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Justified - Season Four Recap - The season so far... (SPOILERS)

Season four started thirteen weeks ago with a man falling out of the sky with a shit ton of cocaine in 1983. Unlike previous seasons, season four dealt with a mystery opposed to a villain. A hole in the wall of Raylan’s daddy’s house produced a bag with the Waldo Truth’s driver’s license in it which led them to Waldo’s ex-wife and the realization that the man they were looking for was not Waldo Truth. Instead they were looking for a man named Drew Thompson. They learned this when Truth’s ex-wife revealed a bit of information about her late husband and Art remembered the case from way back when. Raylan meanwhile had been continuing his ill-advised relationship with his landlord/girl friend/boss, Lindsey, until she and her ex-husband took all the money he had been saving for Winona and the baby.

Boyd had competition for the souls of the good people of Harlan County when Preacher Billy and his sister Cassie came to town. Billy was handily dispatched with a poisoned snake, albeit that was not the result Boyd was aiming for, he was trying to get Billy to admit that he was a fraud. Cassie, on the other hand, continued to resent Boyd off camera for a good deal of the season before reappearing last episode when Ellen May told her about Delroy being dropped down the mine shaft last season.

When cocaine came to Harlan, Arlo and Bo had both been complicit in hiding the evidence for Drew Thompson in exchange for the drugs. Now that Raylan and Art had reopened the investigation, Arlo found his defense of Thompson renewed. But someone else’s loyalty was also to Drew and Arlo was killed in prison so that he didn’t tell his son the secrets of Drew Thompson. Last words: “Kiss my ass.”

Boyd had been hiding money from Ava which she didn’t notice. One night after worrying about their fate and trying to get Boyd to do things her way, he drove her up the side of a mountain and told her about how when he was younger he wished that he could fly away on a rocket ship. He gave her the box with all the money and at the bottom is an engagement ring. He told her that the money is so that they can buy a house of their own to raise their kids in.

Ellen May had caused herself a fair bit of trouble by shooting a client and then running her mouth that she could tell the secret she and Ava has been keeping. Boyd and Ava made the decision that she had to go. Boyd dispatched his old friend Colton to kill Ellen May but Colton doesn’t follow thru letting her escape and be picked up by Sheriff Shelby. Shelby had been elected by Boyd’s efforts but no longer felt any loyalty to him, lying to Colton when asked about Ellen’s whereabouts.

Raylan picked up Hunter Mosley from prison and gave his name and face to Wynn Duffy who had been working with Detroit to find Drew Thompson leaving Hunter with the options of telling him what he wanted to know or be killed for the information in prison. Hunter refused to reveal it. Shelby tagged along and at the end of the episode with help from the seemingly hapless Constable Bob, Raylan realizes that Sherriff Shelby is Drew Thompson. Shelby attempted to escape and take Ellen May with him but after stashing her at Limehouse’s, both are held random to Boyd who had very different reasons for wanting both of them.

Boyd, in his never-ending quest to control all the crime in Harlan, tried to team up with the so-called criminal elite of Harlan. They ordered him to kill a man that was in their way. He did and when they ordered him to find Drew Thompson, he gave Duffy the names of some people who had been opposing him instead. “Boyd just handed me his enemies list?” Duffy sent his hit man for Boyd but Raylan killed the fake lawman instead. “Jesus, I hope I got that right.” As a result, Boyd decided to go over everyone’s head and call the person in charge of the Thompson mishap in Detroit, Nicky Augustine.

Tim crossed paths with Colton when Colton was at the VA where Tim was meeting an old friend, Mark. Colton later killed Mark and Tim swore revenge but not until Colton’s eyes were clear. He finally got his chance to kill Colton as well as save Ellen May and Cassie when Colt goes to kill Ellen May at Cassie’s church after Ava fails to clean up after her mistake. Colt’s last words: “I guess today’s as good a day as any to quit [smoking].”

Nicky Augustine spilled the secret that Johnny had been trying to double cross Boyd all season to Detroit tactfully leaving out Wynn Duffy’s name. Boyd had asked Duffy for half the heroin in Kentucky but was declined. After Boyd failed to get Thompson before the marshals did, Nicky offered him the money for the still kidnapped Ellen May as a bargaining chip not planning that Limehouse would release her before an exchange could be made. Ellen May is ultimately saved by Ava’s unwillingness to kill her and Deputy Tim shooting Colton. She was then taken to see Thompson.

Winona’s having a girl and at the end of last episode was taken hostage by Nicky’s man Picker.

So, what do you think? Will Raylan finally end his conflict with Detroit as the press release stated or are we in for more pressure from the northern opposition? Will Boyd and Ava get away with hiding Delroy’s body? And perhaps the most pressing question, will this season’s finale stack up in the minds of fans against previous years? I know I sure enjoyed it. And if Walton Goggins doesn’t win the Emmy this year for his performance, heads will roll.

Be sure to tune in tonight for the epic finale 10/9 central on FX.

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