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Scene Of The Week - April 7, 2013 - *POLL*

It’s Week 18!
An usual reminder: the article is created as a fun way to share with all of you our favorite moments of the week and to read about yours, maybe even to recommend someone a new show worth watching. And the poll is simply to see how many people out there also liked the same scene as you did. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. THERE ARE NO WINNERS. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
My choices this week are (in the alphabetical order):

Episode: “The Rings of Akhaten”
Date: April 6, 2013
Actors: Matt Smith, Jenna Louise-Coleman
The Scene: Doctor and Clara versus “the Grandfather”

I’m so glad Doctor Who is back and I can’t say this enough. And I’m quite surprised how fast I’ve grown to really like Clara. She’s just such a great character. I’m choosing the scene near the end of the episode, where, first the Doctor, then Clara, fight off this week’s monster. I absolutely love both speeches. The Doctor offers “the grandfather” his memories (since it’s what the creature is feeding on) and he gets very emotional when he start to talk about all the things he has seen, all the loss he has suffered, the secrets he’s hiding, the knowledge of the universe, everything that he keeps to himself, hoping that over a thousand years of his life will be enough to get rid of the monster. And when the tears are streaming down his face… Well, let’s just it gets very intense. And it’s perfectly played by the amazing Matt Smith. And then there’s Clara. When the Doctor’s attempts turn out to be not enough, she gives up her most important treasure, a leaf. And it’s not just any leaf, it’s full of memories of her family, the stories that are in the past and the ones that never got to be. The infinity of the possible things that could have happened. And the infinity is way too much for “the grandfather” to handle. And that’s really such a beautiful gesture from Clara that makes her look even better in our eyes. Great work by Jenna!
The scene is also accompanied by the song full of hope, sang by the entire planet of people trying to help. And that makes the scene just really fantastic.

NOTE: The scene was also picked by Robin Smyth as Scene Of The Week!
“Matt Smith brought the intensity this week!”

2. Show: REVENGE
Episode: “Masquerade”
Date: March 31, 2013
Actors: Gabriel Mann, Emily VanCamp
The Scene: Nolan breaking down after learning about Padma’s death

Poor Nolan. He was barely holding on at the beginning of the episode and the news of his girlfriend’s death completely crushed him. Padma wasn’t a very popular character among the fans, but since she was important to Nolan, I was really rooting for her to survive. Never had anything against her, to be honest. Emily trying to comfort her friend is just so sad too, she really can’t find the words to help him, she’s already been through so much. And him understanding her so well and saying “I love you too” just knowing what she means is such a beautiful sign of their friendship. This show is really killing me with this quote, by the way. First with Amanda, now Nolan. Way to get emotional. Anyway, what steals the scene is the incredible performance by Gabriel Mann. This complete destruction of his character’s usual self is done so great that we can actually feel Nolan’s loss. And we want to (or just do) cry with him.

Episode: “Taxi Driver”
Date: April 3, 2013
Actors: Jensen Ackles, Ty Olsson
The Scene: Dean says goodbye to Benny

To be honest, this scene and “the hug” are both my favorites. It’s a tie! But since one of the other members of the team also mentioned the Dean and Sam’s scene, I’m gonna focus on this one.
First, I really liked Benny, from the start. Great character and his unusual, but honest friendship with Dean is a very big part of it. I mean, technically, he’s the monster, but in these moments where he shows his vulnerable side to his friend, he looks more like a part of the family. When Dean asks him for something incredibly hard and dangerous, he doesn’t even hesitate, at all. He sacrifices himself to save Sam, the same person who wanted to kill him a while ago, just to help his friend. What’s sad is the fact that he has no intention to come back from the dead again and even though he doesn’t say it at loud, I think that deep down, Dean knows about it. Benny feels so lost in the world, so alone, after everything that happened with Martin, that he wants to stay in Purgatory, where at least, he doesn’t have to spend all the time trying to stop himself from attacking innocent people, he’s almost free. The scene is beautifully acted by both Jensen Ackles and Ty Olsson. Dean’s desperation to save Sam and his heartbreak when he has to actually KILL his friend, to send him to his brother, is just overwhelming, but perfectly performed by the star of the show.
I feel like we didn’t get to see enough of Benny, I’m certainly gonna miss him. But it’s Supernatural, so there’s no reason to forget that maybe one day he’ll be back. Hopefully as the same person we’ve grown to like. By the way, speaking of the people coming back, I loved every single bit with Bobby, so many great scenes in the episode, that I regret not being able to choose more.

Honorable mention:
Nikita, “Tipping Point”, April 5, 2013 – Alex shoots Ryan – If only because of the shock!

