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Grimm - Season 2 So Far - Recap

Season 2 of Grimm wraps up on Tuesday night with the arrival of at least one royal baddie to Portland and lots of action, if the previews are to be trusted. As we wait, here is a recap of the season so far, followed at the end with some speculation on the finale.

Season 2 So Far …. 

We left off at the end of season 1 with Juliette falling into a coma after being scratched by Adalind’s cat, Nick’s dead mom paying him a visit and helping out with a troublesome out-of-town visitor, and Hank thinking he’s going crazy for seeing wesen faces and shooting up empty closets.

Mama Grimm

Although she appeared near the end of last season, we were properly introduced to Kelly Burkhardt in the season premiere, after she jumped into the middle of a fight between Nick and Kimura (a man with ties to the Dragon’s Tongue and the royal families, and who was after the key). Kelly’s appearance surprises Nick, who thought she and his father had both died in a car accident in New York state when Nick was a child. We learn from Kelly that Kimura & associates had tried to kill her because she had the coins of Zakynthos. It was not Kelly, but instead a friend, who had died that night. Because the killer thought he had killed a Grimm, he took the friend’s head, so as a result, the body was never properly identified. Nick’s Aunt Marie, who raised him, knew Kelly was alive.

We learn from Kelly that the key Nick’s aunt gave to him is one of seven, and together they mark a place that the holds something so powerful that Nick’s Grimm ancestors had hidden it from the royals during the Crusades. We last see Kelly ditching plans to leave town on a bus with the coins, which she was supposed to destroy, and instead slip off in a direction unknown once Nick was no longer watching her.

Wesen Love

Monroe and Rosalee grow closer over the course of the season, and Rosalee becomes quite the apothecary, giving potions and magical cures for any of a host of wesen ailments, including nasty love spells cast by a blonde hexenbiest. One of Monroe and Rosalee’s biggest hurdles come in the form of a near death scare when Monroe is targeted by Mia, a friend of the royals and Renard, because he is a friend of a Grimm. The other hurdle is an annoying lack of privacy when Nick temporarily moves in with Monroe.

Juliette’s Cat Scratch Fever

A nasty cat scratch from Adalind’s cat goes so far beyond infection when it results in a coma, selective memory loss (only poor Nick is forgotten), and a violent and intense lust for Nick’s boss, Capt. Renard. Rosalee the apothecary comes to the rescue and cures both Juliette and Renard for their lust spell, and sets Juliette back on track on a psychedelic trip down memory lane. She eventually remembers Nick and with some help from Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud, comes to learn what wesen and Grimms are. Nick and Juliette seemed to be taking steps toward reuniting in the last episode, which probably means there’s trouble ahead for the two in the finale.

Hank Becomes Cool with the Wesen

After Nick tells Hank that what he’s seeing is real, and that Nick also sees the wesen, Hank adjusts to this new knowledge remarkably well and becomes a productive member of Team Nick. He has a minor setback midseason when Adalind arrives back in town and sends a gang of Verrat to beat him up. Hank, however, recovers, and embraces his new knowledge, and becomes a champion of researching police cases in Aunt Marie’s trailer.

Renard & the Royals (sounds like a band, doesn’t it?)

Renard never seemed too fond of his European family, but the stakes are upped as we learn Renard is actively plotting against them, and appears to have alliances with the resistance. When Monroe recognizes Renard as the man he saw Juliette kissing in the spice shop, when the two came in for help for their lust spell, he tells Nick the man was Renard, and Nick figures out that Renard is the royal in Portland. The two have a much-too-short fight before they agree to an uneasy alliance. Nick doesn’t trust Renard yet, and Renard’s end game is still not 100 percent clear, but they seem to have common interests at the moment, and I think a certain respect. Neither want the royals to get the keys or the treasure. They continue working together as police officers, and Nick gradually lets Renard into his inner circle - which includes Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, and Bud, the Eisbiber. (waiting for Sgt. Wu to also join that circle and for the interactions between him and Bud)

In the previous episode, Renard’s half-brother Eric arriving in Portland to meet with Baron Samedi, a wesen similar to a witch-doctor who can raise an army of the dead. Looks like we have some zombie battles ahead!

Adalind’s Special Surprise

Always the thinker, Adalind manages to turn a tense moment with Renard to her advantage and seduces him. She becomes pregnant. However, since she has also spent her time away with Renard’s royal half brother, she’s not sure who the baby's father is. But regardless, the baby is a royal and is apparently worth a lot on the black market. Adalind doesn’t want wealth, she wants her hexenbiest powers back. As the season winds down, she’s playing a dangerous game of bartering with two gypsies, with the two potential fathers are still unaware of her condition.

Speculation on the Finale (Includes Spoilers)

We know the witch doctor and his zombies are back!  We’ve also heard that the show will end with one of the main characters not 100% alive – my guess is Adalind, but I’m usually wrong.  The title of the episode is “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm,” so that would hint at Nick. Who do you think this cliffhanger will be about?

Do you think we’ll see Kelly again this episode? I think it’s about time. The season started with Kelly, so I think she should make an appearance in the finale. Besides, if royals are heading to town, so should Grimms. Am I right? Also, if we’re going to make any more progress on this map, we need some more key-holding Grimms and royals – but maybe that’s for next season.

Any thoughts? How did you like this season, and what do you expect to happen on Tuesday?

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