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Scene Of The Week - June 16, 2013 - *POLL*

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

BABY DADDY, "The Wheeler and Dealer", June 12, 2013, Actors: Chelsea Kane, Derek Theler, Tahj Mowry
The Scene: Riley and Danny kiss
Klutzy Girl:
There were two episodes this week so it's hard to choose between both awesome kissing scenes (and other hilarious moments) so I'll go with the kiss in "The Wheeler and The Dealer", when Riley and Tucker think Danny's not breathing. She performs CPR and when she's doing mouth to mouth, Danny starts kissing back. Then she gets knocked out and Danny picks her up!

BURN NOTICE, "Forget Me Not", June 13, 2013, Actors: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar
The Scene: Michael saves Fiona's life
A Dahne:
Michael saves Fiona's life by remembering a conversation they had in Ireland. All of the flashbacks were awesome, but the way they tied those flashbacks into the main scene was even better. Excellent episode.

DEFIANCE, "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times", June 10, 2013, Actors: Graham Greene, Brian J. Smith
The Scene: Rafe talks McClintock out of killing himself
A Dahne:
It was understated but very powerful and ended everything on a hopeful note.

FALLING SKIES, "Collateral Damage", June 9, 2013, Actors: Moon Bloodgood, Maxim Knight
The Scenes: Matt asks Anne if he can call her "Mom" & The attack on the nuclear power plant
Klutzy Girl:
That was just a really cute scene!
Sharon Seymour: The Attack on the nuclear power plant

GAME OF THRONES, "Mhysa", June 9, 2013, Actors: Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Rory McCann, Peter Dinklage, Charles Dance
The Scenes: Daenerys frees the slaves & Arya gets a bit of payback & Tyrion and Tywin give Joffrey a verbal smackdown
Jamie Coudeville:
Daenerys frees the slaves and they call her Mhysa - It's been a long time since anyone has smiled like that on this show.
Darth Locke: The Hound fights Arya's battle after she confronts a group of people who verbally disgrace her family after their recant gruesome deaths!
Justyna Kubica: As much as I enjoyed the scenes with Arya and Bran, I'm going with Tyrion and Tywin giving Joffrey a verbal smackdown. Just when I start to think that "the king" can't make me hate him more, he comes up with another horrifying idea to psychologically torture Sansa. Poor girl! And I absolutely could not stand seeing him so happy after the horrors of the last episode. That's why it was really great to watch him being treated like THIS by his uncle and grandfather. It's a very good thing that Tyrion tries to protect Sansa, even if he endangers himself (they already tried to kill him in Season 2, so I'm thinking that his recent actions will have some consequences next season). And this might be the only moment when I felt a little sympathy for Tywin, but that did not last long. Not at all.

HANNIBAL, "Relevés", June 12, 2013, Actors: Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Kacey Rohl, Ellen Muth
The Scenes: The last scene between Abigail and Hannibal & Georgia catches fire & Hannibal gives Will exotic bird soup at the hospital
Sharon Seymour:
The chilling last scene between Hannibal and Abigail. (also picked by Veronika K. & DarkUFO)
Diana Mack: Suddenly Georgia catches fire while she's holding a plastic comb.
Darth Locke: Hannibal gives Will exotic bird soup at the hospital. Although I think there were many great scenes and exchanges between characters, along with more allusions to Clarice Starling in this episode, I chose this simple scene because of two things the soup and the act of giving it conveys: The idea of friendship --something the episode seriously addressed. And: The soup itself didn't just have exotic bird broth and meat in it, but other natural things like black berries! Berries are things we might associate with that of what a bird would eat, implying not only are they eating the bird, but also what the bird ate---a representation of the food chain! This is crux of Hannibal's dilemma with Will and possibly Abigail and Bedelia Du Maurier...

MAD MEN, "Favors", June 9, 2013, Actors: Jon Hamm, Kevin Rahm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser
The Scenes: Peggy and Pete drunk at diner with Ted & Ted helps Don out
Max Conte:
Peggy & Pete drunk at diner with Ted
Darth Locke: Ted helps Don out by giving him a contact so that the Rosens' son can escape going to Vietnam.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, "'A' is for A-l-i-v-e", June 11, 2013, Actor: Janel Parrish, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale
The Scenes: Mona reveals the identity of the Queen of Hearts & The girls get a text from A at the funeral
Linda Zoi:
Mona reveals some secrets as the identity of the Queen of Hearts.
Jamie Coudeville: The girls get a text from A at the funeral - The song was perfect. They're right back where they started only with more secrets and an 5 liars instead of 4.

TEEN WOLF, "Chaos Rising", June 10, 2013
The Scenes: Derek sees his younger sister Cora for the first time & Dr Deaton enters into Isaac's brain & The dialogue between Isaac, Derek and his uncle & The classroom scene & Peter and Stiles riff off of each other
Klutzy Girl:
Derek sees his younger sister Cora for the first time. The look on his face and the way his voice cracks is heartbreaking. He's broken and I don't think he'll ever recover, but maybe this will help a little bit.
Diana Mack: Dr Deaton enters into Isaac's brain while he's in trance, thanks to a special hypnosis into a tank full of ice water.
Linda Zoi: The initial dialogue between Isaac, Derek and his uncle.
Jamie Coudeville: The classroom scene - This scene just made me realize how much I love the coach. He's absolutely hilarious!
A Dahne: Peter and Stiles riff off of each other before figuring out the crucial piece of information. Peter and Stiles are the two snarkiest characters so to have them alone in a scene together gave the episode some of its best lines.

TWISTED, "Pilot", June 11, 2013, Actor: Avan Jogia
The Scene: The last one
Linda Zoi:
The final scene when we see that Danny has the dead girl's necklace.

Justyna Kubica
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