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Stats Spotlight - NCIS - Third Quarter Round-up, New Most Viewed Quarter in Series History

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Last night's episode of NCIS was the eighteenth of the season, and it closed out the third quarter of the season, or the last 6 episodes in other words

Let's look at some numbers, focusing on the first two quarters first

The first quarter of the season (episodes 1 - 6) averaged a 3.48 rating and 18.59 million viewers. The second quarter (episodes 7 - 12) averaged a 3.35 rating and 19.57 million viewers, slightly down in ratings but with almost 1 million more viewers per episode on the first quarter.

The third quarter (episodes 13-18) ended last night with a 3.50 rating and 20.99 million viewers. This makes it the best rating quarter of the season, and...... wait for it..... the most viewed quarter in all 10 seasons to date. This quarter eclipses the previous record set in the second quarter of season 7, which averaged 20.76 million viewers, along with a 4.32 rating

See the stats for season 7 here, and for this season here. Scroll down below the ratings table to see the season breakdown tables and graphs on these pages

Last night's episode earned a 3.2 rating and 19 79 million viewers. It brings to a close a 7 episode run where each episode earned more than 20 million viewers. This makes it the second longest run of 20+ million viewed episodes in series history, with the longest streak again in season 7, with episodes 1 - 13 all earning more than 20 million viewers. Despite that 13 episode run, this season of NCIS is averaging more viewers so far, at 19.72 million. Season 7 averaged 19.25 across the 24 episodes

Click here to see the all time ratings and audience graphs, and the season comparison ratings and audience graphs for NCIS

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