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Castle - 5.22 Still - Recap/Review

Castle this week starts calmly as our Rick (Nathan Fillion) places two cups of coffee on a breakfast tray and brings them to Kate (Stana Katic). She had a long night dealing with a bombing. Beckett sees her case on the front page of the newspaper and Rick says she should have called him. “Castle, you said you had a chapter due.” “Yes, which is writer-speak for all procrastinations welcome.” Kate starts to rush off but Castle persuades her to stay at least a little bit. She tells him that when they first met, she thought he was kind of an ass, he insists she fell for him the second she saw him. A quick phone call later and traffic cam footage has turned up a match to the plates for their suspect from the case the previous night—an apartment bombing. She rushes off and Castle soon follows despite his coffee hearts taking “like six minutes.”

The team bursts into the apartment on a tip from Diego Jiminez (Andy Goldenberg), a baseball card collector, that their bombing suspect is in there. No motive has been determined yet. The cops clear the small dwelling and Kate sees their suspect rushing off away from the apartment. She calls it into Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas). They catch the man who activates some sort of a bomb remote before surrendering. He refuses to tell them what it does or where it is so when Espo orders an evacuation. Kate accidentally stands on the bomb.

Castle wonders how long they’ll have to stand there. Kate says that after bomb disposal checks it out, he can leave. Castle tries to mitigate her situation and wonders out loud who would put a live bomb in their apartment before asking if she’s hungry. It doesn’t really work. He plans on taking her out to breakfast when they get the all clear. The bomb disposal captain (Allan Louis) informs them that there are no other bombs in the apartment and then tells Kate not to move until they figure out how to disarm it.

Capt. Gates (Penny Johnson) tells the team about Kate's situation and wonders out loud why he would booby trap his own apartment. The dynamic duo point out that he has a vendetta against cops because his retrial rested on proving evidence tampering by police. Ryan talks to the man and he demands a lawyer.

Capt. Mahoney spray paints a line around Kate telling Castle to stay out. He doesn’t think they should “just leave her standing there.” Castle wonders if they could replace the weight. The disposal team tells him all the possible ways that plan could go wrong. He tells Castle that all non-essential personal must evacuate. Castle refuses. Kate tells him it’s okay. He tells her that he intends to be her “bomb buddy” taking her mind off of her situation.

“Fine I’ll leave now, if you’ll admit to me that you had feelings for me when we first met.” She tells him “I couldn’t stand you.” He claims to have been irresistible. After a really cute montage Castle asks why she couldn’t keep her hands off of him before showing all the times she kicked the crap out of him leading to her huddling against him when they were freezing to death. As the lovely Ms. Beckett points out, that was a life or death situation. “One could see it as a small part of large picture.” Castle then claims that she said a litany of things to him that could count as sexual harassment. Kate isn’t impressed. He continues after noting her wildly varying hair over the years.

“I can’t help it if you get off sticking things in my mouth.” Ummm… The audience is then treated to some of the best inappropriate things Nathan Fillion has said in his tenure as everyone’s favorite writer-detective. Remember the fact that Rick wears boxers? This segues to all the inappropriate times he touched her before they got together. Kate asks if it’s going to be okay. Castle’s certainty in her safety hasn’t wavered. ‘Those guys down stairs, they’ve done this thousands of times.”

Capt. Mahoney, knows that they have to have the disarm code but to get it, Ryan and Espo have to grant full amnesty on his crimes. Out of a hundred and fifty thousand possibilities and only one chance to get it right, the offer looks tempting. But having just killed someone last night, that scenario seems a little dubious. Ryan tells the fresh out of law school lawyer “that detective standing on the bomb has to get through this.” None of the higher-ups are willing to risk it, even for Beckett. Gates can’t blame them and knows Kate wouldn’t either.

The lawyer swears he’s doing everything he can. Espo meanwhile goes to have a little “chat” with their suspect while Ryan keeps “Junior over there busy.” Unfortunately by the time he gets there, the suspect has sustained a fatal injury to the neck caused by a pen. Espo calls for a medic.

Gates asks how the murder weapon was gotten. It was the newbie lawyer. As it turned out, the suspect had stage-four brain cancer which he found out last month. So he’s trying to kill anyone in relation to his going to jail a few years back before he dies. Gates tells them to make a list of both people connected to the case and the fragments recovered.

The bomb squad tells Kate that they’re going to snake the floor with a fiber optic scope to get a better look at the bomb. They have to be careful as they could set it off with too many vibrations. Kate asks him to do something but won’t tell him what. She’s feeling tired. “Beating fatigue, it’s just mind over body.” Castle tries to encourage her to keep standing by telling her of all the great people who have survived great bodily stress while distracting her into thinking about him. After some prodding, it works; she thinks of everyone that told her that she should go for it with Castle. She claims they were all misunderstanding the situation. After that, he lists all the times “you dressed in a sexy outfit to turn my head.” Maybe it was a coincidence that he was always there when she was dressed all sexy….

