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Supernatural - Favorite Tucker, Buckner, and Ross-Lemming Episode - Poll

Today's writer polls ought to be interesting given that it includes a writer generally thought of positively in the fandom and possibly the least liked writer duo of all. Should be quite the dichotomy. To help with voter agony, I cheated a bit in the Raelle Tucker poll. You can vote for 2 instead of 1. What can I say? Choosing between Faith and What is and What Should Never Be would be like choosing one child over another to me. Simply cannot be done.

Our previous writer poll lead to 2 very easy victories and one poll that was extremely close. Born Under a Bad Sign got 50% of the votes in the Cathryn Humphris poll. Likewise, The Monster at the End of This Book received almost 57% in the Julie Siege poll. Things were more interesting with the Robbie Thompson poll. Pac-Man Fever got 45 votes, Goodbye Stranger got 35, and Slash Fiction 32. In fact, the only episode that did not get at least 10% of the vote was Bitten. Still I think at least one episode will do worse in this poll.

We will have 2 more writer polls after this with John Shiban and Adam Glass next. Jeremy Carver will be the last poll. We will then do some quotes articles and possibly one silly Supernatural poll to round out our nominations for the huge quotes contest. It should start in two weeks.

Poll Notes:

Raelle Tucker wrote Dead in the Water, Faith, Nightmare, and Salvation with Sera Gamble. All other episodes got solo writing credit.
All Buckner and Ross-Lemming episodes were written together.

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