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Cougar Town - Episodes 4.14/4.15 - Don't Fade on Me/Have Love Will Travel - Review

(WARNING: Due to the nature of this being an Advance Review, the following will include spoilers.  You have been warned.)

Cougar Town wraps up its fourth season, and first on savior network TBS, this coming week.  The two part finale centers around the Cul-de-Sac Crew once again going on a group vacation.

Since they don't spend enough time together normally, the Crew has planned a vacation to the Bahamas.  Although they waffle back and forth, they decide to let Tom join them, since he's technically part of the group too (though Ellie rightly points out the con that "he's Tom.")  However, things don't go as planned when Jules gets it into her head that Chick has to go to the doctor or else the trip isn't happening.  And even with elaborate plans to trick Chick to going to the physician, (HINT: if you're going to treat an old man as a dog, you really should remember to bring the Werther's), nothing works out the way that Jules had hoped.

The fallout from the first episode prompts a change in vacation location, and sets Jules on a different, and much more difficult mission.  The Crew spreads out around the city to find (SPOILER ALERT) Tippi Hedren.  Jules does her best to stay upbeat and invested in the search for Hedren, though eventually the real reason they're looking for the actress gets to her.  Luckily, through Andy's Latino connections, the Cul-de-Sac Crew manages to work something out, and create great memories in the process.

Meanwhile, throughout both episodes Laurie and Travis try to turn their mutual attraction into an actual relationship.  That's right, after years of uncertainty in the writer's room regarding the May-December romance, the show finally takes a big step forward with this oft-debated couple.  Laurie and Travis try to make their new relationship work, but unfortunately it seems as though Fate has other plans.  Their plans for a first kiss are constantly thwarted as something comes between them - sometimes literally.  Laurie is tickled pink by the nicest stalker video she's ever been a part of, but overall the new relationship seems to be too much work for both of them.  After all, you can't fight Fate's design.  In the end they both accept the fate of their relationship - the effects of this decision will certainly be explored next season (thanks TBS!).

This pair of episodes are full of fun Cougar Town moments, as well as some emotional moments for the characters - as all finales should be.  Some moments might make you cry, like Bobby's moving relationship with Dog Travis, and some might make you laugh, like Jules and Grayson manipulating old people.  The finale is a fitting end for the season, and sets up lots of interesting stories for next year.

A few final spoilers: there's a murder and subsequent funeral (HINT: Grayson may be in the doghouse for a bit from this one), and later on a new "friend" is inducted.  Also, there's lots of wine drinking!  I apologize if that's a bit too spoilery for you.

Catch the two-part finale of Cougar Town on TBS this Tuesday, April 9th at 10/9c.

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