Kate says that it couldn’t have been a coincidence because he was always following her around. He then denies any feelings he had for her. He tells her it was because he has so much fun being a cop. “That’s not why you were following me around.”

Both of them refuse to concede so they call Espo. He can’t belive this distraction while he’s trying to save their lives. He then puts it on speakerphone so that Ryan can hear. "Totally losing it.” The components in the previous bombs were all different. In other words, not useful. It’s all up to BDU.

The bomb squad finds a timer under the bomb that shows they have thirty five minutes left. As this occurs 33 minutes into air time, it’s pretty safe to assume this isn’t a real time count down.

The bomb captain tells Castle about this new development and Castle’s new idea is to put on a bomb protection suit and tackle her. He is again invited to leave the building as he (and everyone else still in the building) will die if they stay. Kate sees thru his excuse of a prototype robot and demands the real answer. He gives it to her. “It’s probably just as well; I can’t keep standing here anyways.” Castle reminds her of all the near death situations they’ve been thru together saying that this is only start. Kate reminds him of the scariest one of them all—when his mother nearly caught them. “That was terrifying.”

Castle thinks that something must have set the bomb guy off. And of course this leads to all the times they made a perfect team, including adorable in sync talking. Kate says they work until he brings in wild speculation. Castle then lists off the times that crazy theories worked. Afterwards, he then wonders why a bomb guy would be worried about his baseball collection. The cards were in the bomber’s possession less than a week; the collector was lured.

Down at the station, Ryan and Espo ask if the Jiminez has any connection to the other victims or the killer. “I want to help, I do but I don’t know anything.”

The bomb captain tells Beckett that she has ten minutes. “They’ll be guys down there working on it till the last possible minute.” But he wants to draw out Castle. Kate asks for a moment alone with him. Kate tells him that leaving is what he promised to help her with. “Please Castle; please don’t make this any harder than it needs to be.” Castle tells her he wishes he could kiss her and so many other things but she insists no regrets. “All in all, I think we’ve has a great run.” He turns to walk out. She calls to him. “I love you.” He tells her he loves her too and walks out into the hallway. But he can’t leave!

Beckett takes out her cell phone and calls her dad to tell him that she loves him. She then hangs up and is all alone. She flashes back to Capt. Montgomery telling her that they speak for the dead. Then she goes to all the times she has had to deal with death including the time she almost died. She remembers wanting someone to share her life with and telling Castle “all I want is you.”

Castle walks back in without a vest with coffees,“I promised I’d leave but I didn’t promise I wouldn’t come back.” He’s also got the remote. Kate says that she doesn’t want his family to lose Castle for a “one in one thousand chance.” He wonders why the bomb was all the way over there if it was meant for cops. The collector is the obvious choice. Castle checks the computer.

Ryan and Espo have found one woman connected to Fosse’s case completely scrubbed from the system. The first two victims also had connections to the woman. The bomber did all of this trying to find his son, whom he never knew. Kate tells them to work fast to find where they went. Castle tells them they have two minutes. Kate urges him to leave again as there’s barely a minute left. “He’ll come thru. He has to.”

The kid’s name is William. Castle lets Beckett choose the nickname to try and types “Billy”. The bomb retracts. Kate steps off it and into Castle’s arms. They walk out hand in hand. She thanks him for staying with her. “Always.”

The other cops come up to them and start embracing them both. For once, Gates is happy to see Castle. “I don’t know how many men would have done what you did.” And then, “Oh, for heaven sakes, just kiss the man!” Capt. Gates has known for a long time but is keeping plausible deniability as long as they keep it professional at the office. Gates says that Castle deserves a kiss for waiting for her.

Kate had been thinking of all the times they kissed trying to decide on the best one. Castle asks her which time was won as the audience reviews all the times Caskett have kissed. “I think we’re just getting started”

Next: Kate gets a job offer for D.C. after a case where they have no body, no leads, and no witnesses.

♥ Finally a good clip show! (Even though Andrew Marlow would "loathe" for it to be called such)One that realizes that you only show this highlights of a scene if you’re audience is paying they’ll remember, if they weren’t paying attention, it could boost syndication or DVD sales when you remind them how great they used to be and how great they still are.
♥ Gates knew the whole time but didn't let on. Good for her!

This episode is shown out of order because of the Boston bombings. Can’t blame the network but it did make me question in the beginning before I remembered whether everything from Ioan’s episode has been forgiven or forgotten.

But what did you think?