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Pretty Little Liars - Season 4 - Marlene King Interview

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How much will be revealed in this premiere?
Marlene King: This whole season is the season of answers. We decided let's not wait until the last season of the show to give all of these answers. We have so many questions we've asked and fans have been really patient, so this is the entire season of answers and the premiere sets the tone for that.

Is what's in the trunk really that horrifying?
King: It's something I personally look away from every time I see that scene.

Mona is now working with the girls to uncover red coat. How does that change the dynamic?
King: It changes it up in a really fun and dynamic way. Mona has [a lot of] answers and now she needs the PLLs as much as they need her, so now she uses her knowledge as a bargaining chip to ingratiate herself back with them.

Can they trust her?
King: They're never going to trust her and there are some lovely scenes between Hanna and Mona where it's like, "Can it be business as usual? Can we go back to where we were? Is it ever possible for you to trust me again?" The PLLs aren't stupid — she hit Hanna with a car! So she has a lot of work to do to attempt to earn back their trust.

Will she be redeemed at all this season?
King: For me, she is, and I think you'll see there are some very noble gestures she takes on to prove that. She has a line in the premiere I just love, where she says to Hanna, "I really was your friend once and I really loved you once," and she means it and you can tell she means it. If you go back to Season 1 and look at Mona and how Alison treated her, you see why she snapped and became "A." There's a part of me that still feels bad for Mona and I think there's a part of Hanna that still feels bad for Mona and that's Mona's way in.

When will we find out if Alison is really alive?
King: We address it right away but you don't find the answer to it in the premiere. Was it Ali? Was it someone wearing an Ali mask? That really is the theme of the season as well and you will find out by the end of the season if it was Ali or them thinking they saw Ali or possibly someone in an Ali mask.

Source: Full Interview @ TV Guide

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