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Arrow - Season 1 - Andrew Kreisberg Interview

The Hollywood Reporter: Can you give us an overview of what we may see in the final three episodes of the season?

Andrew Kreisberg:
We're going to find out exactly what The Undertaking is, what Malcolm's (John Barrowman) plan for the city is, everyone's secrets and lies come out, love triangles spring up, friendships are destroyed. Hopefully it's everything you want to see in the season finale.

THR: When I spoke with Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) recently, she joked that if the final two episodes were on the same night, "there'd be a lot of strokes."

We kept saying that episode 22 on any other show would be a legitimate season finale and then on top of that we got episode 23 which is just bonkers. [Laughs] We really pulled out all the stops knowing how big these episodes were going to be and everything we wanted to do. We actually saved up some money along the season that we could have a couple of extra shooting days and spend extra money on visual effects because it's going to be epic. For us, episode 22 is the finale and episode 23 is almost like Arrow: The Movie.

THR: More stunts, fights and action sequences than usual?

Yeah, it's really amazing. We actually shot on the old Watchmen set. They basically built a city and we got to shoot on them which just made the whole thing feel truly epic.

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