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The STV Favourite TV Series Competition 2013 - It Begins Today - Submit Your Entries For The Competition!

Update: 3rd July Nominations are now closed. We will be collating the responses and starting the competition very shortly.

Update: We're closing in on 1000 nominations now guys. Fantastic stuff. Keep spreading the word to get more people picking their favourites!
Also, 24 counts as a current show, as it's back from cancellation!

In 2010 a competition set SpoilerTV alight. Thousands of fans helped two Winchester brothers beat the Salvatore brothers to walk away with the title.

In 2011 Supernatural were pushed all the way in an epic two day battle that saw over 20,000 people help narrowly beat Fringe to claim a second title in a row.

In 2012 a new victor emerged, as Richard Castle stole the title away from the people of Storybrooke in a record breaking contest..

The battle is about to begin.

But first we need your help.

Out of the thousands of TV series there are, old and new, great or poor, we need just 64.

You can vote for your favourite two current TV series, and your favourite two finished TV series. The top 32 current TV series and the top 32 finished TV series will make the final 64, which will begin on July 1st 2013.

You have until June 24th to enter your submissions in the form below.

Remember, a current TV series is any show that has aired/will air new episodes after 1st June 2013. A finished TV series is any show that had aired its final episode by 1st June 2013. Therefore a show like Fringe would now be a finished TV series, whilst Game of Thrones would be classed as current.

One show I feel it worth to highlight. Arrested Development is being counted as a current TV series, as even though it aired all of Season 4 on May 26th, there is no reason to confirm one way or the other that the show is finished as of that date. If anyone knows of any other shows that are worth highlighting which category they fall under, then let me know by email (adamdharris@spoilertv.com) or on twitter (@AdDHarris)

NOTE: Only 1 Submission per person. If you try to submit multiple times ALL your submissions will be removed

Don't forget to cast your votes, spread the word of the competition, and most of all, tell us who you voted for in the comments below.

It's back. It's going to be bigger than ever.

Here we go....


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