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The Vampire Diaries - Episode 4.19 - Pictures Of You - Zach Roerig Interview

Alloy Entertainment: Your character has had to deal with really tough scenes in Season 4. How did you prepare for Matt’s heartbreaking moments in “Stand by Me,” especially the one where he’s crying alone in his pickup truck? A lot of viewers were raving about your performance on Twitter that night!
Zach Roerig:
(Laughs) I should probably check my Twitter more often. To be honest, I didn’t watch the episode live that night. I actually recently just watched it because my sister persuaded me to. As for those scenes, they required a couple days of preparation. There’s all sorts of processes that actors use but, for me, any time my character breaks down, a lot of it is pulled from my true emotions for that person. I do really love Steven McQueen. I do really love all my co-stars like brothers and sisters.

Alloy Entertainment: Speaking of Steven, did the cast and crew do anything special his departure?
Zach Roerig:
No, because on this show you’re never really gone.

Alloy Entertainment: We’re very excited about TVD prom! Who is Matt going with? And is going to have a better time than he did at the Original ball?
Zach Roerig:
Matt’s definitely going to have a much better time than he did at the Original ball. He’s going with a couple of really good friends [Editor's note: Caroline and Bonnie.] I can’t say too much, but it was exciting putting on a tux and seeing my cast mates in their beautiful dresses. Plus, Matt does have fun and even a hand in saving the day.

Alloy Entertainment: At the end of the day, Matt’s usually the hero.
Zach Roerig:
(Laughs) The human hero who’s all beat up and trying to put himself back together.

Alloy Entertainment: Aww! Well he’s been amazing to watch this season.
Zach Roerig:
Yea, Matt’s definitely taken on more of a role. He kind of has to. Now that he’s in the circle of trust he needs to get involved or either remove himself completely.

Alloy Entertainment: Last time we interviewed you, Matt was heading to the Originals ball and you raved about the dance lessons you and the cast received. What was the best part about filming the senior prom scenes?
Zach Roerig:
I didn’t take any special lessons at all this time. However, the coolest thing about filming the prom scene was that our amazing set department built a barn and the event was held there. And for me, being a Midwestern kid from Ohio, that hit pretty close to home so it was fun filming those scenes.

Alloy Entertainment: What is your fondest moment from your own high school prom?
Zach Roerig:
TVD prom is kind of a mirror image of my own prom experience. I went to prom with a couple of good friends instead of a date actually. It was a crazy, crazy, crazy young night many moons ago.

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