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Game of Thrones - Episode 3.03 and 3.04 - Spoiler Snippets

Thanks to Henry Spivey for sending us the following..

Episode 3 - Walk of Punishment
- The episode ends with a very familiar character, since season 1, getting changed forever.
- Brienne could have been raped, but ended up not.
- We get to see Riverrun for the first time, and with that Edmure and Blackfish.
- Edmure should practice his archer-skills.

Episode 4 - And Now His Watch is Ended
- Jeor Mormont falls in battle, but not against wildlings or the others.
- Revenge you want, it will be yours in time. Varys proves that.
- We finally meet the The Lightning Lord.
- Dany shows Astapor who`s the better one.
- Roose Boltons bastard plays mind tricks with young Greyjoy.
- Varys and Lady Olenna meet.

Source: Henry Spivey@SpoilerTV