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The Americans - Episode 1.08 - Mutually Assured Destruction - Preview

So I had the privilege to preview this weeks episode of “The Americans” and it is another solid episode. Being a show that already has a stellar first season so far, means this is only a good thing. Continuing where the previous episode left off where Elizabeth and Philip promised each other they wanted to try. Alas, being in love and in a marriage is never easy. Certainly not when other people start poking their noses into it! 

''Mutually Assured Destruction'' the title seems to affect it's characters as much as it references the nuclear standoff between the USA and the USSR. A lot of relationships being portrayed on the show seem to be heading towards that destruction as allegiances come under suspicion or by betrayal.

 There will be no major story spoilers in this article, but I will give you some teasers. So stop reading now if you don't want to know anything more!

  • The leadership of the KGB is divided 
  • Martha fans rejoice, she has some spicy sex scenes this week 
  • Philip and Elizabeth show off what a great team they are when working together 
  • Keep your children away from (shot)guns 
  • Someone will be painting the bathroom walls 
I hope you enjoyed reading this article and enjoy watching ''The Americans'' at 10 PM EST on FX!