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Castle - 5.20 Fast and the Furriest - Recap

A car pulls up to the circle drive of a hospital and dumps out a badly beaten woman.

Across town Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is wondering where his leftovers went for his breakfast. Food has been going missing for the past month. Alexis (Molly Quinn) steps down the stairs and Castle interrogates her lightly. Alexis suggests that maybe the borrowers are taking it.

At the crime scene, Rick asks Kate (Stana Katic) if she took the food and she reminds him she hasn’t been over since Tuesday. The car has been ID’d as a dark blue sedan and the victim has since died. Perlmutter (Ayre Gross) cautions that it’s not for the faint of heart as half of the victim’s face was destroyed. His best guess is an animal bite or claw hammer sustained five or so hours ago.

Ann Cardinal, the victim, was working towards a PHD in human biology. She worked at an animal foster home. At the sanctuary, Kate asks how much access Ann had before her death. Castle watches one of the primates as Kate conducts her questioning. Ann had left early and one of her coworkers saw someone suspicious.

Castle thinks that the Monkey Cabal is planning a Planet of the Apes-esque reality. Espo has found a dark SUV that clipped a stop sign a few blocks away from the hospital. It belongs to an official enforced who just so happens to own a pit bull. In interrogation, he swears that’s not the way a dog would hurt someone and that he found Ann in an alleyway. Kate asks for the crime scene.

They go and find a really big foot print. Castle of course, has a theory “she was killed by Big Foot.”

Castle is all excited that they are going to be the first people the universe to solve a big foot murder. Perlmutter thinks that “anyone who believes in big foot is an ass.” Kate asks how a Big Foot would get around the city and Castle suggests the subway tunnel. There are smaller footprints around the body that Kate would prefer to focus on.

The last phone call the victim made was to a well known cryptozooologist the one that just so happens to be the foremost authority on Big Foot. Perlmutter was looking forward to seeing the look on Castle’s face when he told him that the woman was killed by a run of the mill blunt force trauma. A bit of what appeared to be glasses were hammered into her head and a pendant was found in her stomach.

At the cryptozooologist’s, he tells them that Ann wanted to know if Big Foot could wander into the city. Studying evolutionary biology, she was also an up and coming researcher on “Big Feet”. He asks to examine where she died before saying she was under scrutiny by a tv show looking for big foot.

Chase Digans is a big game hunter that poses a risk to Big Feet. Ryan and Esposito go looking for the Crocodile Dundee wannabe and are nearly shot by an arrow he was aiming at a target.

At the department, he tells them that he came to New York to hunt Big Foot. He’s determined to kill everyone one of them because he nearly had his arm ripped off by a Sasquatch awhile back. Beckett tells him about the colleagues who saw them argue. His excuse is a target range but Kate has his foot tread as evidence against him. He was in the alley the day before she died and claims that Ann was faking Big Foot evidence. When Castle confronts him as to reasoning, Chase suggests that she was planting fake evidence so that she could throw everyone else off the trail.

Espo (Jon Huertas) votes crazy not lying. The glass is from a camera lens. Castle suggests that maybe Big Foot took it. The pendant was an aunt’s problem being, not hers, her murdered roommate’s aunt’s pendant.

That night in bed, Kate remains unconvinced that there could possibly be a Big Foot running around. She asks him if there’s not one thing he doesn’t believe in. He asks her what she does believe in and she says that she believes in the mystery of everyday life. Castle says that even though there aren’t really any unmapped out parts of the world any longer people are still seeking out the unknown. They then hear a loud sound from the kitchen. When they go to investigate, they find Alexis covered in blue as Castle left a trap.

Castle is confused as to why Alexis would possibly be taking food from him. The day that Ann’s roommate was murdered, she dropped out of college. Ann had asked to see the files from Justine’s murder a few months back and was denied. Espo found a serial number on the lens that links them to a cloud account. The video from around time of death appears to be in a forest. She was running and saying “he’s after me” before getting bashed in the head by an unknown assailant.

The detectives try and find the GPS data for the video but in the meantime discuss the likelihood of Big Foot verses a human killer. Kate has Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Espo circulate a photo of the roommate’s killer, Wilson. One of the guys at the sanctuary says that Wilson (Aaron Hill) looked like one of their homeless lurkers. A tech has found the approximate location due to the fact the camera pinged off a cell tower. Based on the trees, she was moving in a south easterly direction. Kate hears water in the background. Isolating a creek gets them down to a two square mile possible search grid. “Oh I’m well equipped for a hike.”

In the woods, Castle sends out a Big Foot yodel saying that if Wilson has been hiding out there for over a year, they are not going to find time. Kate asks him to stop doing Wookie calls. “This isn’t Wookie, Alexis does a really cute Wookie.” They’re walking along and Castle declares that at any moment, life can surprise you so of course at that moment, they fall into a pit.

Castle remarks the fall was not good for his knee before checking that Kate’s alright. She’s fine. He has nothing they can use to get out of the pit but worse comes to worse, he can build a fire. Kate tries to pull herself up the side of the pit but her tree branch breaks, castle says that something had to build the pit so something would likely come back. Beckett has him squat so that she can stand on his shoulders to climb out. She lifts herself out and collapses on the ground outside it. “I’m just saying, I don’t want to end up as Big Foot diner.” Rick makes her promise to come back for him while she goes to get the rope and she leaves him with a candy bar.

Espo and Ryan have a hit on the photo of Curt Wilson. They go arrest him.

Castle tried numerous ways to get out all of them falling and she he heard a sound outside the pit he called for her “Kate?” and the question is reflected back to him by a creature looking suspiciously like a big foot yet sounding like a Kate Beckett.
Castle yells for help and Kate comes running. She sees the Big Foot and pulls her gun. Telling it to put its hand up. The Big Foot backs into the pit and starts talking English. Inside the Sasquatch outfit is one of the guys from the sanctuary. He’s surprised to learn that she was attacked out there and tries to explain that he followed Ann. He found a bloody club which Kate later uses against Wilson. He claims that she would rather make her case than see the truth. He claims that Ann was helping him and that he didn’t kill Justine. He claims that Justine quit Hudson so so did he. He says that someone who killed her would have been someone Justine trusted because she wouldn’t have opened the door and someone stole the pendant.

Caskett go talk to the leader of the sanctuary and bring up his past iciness as proof.

Kate asks if Castle is as disappointed that there’s no Big Foot. He says that this isn’t proof either way. Wilson has decided to research Big Foot because when he decided to hide out, Ann told him he was going to have company.

When Castle comes home, he asks Alexis why she was stealing food. She tells him that she invested in a crowdfunding campaign to do something cool. She says that she didn’t want the money speech before telling him that she wanted to support her friend doing something cool. He tells her doing something stupid for something they believe in is something of a family trait.

Next Castle: It’s a bomb.

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