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Scene Of The Week - March 31, 2013 - *POLL*

It’s Week 17 and since I’m sure many of you are celebrating today like me, I wish you all a very Happy Easter! And to the rest, have a great weekend!
Also, a small reminder: the article is created as a fun way to share with all of you our favorite moments of the week and to read about yours, maybe even to recommend someone a new show worth watching. And the poll is simply to see how many people out there also liked the same scene as you did. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. THERE ARE NO WINNERS. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
My choices this week are (in the alphabetical order):

Episode: “The Time Travelers”
Date: March 25, 2013
Actors: Josh Radnor
The Scene: Ted’s speech to “the Mother”

I usually choose my favorite moments at the end of the week, after watching all the new episodes of my shows, but in this case, I knew it was definitely going to be my scene of the week the moment I’ve seen it. The scene was completely unexpected and its seriousness even more so, especially after the fun beginning of the episode. I always knew Josh Radnor is a very talented actor, but he was pretty perfect in this part. Ted’s incredibly moving speech just melted my heart. And all it took was just one actor and beautifully written monologue, no special effects, scenery or other things that can make a scene great. Pure declaration of love and deep sadness from the show’s hero made me really think of the reason Ted decided to tell his kids this story in the first place.
I always assumed it was just his passion for storytelling, but now I’m starting to worry it’s more than that. There’s just something about his speech that makes you think his love may be dead in the future and he’s regretting every second he didn’t get to spend with her. Of course, it might just be Ted being emotional (like he can be) and just tired of his loneliness, but what if …
Anyway, whatever things will turn out to be, it is a stunning scene that without a doubt deserves a huge recognition. Beautifully done, everyone!
NOTE: The scene was also picked by klutzy girl and Babar Suhail as Scene Of The Week!

Episode: “American Gothic”
Date: March 28, 2013
Actors: Nina Dobrev, Daniel Gillies
The Scene: Katherine giving Elijah the cure

To trust Katherine Pierce is a very hard thing to do, almost impossible to be honest. It certainly requires a big leap of faith and the strength to take responsibility for the consequences that it can bring. Like she admits in this scene, Katherine is running and fighting to survive for so long that it’s hard even for her to see the difference between the truth and the lies and to remember a girl she once was. But even after all the horrible things she has done (Jeremy!), there’s just something so powerful about her character, that makes me want to give her a second chance. Maybe, it’s because I have always found her story a very moving one, from an innocent girl who first lost a child and then her entire family to a broken person who only knew how to lie and care only about herself. Or maybe, it’s just me believing in second chances. I’m not sure. I just know, I very much wish she WAS being honest with Elijah and she actually wants to change. And that’s why she’s trusting him with the cure. But I’m afraid that even if that was indeed the case here, I’m not seeing things ending well for her. That’s not how the show works, right? Just the heartbreaking tragedies at every corner...
I have to admit, I really missed Elijah on the show. He’s definitely one of my absolute favorites, so maybe with him around, I’d be willing to watch the show more regularly. Daniel Gillies and Nina Dobrev were fantastic in the scene (and the episode!). The hesitation, the conflict and all the other emotions of their character were beautifully portrayed by the two. Great work!
NOTE: The scene was also picked by Jamie Coudeville as Scene Of The Week!
“I love these two so much together. I really hope she's sincere.”

Honorable mentions:
Castle, “The Wild Rover”, March 25, 2013 – Ryan calling out the team
Arrow, “Salvation”, March 27, 2013 – Oliver, Felicity & Diggle at the end

And here’s more of SpoilerTV Staff members’ favorite scenes:


The Walking Dead, “This Sorrowful Life”, March 24, 2013, Actors: Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker
The Scene:
Daryl finds out Merle is a zombie and has to kill him.

NOTE: The scene was also picked by Lucy Perussi, klutzy girl, Diana Mack and DarkUFO as Scene Of The Week!

The Following, “Guilt”, March 25, 2013
The Scene:
The twist with Molly at the end!

Bates Motel, “Nice Town You Picked, Norma…”, March 25, 2013, Actor: Freddie Highmore
The Scene:
Norman and his brother fight in the kitchen


NCIS, “Squall”, March 26, 2013, Actors: Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray
The Scene:
Tony talking to McGee about fathers and how they wind up disappointing you.


Hawaii Five 0, “Hoa Pili (Close Friend)”, March 25, 2013, Actors: Alex O’Loughlin, Michelle Borth, Taylor Wily
The Scene:
Kamekona doing his helicopter training. It was hilarious.

