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Hannibal - Season 1 - Recap + Speculation on Savoureux

The end of a friendship?

Tonight we see a chapter coming to its conclusion. Or maybe this is just the beginning of another nightmare. Personally, I have my box of tissues prepared. NBC's shocking Hannibal Finale, called Savoureux ('delicious'), might bring Will's and Hannibal's close friendship to a dramatic end, but not before giving us a taste of what it's like to see yourself confronted with a killer who was supposedly your friend. Let's pray for Will Graham. And his dogs. And basically everyone.

What is a Monster?

It isn't that simple to label a person like Dr. Hannibal Lecter with terms like monster, and Dr. Chilton failed in that regard just as much as Jack Crawford and any other person did. Mads Mikkelsen's performance revealed the multiple layers of this iconic character in an incredibly fascinating way. Initially, I wouldn't have suspected to see a side of him that is so utterly controlled, but Will Graham also brings out certain moments that show cracks in Hannibal's mask. That mask will fall apart tonight.
The finale (Thursday, 10:01/9:01c) shows a turning point between Hannibal and his "friend", although Will is technically the only one able to truly empathize with the serial killer. We've seen Hannibal embracing Will's ability and pushing him to his absolute limits. From the moment they met, their unlikely friendship grew to the point of obsession with a fascinating mind. It wasn't healthy nor did we expect it to be. But we could understand why Will's lack of interest turned into trust. He represented us, and the show managed to break the fourth wall in an extremely subtle way, bringing us closer to the thoughts of a killer, using horrific images that Hannibal would most likely consider art. At the same time, fans started to discuss whether Hannibal's "affections" are perhaps genuine in some sort of twisted way, which shows just how complex his mind truly is. Many people would call him a monster, but I'd suggest that his motives are understandable from his point of view. It isn't right, but that doesn't mean he should be dismissed.

Will's destruction

Hannibal will frame Graham for murder and he will also grant him the opportunity to assume Hannibal's identity, something that Dr. Lecter would normally consider rude.
It's a gift, but also a curse for Will who struggles with his own identity construction.
We've seen him tormented by the ghost of Garrett Jacob Hobbs, confessing that he liked killing him. We've also seen him developing a sense of responsibility for Abigail who has fallen prey to Hannibal's cruel game. We've seen him struggling with the FBI, especially Jack Crawford's ambitions and Alana's affection. We've seen lies and half-truths, Encephalitis and nightmares, spatial neglect and the most symbolic figure for Will; the stag.
What we haven't seen yet is Will Graham ultimately assuming Hannibal's point of view and knowing that his confidante is the Chesapeake Ripper. It all comes down to the end of their friendship, and the start of a new journey. Can we please skip the 'he-ate-us'?

Veronika K.
Graduate at the University of Zurich, writer, TV addict. Favorite shows include Hannibal, Game of Thrones and Supernatural. Very opinionated and concerned with social issues in media. Professional procrastinator.

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