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TV Line's - May Sweeps Scorecard 2013 *Updated 11th May*

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We'll update as they are revealed.

Number of weddings: At least 3
1. AIRED May 9: Will and Emma/Glee
2. Barney and Robin/How I Met Your Mother

Number of couples having sex, kissing or saying “I Love You” for the first time: At least 16
1. AIRED April 29: Kate tells Rick she loves him/Castle
2. AIRED April 30: Jess and Nick have sex/New Girl
3. AIRED May 1: Rayna and Deacon have sex/Nashville
4. AIRED May 1: Will kisses Gunnar/Nashville
5. AIRED May 4: Karen tells Jimmy she loves him/Smash
6. AIRED May 6: Miles and Nora have sex/Revolution
7. AIRED May 7: Nick and Chloe kiss/Grimm
8. AIRED May 7: Wade tells Zoe he loves her/Hart of Dixie
9. AIRED May 8: Oliver and Laurel have sex/Arrow
10. AIRED May 8: Juliette kisses Avery/Nashville
11. AIRED May 8: Dawson tells Mills she loves him/Chicago Fire
12. AIRED May 9: Raj and Lucy kiss/The Big Bang Theory
13. AIRED May 9: Sheldon and Amy have virtual sex via Dungeons & Dragons/The Big Bang Theory
14. AIRED May 9: Arizona and Lauren/Grey’s Anatomy

Number of new pregnancies: At least 3
1. AIRED April 25: Hayley/The Vampire Diaries
2. AIRED May 2: Diane/Parks and Recreation
3. AIRED May 5: Charlotte/Revenge

Number of people giving birth: At least 1

Number of couples reuniting: At least 5
1. AIRED April 28: Rigsby and Van Pelt/The Mentalist
2. AIRED April 29: Navid and Adrianna/90210
3. AIRED May 1: Casey and Hallie/Chicago Fire

Number of breakups/divorces: At least 11
1. AIRED April 25: Alan and Lindsay/Two and a Half Men
2. AIRED April 25: Troy and Britta/Community
3. AIRED April 30: George and Tansy/Hart of Dixie
4. AIRED May 1: Juliette and Dante break up/Nashville
5. AIRED May 3: Alex and Dave/Happy Endings
6. AIRED May 8: Walter and Moira/Arrow
7. AIRED May 8: Thea and Roy/Arrow
8. AIRED May 8: Deacon and Stacey/Nashville
9. AIRED May 9: Brittany and Sam/Glee

Number of fatalities: At least 11
1. AIRED April 29: Joe/The Following
2. AIRED April 29: Debra/The Following
3. AIRED April 30: Ilan Bodnar/NCIS
4. AIRED May 4: Kyle/Smash
5. AIRED May 5: Takeda/Revenge
6. AIRED May 8: Yao Fei/Arrow
7. AIRED May 8: Hallie/Chicago Fire
8. AIRED May 9: Bonnie/The Vampire Diaries
10. Criminal Minds
11. Revenge

Number of characters graduating: At least 9
1. AIRED May 9: Jeff/Community
2. AIRED May 9: Pierce/Community
3. Elena/The Vampire Diaries
4. Caroline/The Vampire Diaries
5. Matt/The Vampire Diaries
6. Stefan/The Vampire Diaries
7. Bonnie/The Vampire Diaries
8. Tyler/The Vampire Diaries
9. Rebekah/The Vampire Diaries

Number of possible fatalities*: At least 10
1. AIRED April 29: Ryan/The Following
2. AIRED April 29: Claire/The Following
8. Criminal Minds
9. NCIS: Los Angeles
10. NCIS: Los Angeles
* applies to characters’ whose fate is left up in the air at the end of the season finale

Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 14
1. AIRED April 29: Quinn/How I Met Your Mother
2. AIRED May 1: Walter/Arrow
3. AIRED May 9: Alaric/Vampire Diaries
4. AIRED May 9: Grams/Vampire Diaries
5. AIRED May 9: Lexi/Vampire Diaries
6. AIRED May 9: Jeremy/Vampire Diaries
7. AIRED May 9: Kol/Vampire Diaries
8. AIRED May 9: Alexander/Vampire Diaries
9. AIRED May 9: Connor/Vampire Diaries
10. AIRED May 9: Vaughn/Vampire Diaries
11. AIRED: May 9: Billy Chambers/Scandal
12. AIRED May 9: Irene Adler/Elementary

Number of onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes: At least 11
1. AIRED April 25: Sue’s takes new job as aerobics instructor/Glee
2. AIRED April 27: Jimmy fired from Hit List (and replaced by Sam)/Smash
3. AIRED April 28: Alicia leaves Lockhart Gardner/The Good Wife
4. AIRED April 30/May 7: Morgan fired/later rehired/The Mindy Project
5. AIRED May 1/May 8: Claire takes a job with Gil Thorpe and then with Jay’s company/Modern Family
6. AIRED May 2: Dwight named manager/The Office
7. AIRED May 2: Andy quits/The Office
8. AIRED May 5: Aiden fired by Daniel/Revenge
9. AIRED May 8: Deacon officially quits Juliette’s band/Nashville
10. AIRED May 8: Coleman quits Teddy’s administration/Nashville

Number of engagements/question poppings: At least 7
1. AIRED April 28: Emily and Daniel/Revenge
2. AIRED April 29: Booth and Brennan/Bones
3. AIRED May 2: Will/Emma re-engaged/Glee
4. AIRED May 9: Dwight and Angela/The Office
5. AIRED May 9: Matthew and April/Grey’s Anatomy

Number of broken engagements: At least 1
1. AIRED April 29: Booth and Brennan/Bones

Number of time warps: At least 1

Number of vampires taking the cure for immortality: At least 1

Number of shows taking trips to new realms: At least 1
1. Once Upon a Time

Source: TV Line

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