NCIS: Los Angeles, “Red-2”, March 26, 2013
The Scene:
The scene where the trucks unloaded into each other. So brilliant. I want one now.

Arrow, “Salvation”, March 27, 2013, Actors: Colton Haynes, Willa Holland
The Scene:
I loved the scene where Thea reacted to Roy saying that no one would miss him.


How I Met Your Mother, “The Time Travelers”, March 25, 2013, Actors: Jayma Mays, Josh Radnor
The Scene:
Twenty-months-from-now Coat Check Girls tell Ted how it would end between them if she and Ted started dating. I loved Jayma Mays's acting in that scene, she was hilarious. And Ted's expression when he is looking at the present-day Coat Check Girl and letting her leave the bar were also great.

Grey’s Anatomy, “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, March 28, 2013, Actors: Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Chalke
The Scene:
Meredith telling Casey that she was right about her son's disease.


The Mentalist, “Behind the Red Curtain”, March 24, 2013, Actors: Kevin Corrigan, Simon Baker
The Scene:
The final scene when Kirkland kills Jason at the hospital, leaving Jane speechless

How I Met Your Mother, “The Time Travelers”, March 25, 2013, Actor: Josh Radnor
The Scene:
Ted realizing he's all alone - so struggling!


Bates Motel, “Nice Town You Picked, Norma…”, March 25, 2013, Actors: Freddie Highmore, Olivia Cooke
The Scene:
Norman and Emma outrun the drug field guards


Chicago Fire, “A Coffin That Small”, March 27, 2013
The Scene:
Last scene when the entire department dresses in their blue uniforms for the little boys funeral. Super touching moment.

Grey’s Anatomy, “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, March 28, 2013, Actors: Jesse Williams, Sarah Drew
The Scene:
April confiding in Jackson about the patient she just lost. It was sweet and tender and they almost kissed. Shows they still are into each other


Castle, “The Wild Rover”, March 25, 2013, Actors: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic
The Scene:
The closing scene where Castle reveals to Kate that he cheated by paying someone to write a paper for him in boarding school. In this scene Castle bares all. Writing is what has made him who he is now, it's what's made him rich and famous, and it's what led him to Kate, Brilliantly acted by Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion as well. Of course, following this scene we see Det. Ryan's wife, Jenny, reveal to Ryan that she is pregnant.

Scandal, “Snake in the Garden”, March 28, 2013, Actors: Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn
The Scene:
Thursday's episode was sensational. The dynamics and relationships between all the characters in this show swing constantly, and this episode was no different. There were many scenes that were excellent, but for me the standout scene was Mellie going ballistic at Fitz about his fathering, and how his children were pleading with Millie to cancel their trip to the White House because they didn't want to see their father. Mellie goes even further, by telling Fitz that he has turned into his father, a man who Fitz loathes, as we saw in flashbacks earlier in the season. This scene is one of the best in the series, without a doubt, and there will be plenty more to come in the final 6 episodes of the season.

NOTE: The scene was also picked by Spartigus15 as Scene Of The Week!


The Neighbors, “It Has Begun…”, March 27, 2013, Actors: Clara Mamet, Tim Jo
The Scene:
Amber and Reggie's first kiss. "Wow, two tongues?"


Revenge, “Victory”, March 24, 2013, Actors: Emily VanCamp, Roger Bart
The Scene:
Emily finds out Victoria has another child
Emily's face was just priceless. Can't wait to see what she does with this.

Castle, “The Wild Rover”, March 25, 2013, Actors: Seamus Dever, Juliana Dever
The Scene:
Jenny tells Ryan she's pregnant
I just love how happy they both were


Arrow, “Salvation”, March 27, 2013, Actors: Susanna Thompson, Chin Han
The Scene:
Moira leads Frank to his death and then freaks out about the literal blood on her hands.
-This scene was incredibly well-acted.

Revolution, "The Stand", March 25, 2013, Actor: Elizabeth Mitchell
The Scene:
Rachel cuts something blinking out of her son Danny's dead body.
-It was good enough that one of the Mathesons died but then to add that shocker took it to a whole new level.

Grimm, "Nameless", March 29, 2013, Actors: David Giuntoli, Silas Weir Mitchell
The Scene:
Monroe tells Nick that Juliette is going to leave Portland unless she remembers everything.
-I am very glad for this because it seems like the amnesia subplot will finally end next week. It has been a drag on the overall season and hopefully will allow Juliette to become a member of their crime fighting cadre.

If you have any questions for me, you can contact me via mail:
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