher Gorham agrees with me.)
The new intrigue of who Michaels really is and why Annie would be shooting at him.
Arthur resigning, while predicted by Henry, was a shock to me.

Trepidation: I hope that they treat Joan’s pregnancy as more of a sub-sub plot than trying to bring it into the main Joan and Arthur story. There are ways to bring a baby aboard a show that work well (see: How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, True Blood S6) but often times, it destroys the dynamic.

Dislike: none!

Well, Operatives? What did you think? Intriguing or no match for last year’s Simon/Lena plotline?

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