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Predict which shows will be renewed/cancelled 2013/14 - ABC Edition

As you know each year prior to the any episodes airing we ask the knowledgeable SpoilerTV Community to try an predict which shows will be Renewed and which ones Cancelled.

Last year we had an 80% success rate that you can see here in this table.

With FOX yesterday announcing their schedule (See here) it's time again to see if you can predict which shows will be renewed/cancelled.

There are 2 Polls below. One for Renewals and one for Cancellations. In each poll select the show(s) that you think will either be renewed/cancelled and then press vote.

Before the season starts we will collate all the predictions and post the table that we'll update during the 2013/14 season to see how your predictions went.

Can we beat 80%?

Note: We will be doing the same of the other broadcast networks after they have released their schedule.

Other Network Polls So Far
NBC Renew/Cancel Polls
FOX Renew/Cancel Polls

Let us know in the comments how you voted and why.

In the Poll below select ALL the shows that you think will be renewed.

In the Poll below select ALL the shows that you think will be cancelled.