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White Collar - Season 4 Best Episode - Ranking Poll

Welcome to the Best White Collar Season 4 Episode contest. It works a lot like the NCAA basketball tournament, with episodes going against each other and the winner moving to the next round. Before we can begin though every episode needs a ranking and that's where today's poll comes in. You can choose up to 3 episodes. The poll will be open until 7 pm CST and the actual contest will begin tomorrow evening. Comments are always welcome and they make the hiatus go by quicker. We'll also be doing a contest closer to the premiere of season 5 for best Mozzisms. A nomination form will be posted later for you to include your favorites.

Below is a very brief synopsis of each episode this season. It is meant to spark your memory not to be inclusive of everything. Thanks so much for participating. Hopefully it will pass the time quicker before the summer season begins.

White Collar season 4 episode synopses:

1 - Wanted

Peter tracks Neal and Mozzie to their luxury hideaway in Cape Verde. Unfortunately the ruthless Agent Collins gets there too and his mission is to bring Neal back to the United States alive or dead. Neal runs to Dobbs for protection but he turns Neal into Collins.

2 - Most Wanted

Collins shoots Neal in the leg but Peter, Mozzie, and Hector rescue him. They discover Dobbs is Robert McLeish, the FBI's #4 most wanted, so Reese arranges to reinstate Neal if he brings Dobbs in. Dobbs is caught and Neal's free to go back to New York but Peter is reassigned from the White Collar Division.

3 - Diminishing Returns

Peter gets transferred to the evidence warehouse right before he can re-open a serial burglar case. Neal gets Diana and Jones to take the case and Peter goes informally undercover to take down David Cook. One squash game and illegal fence later, Cook is caught and Peter heads back to evidence. Mozzie heads back to New York.

4 - Parting Shots

Neal is tasked with conning a widow to save her from her husband's scheming business partner and murderer. Peter is reinstated to the white collar division but Ellen is shot. She tells Neal to trust Sam before becoming unconscious.

5 - Honor Among Thieves

Neal attends Ellen's funeral and sees Sam, who runs away before Neal can talk to him. While working an art theft case, Neal is contacted by the thief who blackmails him into stealing a mobile in exchange for information about Ellen.

6 - Identity Crisis

Mozzie's jaunt with Storage Wars leads him to a secret society from Revolutionary War days and the search for the flag Washington took across the Delaware. In the process, Mozzie reveals more about his childhood through the puppet show he created when he was 8.

7 - Compromising Positions

Peter and Neal take on a fixer who is blackmailing a US District Attorney into letting a criminal go. In order to do so, they make it look like Peter and Sarah are having an affair. Peter learns Neal contacted Sam.

8 - Ancient History

Neal and Alex work with the FBI to stop a Greek politician from coordinating a heist of Greek antiquities - maybe. Neal watches Ellen's tape with Peter and Mozzie.

9 - Gloves Off

Peter and Neal go after a insider trader who only gives tips to brokers that win in the boxing ring. They end up sparring together but the fight turns real when Neal learns that Peter violated their agreement about Sam right before they get in the ring.

10 - Vested Interest

In the middle of an FBI conference, Peter and Neal discover a plot to kidnap the designer of a bulletproof vest. They have to put aside their differences to stop it. Peter runs Sam's DNA only to find out that he is Neal's father, James.

11 - Family Business

Neal, Peter, James, and Mozzie go after the Flynn family for murdering Ellen. Neal and Mozzie pose as counterfeit whiskey producers while Peter poses as a member of a mafia family. Together they take down Dennis Flynn but he gets killed in prison, forcing James into hiding.

12 - Brass Tacks

Peter and Neal go after Senator Pratt, the former dirty cop behind everything. Pratt arranges to have Peter's brakes tampered with and Peter lands in the hospital. Meanwhile Mozzie and Jones track down the meaning of Ellen's key. Elizabeth tells Neal to lie to Peter.

13 - Empire City

Peter and Neal take down a crooked Taxi-Limousine Commission boss with the help of June and Diana. June sings in the Cotton Club while Diana works as a cigar girl. Neal and Peter both realize that the key leads to the Empire State Building.

14 - Shoot the Moon

Peter and Elizabeth are kidnapped by an escaped convict and his lover on their way out of town. The lovers carry out promises made to each other through prison love letters. The sympathetic Burkes change their lives. Neal and Mozzie figure out Ellen's box is on the 50th floor of the Empire State Building.

15 - The Original

James returns just in time for Neal and Mozzie's scheme to scan the Empire State Building for Ellen's box. Meanwhile the team tries to convict an art forger and are now working under Agent Amanda Calloway. Neal, Mozzie and James find the evidence box and Neal insists on including Peter. Amanda calls Pratt.

16 - In the Wind

The crew creates elaborate plans to get Ellen's box before the Agent Calloway or Senator Pratt. They are successful but James kills Pratt and leaves Peter standing over the body. Calloway arrests Peter for murder while Neal confronts James about killing his supervisor and leaving Peter on the hook for Pratt's murder.

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