And here’s more of SpoilerTV Team members’ favorite scenes:


Castle, “The Lives of Others”, April 1, 2013
The Scene:
Birthday surprise
ABC's Castle celebrated its 100th episode milestone with an all round awesome episode on Monday. Picking out one scene is a real mission, but the one that tops the others, but only just, is of course the scene where Castle, in a panic over the welfare of Kate, storms into the apartment she went into. Ryan and Esposito kick the door in, the lights turn on, and everyone greets Castle with the surprise of his life.

NOTE: The scene was also picked by Jamie Coudeville as Scene Of The Week!
“I love these two so much, can't wait for the next 100 episodes”

Scandal, “Molly, You In Danger, Girl”, April 4, 2013, Actors: Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn
The Scene:
Mellie and Fitz talk after the interview
Also on ABC was Scandal on Thursday night. Again it was an episode full of excellent scenes, but I'm going for a combination this week. Fitz and Mellie were giving a live interview, and they looked like the warmest, sweetest couple out there, but as all Scandal fans will know, the reality is completely different. That interview led in the best scene for me which was Mellie and Fitz discussing relationships, and how both parties pretend. Fitz was very moved by this from Mellie, probably more so than we've seen in the series. And Fitz said sorry to Mellie. This is also a big deal, because their relationship might just begin to head in the right direction, and that is something I for one would very much like to see.

Person Of Interest, “Trojan Horse”, April 4, 2013, Actors: Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman
The Scene:
Carter seeing Cal’s body
Things just get better and better for this series. Despite the return of Greer, Shaw, Quinn and Elias, the scene that wins the day for me was when Carter came across her boyfriend Calvin Beecher's body, after he was gunned down in a set up drug bust. The main element that made this scene so good was the music, building up the tension and emotion, whilst also advising of the inevitable scene that would greet the viewer. Fusco was there as well, and helped Carter away from the crime scene. With only 3 episodes to go before the end of the season, anything could happen, but now that Beecher is out of the picture, and Carter saw that Fusco was right about him, will they finally form a strong bond that will see them through the incoming turmoil?? I certainly hope so!


The Americans, “Safe House”, April 3, 2013, Actor: Noah Emmerich
The Scene:
Stan interrogates and kills Vlad, the KGB agent

The Walking Dead, “Welcome to the Tombs”, March 31, 2013, Actor: David Morrissey
The Scene:
The Governor snaps and kills his own people

NOTE: The scene was also picked by DarkUFO as Scene Of The Week!

Bates Motel, “What’s Wrong With Norman”, April 1, 2012, Actor: Freddie Highmore
The Scene:
Norman breaks into the sheriffs house and discovers the girl


The Walking Dead, “Welcome to the Tombs”, March 31, 2013, Actors: Laurie Holden, Dallas Roberts
The Scene: Milton wakes up as a zombie and Andrea is desperate to get free from the chair


Arrow, “Unfinished Business”, April 3, 2013, Actors: Stephen Amell, Celina Jade
The Scene:
Shado tells Oliver to hit the water again, and again, and again. Oliver's reaction to this is incredibly funny.

Criminal Minds, “Restoration”, April 3, 2013, Actors: Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, Skipp Sudduth
The Scene:
The bit near the beginning where Reid introduced himself to the police chief, telling him that it's actually safer to kiss. It was nice that they added a bit of humour to an episode that was a very serious episode for Morgan.


The Walking Dead, “Welcome to the Tombs”, March 31, 2013, Actors: Laurie Holden, Danai Gurira
The Scene:
Michonne decides to stay with Andrea as she dies

The Middle, “The Bachelor”, April 3, 2013, Actors: Charlie McDermott, Galadriel Stineman
The Scene:
Axl and Cassidy make up after their fight. They're just adorable together and the singing was so cute.

Supernatural, "Taxi Driver", April 3, 2013, Actors: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
The Scene:
Sam and Dean's hug after he returns from Hell/Purgatory.


The Americans, “Safe House”, April 3, 2013, Actors: Matthew Rhys, Maximiliano Hernández
The Scene:
Philip and Amador fight ending in Amador getting stabbed

Hannibal, "Apéritif", April 4, 2013, Actors: Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen
The Scene:
Hobbs slices his daughter’s throat and Hannibal and Graham try to save her


Justified, “Ghosts”, April 2, 2013, Actor: Walton Goggins
The Scene:
Boyd Crowder as he breaks into the house he was planning to buy for Ava and the look of absolute heartbreak on his face

Hannibal, "Apéritif", April 4, 2013, Actor: Mads Mikkelsen
The Scene:
Hannibal holding the victim's hand at the end


Nikita, “Tipping Point”, April 5, 2013, Actors: Shane West, Maggie Q
The Scene:
Michael gets his hand back
I've been waiting a while for this, hope we get some cute Mikita couple stuff now

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