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Elementary - 1.21 A Landmark Story Recap (spoilers)

This week’s Elementary starts with a recap narrated by Lucy Lui.

Afterwards, an F. Murray Abraham is sitting in a professor type’s apartment. The man walks in and he plays a high pitched sound for a few seconds. After telling the man he is not having a heart attack and revealing the sound is actually indicative of the program he is using to make the “little box in your chest” change frequency. He then tells the man that he’d be happy to watch him die but luckily for him, it’s not up to Murray. He tells him to "vote to revoke” something called proposition 834. He does but Murray kills in anyways.

In prison, Moran demands the channel changes to the Arsenal game. On the way there, the news is clicked on. He orders it set back.

Sherlock has dislocated his own shoulder in an attempt to get out of a straight jacket. He receives a call from Gregson and asks him to hang on. Watson goes to get some ice as Gregson tells Sherlock, Moran wants to tell him about the other people he was contracted to kill. And of course being Elementary, the only person he’ll tell is Sherlock.

Moran tells Sherlock he wants to take down Moriarty because the mysterious M set him up to be caught. Sherlock brings him back to topic. He shows Sherlock the newspaper clipping and is certain that Van Der Hoff was murdered. And that by finding his killer, “you’ll be one step closer to Moriarty.” Moran then asks Sherlock to keep quiet as he kills the guard. Sherlock tries to stop him but it is no avail.

Watson observes that Sherlock paused when telling Gregson why Moran did. Sherlock tells her she no longer has to hall monitor his emotions after claiming it was an intentional “faint.” The body of Van Der Hoff was not autopsied. Sherlock wants to go to the funeral home.

They do and find the lone unembalmed body, luckily, he’s not due to be until the next morning. Watson observes that the pace maker means the heart attack checks out. Sherlock notes the lack of defensive wounds. There are indents on the palm that are the type visible when someone is electrocuted. He then tries to antagonize Joan into performing an illicit autopsy. She gives in when he starts in a deliberately bad fashion. She says she would need a rib splitter to do a proper autopsy. Looking at the blood around the heart, his blood appears to have been boiled.

Sherlock deduces that the pace maker was used as a weapon. “Or it could have just gone haywire.” Sherlock has found a press release from the company announcing development on a nonhackable pacemaker which indicates that they currently are.

Sherlock in the morning, gives Joan a brief history of prohibition before telling Joan that the victim used to work for a historic society. There’s a historic speakeasy that the owners want to have landmark status removed from. Each time a member changed their vote, their homes were redone. Sherlock notes this is because they were being bribed. He then tells Watson that the last thing Van Der Hoff did before he died was change his vote.

The architect that is being used to bride people is walking down the street and then is hit by an air condition. Ah well, that’s life…except when it’s pushed at you. Sherlock finds this odd to say the least. Watson finds it improbable.

At home while she’s folding clothes, Sherlock is throwing air conditioners from their roof. Well, just the one but that’s only because he hit it on the first try. Sherlock is more and more convinced that they are chasing another of Moriarty’s people. “If Moran was the sledgehammer, this man is the scalpel.”

Sherlock shows Watson “the only advocate as far as I can tell” for keeping the speakeasy intact. Sherlock sees her as the next target. “The best way to keep this woman safe is to figure out how to kill her.”

The woman is unmarried and spends her free time running badly. Sherlock can’t help but notice a bee flying around them as Watson notes the woman’s medical allergy bracelet. Of course, they two are related. Snooping around, Sherlock finds a hive of “Africanized bees.” Joan wonders how something can be Africanized but apparently, it’s a thing. They then find the sugar water used to feed them and Sherlock theorizes that the killer will swipe the victim with lemongrass to ensure he being stung. They decide to stake out the hive.

Joan brings Polish. Sherlock has no intention of letting Moriarty’s man away nor does he intend to torture him. Joan prods why he seemed much more enthused the first time. Sherlock tells her that “the thing that’s different about me, empirically speaking, is you.” Joan takes it as a compliment. He also tells her that he’s not certain he’ll stay clean despite his intent. They then see the bee keeper. Sherlock produces a taser. They go up to the man, ask to see his notebook, and then tase him.

Sherlock brings Daniel Gottlieb home and briefs him on his history. Joan adds the recent evidence. Holmes threatens to publish his criminal history but says thing can go better if he tells Sherlock everything he knows about Moriarty by the time he gets a response to his yet unsent text message announcing something has gone wrong. Sherlock goes to send the message and hears the bell he left for Gottlieb.

He returns and is told that Gottlieb doesn’t know much about Moriarty besides killing 31 people. He was recruited eight years ago. Moriarty is confirmed to be British and told him in their first meeting, he knows about Gottlieb being a serial killer. He had been lined up to kill Sherlock with an overdose of drugs but the hit was ordered off.

The guy waiting to meet Gottlieb has to have noticed he was late by now. Sherlock notes the various people in the café before picking out a well manicured man. They follow him and are stopped by a train.

Sherlock set up a camera to take photos between the train cars and has produced a photograph akin to what a shredded photograph looks like. They take into Gottlieb and get the confirmation

Sherlock’s standing over Joan as she’s fallen asleep. Sherlock has gotten the records from many reform schools. When John Douglas, their suspect, had been in school, one of his friends has been murdered. He started having the people responsible killed until he transferred schools. Under this hypothesis, Moriarty is 63.

Sherlock goes to Douglas’s hotel room. Holmes has brought “the tools of your demise.” He then asks if the man in front of him is Moriarty. The claim is denied. He then tells Sherlock he did not kill Irene but knows what happened and why “it was because of you, Holmes.” Douglas is then shot.

“What the hell is going on with you?” Gregson wants to know. Sherlock insists to Gregson he’s changed and that Joan is his character witness. Joan opens her old medical bag, the one holding “the tools of your demise” to find a ton of Lego.

Sherlock asks Gottlieb what the coded message he receives means. He’s then told, that’s not the code he used with Moriarty. Sherlock goes to talk to Moran. “What the great Sherlock Holmes couldn’t crack it?” Sherlock asks him for help. He’s instructed to go to the incoming text log and then back to the message. It’s not the code he used with Moriarty either. He tells Sherlock that someone is winding him up and to leave it.

At home, he’s tried every combination possible and has come up with the cipher. Joan tells him to take a break at 11 as it’s ten 17. The time that the message was sent is the code.

Moran sits in his cell singing as Sherlock breaks the code.”Moran, you never told me you had a sister. Either she dies or you do. Your choice. M.” Moran has attempted to kill himself by slamming his head against the mirror in his cell. He’s not expected to last the night. Sherlock then get a call from Moriarty.


Sorry about the lateness but I wanted to see hose Jonny did on his ultramarathon this weekend before posting. 50 miles in under 13 hours. Impressive!

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