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Touch Season 2 - Season so far recap

With around 48 hours to go until the second season finale of Touch, here's a recap of what has happened in the season so far.

We resumed the season with Martin (Kiefer Sutherland) and Jake (David Mazouz) having fled New York after multi-billionaire company Aster Corps had attempted to kidnap Jake due being one of the 36 Righteous Ones. Jake's numbers led them to Los Angeles, where they meet a woman named Lucy (Maria Bello), who informs Martin that she is looking for her daughter, and that her name is Amelia. This immediately strikes a reaction from Martin, as Amelia had been one of Dr Teller's patients, and the sequence of numbers that Jake was following was named the 'Amelia Sequence'.

Martin and Lucy immediately join forces, and they begin to search for Amelia. Using the numbers that Jake produces to his father, the trio come across Calvin Norburg (Lukas Haas), a researcher at Aster Corps, who has numbers that are from the Amelia sequence.As he decrees not to let Aster Corps have this information, as it could be used against humanity to predict the future, he attempts to quit Aster Corps. When told that he'll have all his research kept by the company, he leaves anyway. As we divulge more into Calvin's life, we see that he is the one that has kidnapped Amelia.

Being new to Los Angeles, Martin enlists the help of an old journalist buddy named Trevor Wilcox (Greg Ellis). He currently has a small journalism business, and Trevor is more than happy to help out with Martin's ongoing dilemmas. One of his employees finds a death certificate in Jake's name, all filled in with details of Jake's death in a car accident. All that needed to be filled in was the date.

Throughout the season, we have been plagued with a man named Guillermo Ortiz (Said Tagmaoui). He attempted to kill every member of the 36 righteous ones, as he believes to have been instructed to do so by God. His violent murders have left Martin looking over his shoulder, as he fears that Ortiz may come after Jake.

Jake joined his first school after meeting a young girl named Soleil (Isabella Acres) on the pier. He seemed to connect very quickly with her and other students at the school, with him even letting many students touch him. His connection with Soleil was not coincidental, as her grandfather was with a woman co-worker at the local library at which he worked. The woman is also Calvin's mother, and she is the one taking care of Amelia. She does this until the sixth episode, in which she is found murdered by Calvin. Calvin's anger is evident, as he sets out to find his mother's killer, who is likely the one now keeping Amelia.

This turns out to be Calvin's old friend from Aster Corps, Tony Rigby (Adam Campbell). He has taken Amelia to a holding facility, as he understands the complexity of her intelligence, and knows that her sequence can be used to predict the future. As Martin and Lucy figure out where she is being kept, Martin manages to rescue Amelia, and reunite her with her mother. However, as Lucy and Amelia are heading for home, Rigby, along with other Aster Corps employees chase her down. Amelia escapes, but on the command of Aster Corps CEO Nicole Farrington (Frances Fisher), Tanner (D.B. Sweeney) shoots Lucy.

As Jake and Amelia secretly reunite in episode 10, Jake speaks his first words to Martin, saying "Find him." He knows that Jake is referring to Guillermo, and knows he must find him. As Avram (Bodhi Elfman) attempts to follow Jake, they meet Amelia on a bus. Her and Jake follow the numbers, and end up at a University at which Dr. Nell Plimpton (Samantha Whittaker, previously seen in 'The Road Not Taken') is temporarily working at. As Martin races to follow the children, Guillermo attempts to murder Plimpton. Martin stops him, and after a fight between the two, Guillermo knows he's failed his mission, and kills himself.

As Martin attempts to prove to the police that Amelia had been kidnapped by Aster Corps, Detective Lange (Mykelti Williamson) informs him that LAPD found a gun in his car, the same one used to kill Lucy. While Martin is in a cell, Avram, against Martin's wishes, takes Jake out of the house as they attempt to find a man who may be another one of the 36.

Calvin Norburg had rejoined Aster Corps, as he attempts to use his research to help his brother after their car accident years earlier. After hearing of Martin's incarceration, Calvin bails him out of prison, telling him "We both know you didn't kill Amelia's mother." When Martin learns of Avram disobeying his request, he shouts at him, telling Avram to stay away from him. Avram is then kidnapped by an unknown party.

Part of Aster Corps' research into brain patterns included a 'nest of seven', which is revealed to be 7 patients at a sleep clinic. Trevor is sent undercover into the clinic in an attempt to figure out what is going on there, after one of the patients died in public. As he is in the clinic, Calvin intervenes, claiming that the research is killing the patients. As Calvin gets Martin and Trevor out of the building, the employees evacuate the building, destroying any left-over research that may incriminate Aster Corps, but it doesn't stop Trevor giving Detective Lange proof of Aster Corps involvement.

As Martin takes Jake and Amelia home, their car is rammed into, and he is knocked unconscious. Amelia and Jake are then kidnapped from the car.

The season finale, entitled 'Leviathan', airs on Friday, as Aster Corps comes closer to completing the sequence using Jake and Amelia. Martin and Trevor rush to save them and stop Aster Corps, but can they rescue the children in time and prevent Aster Corps from changing the world forever?

Will Jake and Amelia be saved? Will Aster Corps be stopped? Will Touch get a third season? Give your thoughts in the comments below, or on my Twitter.