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Episode 101: Always There
Daniel Holden has spent over half his life waiting to die, but today his waiting will end. After 19 years on Death Row for the alleged rape and murder of his teenage girlfriend, Daniel is going home. His conviction has been vacated due to new DNA evidence and the crusading efforts of both his lawyer, Jon Stern, and his sister, Amantha. However, not everyone is convinced of his innocence. As local and national media gather outside the prison, State Senator Roland Foulkes reminds the crowd that Daniel confessed to the crime and that his release is not an exoneration.

Coming to take Daniel home are Amantha, his mother Janet, Janet’s new husband Ted Talbot, his son Ted Jr. and Ted Jr.’s wife Tawney. On the heels of this emotionally awkward reunion with family he’s never met, Daniel speaks to the assembled press. Hoping for a sensational sound bite, the media are surprised by Daniel's oddly subdued and contemplative nature.

Back in his childhood home in the small southern town of Paulie, Daniel struggles to adjust to all that has changed while he was gone. The everyday things that his family takes for granted are now foreign to him. And, another new face awaits him there – his teenage half-brother Jared. Seeing this mirror of his old self is a haunting reminder of all he has suffered and the life that he lost.

Meanwhile, Foulkes and Sheriff Daggett plot to reopen the case. 19 years ago, the two worked on the Dean murder as D.A. and Deputy. Now, they realize they’ll need more than old testimony to counter the new DNA evidence. While they set wheels in motion, two former witnesses meet secretly to discuss what they saw. Trey Willis is still certain of Daniel’s guilt, but George Melton’s doubts lead to a shocking turn of events.

Episode 102: Sexual Peeling
Daniel struggles to adapt to life outside prison as his family comes to terms with his return. While they prepare to throw him a welcome home party, he disappears into town to see what the world looks like 19 years later. Meanwhile, stressed by the pressures of protecting her brother, Amantha seeks more than legal advice from Jon. Ted Jr. takes Daniel to lunch to discern his intentions about the family tire business. When Ted prods Daniel about his experiences in prison, he’s shaken by what he hears. Senator Foulkes rekindles his secret affair with local waitress and town gossip, Marcy, and she offers him a valuable piece of insight about Daniel’s defense team. Daniel’s welcome home party arrives, but it is not without its stresses. His mother, Janet, is especially overcome by the adjustment of having him home. Ted Sr. is worried about both mounting legal fees and Jon's commitment to the case. And Tawney and Daniel spark an unexpected bond … much to Ted Jr’s dismay.

Episode 103: Modern Times
Daniel retreats from the stress of recent events to the seclusion of his childhood room. Later, rummaging in the attic, he finds some touching mementos of his former life, including a mixtape from the girl he allegedly killed, Hanna Dean. While Daniel relives the past, Hanna’s mother publicly decries her outrage over his release. Troubled by Daniel’s difficulties, Amantha makes a bold decision on her next move. Tawney reaches out to her recently returned brother-in-law, even as cracks begin to appear in her marriage. Meanwhile, Jon Stern confronts Daniel’s original defense attorney, Rutherford Gaines. The dying man makes it clear that the biases and anger that influenced Daniel’s conviction are still very present, and a retrial could prove dangerous. Jon and Amantha comfort each other in the face of all the anguish and uncertainty spurred by Daniel’s return.

104: Plato’s Cave
Daniel begins to open up to the outside world as he adjusts to life after Death Row. He discovers that his eyesight has deteriorated and asks for Janet's help getting glasses. They head out shopping – a wary attempt at normalcy for both mother and son. Their pleasant day is short-lived though. Meanwhile, Sheriff Daggett reaches out to Trey Willis hoping to locate missing witness, George Melton. Trey seems happy to help, but appearances can be deceiving. At an out-of-town conference, Ted Jr. looks for ways to grow the family business while getting some questionable guidance from his friend, Kent. When he calls home to Tawney, he realizes there may be more than just geographic distance between them. Daniel helps Tawney prepare for her church’s jubilee. While Tawney is moved by Daniel's intellect and openness, the young woman’s uplifting spirit inspires him in unexpected ways. On his way home from the church, Daniel runs into an old friend with an unusual proposal.

105: Drip, Drip
Daniel loses his grip on reality as he wrestles with life after Death Row. Unable to sleep, he spies on the house of the girl he allegedly murdered – the first in a long night of surreal and troubling events. He is soon lured into a shadowy mission with a mysterious stranger, leaving him unsure of what is real and what is imagined. The next day, a troubled Daniel finds himself at odds with Ted Jr., who feels threatened by Daniel’s presence. Unlike her husband, Tawney prefers to see the good in Daniel and supports his spiritual awakening. Ted Jr. confronts Daniel but gets an unexpected response.

106: Jacob’s Ladder
In the season finale of “Rectify”, the town’s anger over Daniel’s release hits its boiling point with disturbing consequences for Daniel and the Holden/Talbot family. The family goes on alert as Daniel's first week as a free man draws to a close and he begins to come to terms with the danger and possibility his new found freedom has brought to the surface. Daniel reaches out to Janet and Amantha about what his future may hold. Meanwhile, Ted Jr. and Tawney both recover from disturbing encounters with Daniel as Senator Foulkes presses the District Attorney for a retrial. Elsewhere, Trey Willis searches for the missing George Melton.

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