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Banshee - Antony Starr Interview

Thanks to Philomina for the heads up

1. Lucas Hood on "Banshee" is your first TV role in the U.S.. What was it about the character that got you hooked?

From the moment I read the pilot script and saw the names involved it was a no brainer. The script was interesting, fun and original and immediately distinguishable as something unique and with massive potential.

2. In the first half of the season we had fun watching Lucas as this rad, cool, tough guy who would lunge into a fight and never give in no matter his opponent. But it was Ep. 1x06 that we viewers could finally unleash our love for the guy. The moment when you could add the new layer of vulnerability to your portrayal. How important was that for you and the development of the character?

Interestingly I never saw it like that. While I agree episode six shows Lucas younger and less world weary/wary and streetwise, I would say that Lucas is vulnerable right off the bat from the first episode. We see him struggle to come to terms with what is left of his life fresh out of prison (confronting Carrie in the backyard). In episode two he has intimacy with Deva towards the end of the episode. These are two examples but there are many more if you look. We wanted Lucas to feel human and not comic character. Obviously the show is heightened but there is an emotional reality that we wanted to reflect in the characters.

3. To dart for the exposed position of assuming someone else's identity to become sheriff is something of a bold move for an ex-con. Did that sort of set the tone for the whole show, to enjoy the ride and not take it too seriously)

Yes for sure. once you accept that notion, that someone could pull that off, you accept the heightened reality of the show and what happens within the world is accessible and entertaining rather than excessive and or dangerous

4. Did you do some research on people who spent a long time in prison? What does this background mean for Lucas in his attempt to live and work in Banshee now that it turns out a little more longterm?

I researched various aspects of character, long term effects of prison of course being a part of that. A lot of the show is about Lucas coming to terms with his place in the world and finding a way to get through what is going on internally as well as externally. Lucas lives in the moment and deals with things as they come up. Long term vision is not a strong suit...

5. You often said love has been Lucas' anchor all the way. And there is this riveting love scene at the end of Ep. 1x07 in which all the bottled-up feelings were slowly but surely released. But the bottom line is Ana abandoned Lucas 15 years ago and sold him out to Rabbit when he came back. I'm not sure if we're really encouraged to root for them. What do you think?

I have always thought Lucas got the rough end of the stick-whatever way you cut it. The guy gave up his life for his love and has become a distant (violent) version of the man he once was. He has no one and nothing. Ana does what she thinks is right to survive and protect her kids, but ultimately I think Lucas got the raw deal out of the two.

Source: Full Interview @ myfanbase

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