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Supernatural - 1.03 - Dead in the Water - Podcast

Hey there all you wayward sons and daughters. Up for discussion this week is episode 1x03: Dead in the Water. This is a really special episode for Dahne. I’m glad I she got the chance to share the story behind one of her favorite episodes. So come on in, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Hope you downloaded all your favorite episodes of the podcast that covered season 8 because they are all gone but if didn’t get a chance to just email us and we can send you an mp3, the offer is only good for the next month or so though.

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In case you missed our post last week for 1.02: Wendigo, be sure to check it out here: http://www.spreaker.com/user/teamwinchester/classic_twp_2_wendigo

Disclaimer - As always the opinions on this podcast are merely Lilith and/or Dahne's opinions. They do not reflect the fandom as a whole or SpoilerTV.

Podcast Break-Down (All times are estimated):

Intro & Small Talk
Contact Info - 3:40
Basics/Discussion Points - 6:40
Nitpicks - 9:35
WTH - 11:55
Favorite Things - 13:55
Least Favorites - 33:45
Trivia - 48:40
Grade and Review - 55:20
Closing Remarks - 58:10

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