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Scene Of The Week - March 3, 2013 - *POLL*

It’s been almost 3 months since the first article, it’s Week 13! Thanks everyone for their contribution, whether it’s a comment, a vote, a page view or a submission from someone on the Team, I really appreciate it. I have a lot of fun writing the article and I hope you all enjoy reading it!

If you’re interested, the statistics for December-February include:
- Over 36000 Page views
- Over 8000 Votes in Polls
- Almost 300 Comments

So great! My choices this week are (in the alphabetical order):

1. Show: ARROW
Episode: “Dead to Rights”
Date: February 27, 2013
Actors: Stephen Amell, Colin Donnell
The Scene: Tommy learning the truth about Oliver

This is such a powerful scene. The chaos going on in the building, Malcolm running out of time and Tommy pointing the gun at “The Hood”... Oliver deciding to reveal himself to his best friend was probably one of the hardest decision he had to make. He knew it’ll, most likely, cost him the friendship of someone he’s known and cared about for many years, maybe even the complete exposure of his identity but he did it anyway, he made the sacrifice. Cause he had to help his friend. And the scene was so beautifully done! Very good acting by both of the stars, later continued in the scene in the hospital. Oliver admitting he never intended to tell Tommy the truth and the way his voice breaks down and the expression on his face. Stephen Amell is the unquestioned star of the show!

NOTE: This scene was also picked as the Scene of The Week by Bradley Adams and Pascal Buijnsters!
“Never have I watched the same scene as many times as I have this one. Brilliantly done." Bradley Adams

2. Show: CASTLE
Episode: “Hunt”
Date: February 25, 2013
Actors: Nathan Fillion, Molly Quinn
The Scene: Castle coming Alexis to the rescue

It’s such a nice change to see Nathan Fillion getting an opportunity to show his dramatic skills on Castle, he doesn’t get to do this very often and he’s really very good. The last two episodes were great, probably one of my favorites of the show, so it’s no surprise to see the scenes from them being recognized here! Of course there are many scenes I could mention, but the one I loved the most is Castle finally finding Alexis and, with the help of his father (!) saving her. First, the father sees his little girl, locked in the cage (!) and they both fight their emotions trying to stay strong in the impossible situation. And a moment later, both of them running away, with Castle knocking down people on their way. The whole part was wonderfully done and very touching. Always happy to see more of the amazing father-daughter relationship on the show!

Episode: “Remember the Titans”
Date: February 27, 2013
Actors: Jensen Ackles
The Scene: Dean praying to Castiel

Dean Winchester is not a man of faith, but there are times when the love for his little brother makes him desperate enough to pray, sometimes even beg for help, when he feels like he’s out of options. In this scene Dean asks his lost and powerful friend to keep an eye on Sam, who’s clearly hiding his pain from him. I always love the scenes which show just how much these two care for each other, but the most important reason, why I’ve chosen this particular one is called Jensen Ackles. There are many actors I adore and absolutely appreciate their work but there are only few I call the best ones and I have no doubts Jensen is among them. This man never ceases to deliver an incredible performance and always shows just the right emotions (regardless whether it’s a comedy or drama) in just a right amount. So impressed with his work on the series, I’m really hoping that once the Supernatural ends, he’s gonna get an opportunity to star in the show or a movie, where his skills will be recognized by the larger audience and more people will have a chance to enjoy his amazing work.

NOTE: This scene was also picked as the Scene of The Week by klutzy girl and Sylvie C!
“Loved it so much. He was so worried about his little brother and the prayer itself was so genuine. For me it was the perfect ending scene.” Sylvie C

And here’s more of SpoilerTV Team members’ favorite scenes:


NCIS: LA, “Lokhay”, February 26, 2013, Actors: Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen
The Scene:
Deeks telling Kensi that he used to be a male stripper. That was absolutely hilarious.

NCIS, “Detour”, February 26, 2013, Actors: David McCallum, Brian Dietzen
The Scene:
The bit where Ducky insulted Jimmy's Call of Duty firearms training. That was funny.


The Following, “The Fall”, February 25, 2013, Actors: Kevin Bacon, Natalie Zea
The Scene:
There is always a lot of great scenes on this show, but for a favorite I'd have to pick the episode's closing scene where Ryan Hardy returns to Claire Matthews' house, but without her son Joey, and as Ryan attempts to hug Claire, she becomes violent, trying to force him away. There was plenty of emotion and desperation in this scene, as Claire knows Ryan is the only one she can trust to get Joey back, but he has a massive mountain to climb as Joe Carroll's master plan continues to evolve. The Following is lighting up Monday nights, and I can't wait for more!!


Go On, “Ring and a Miss”, February 26, 2013, Actors: Matthew Perry, Laura Benanti, John Cho
The Scene:
Steven and Lauren comfort Ryan after he breaks up with Simone and gets through his first post-Janie relationship. It was sweet.

Nashville, “Dear Brother”, February 27, 2013, Actors: Connie Britton
The Scene:
Rayna writes a song for Deacon's birthday and sings it.


Castle, “Hunt”, February 25, 2013, Actors: Nathan Fillion, James Brolin
The Scene:
Where Rick finally meets his father and gets to have the conversation where he learns his dad has been watching him from the shadows and did not abandon him as he has first thought.

Justified, “Outlaw”, February 26, 2013, Actor: Walton Goggins
The Scene:
"I am the outlaw"


Castle, “Hunt”, February 25, 2013, Actors: Stana Katic, Crystal Allen
The Scene:
The interrogation scene with Beckett and Henson's girlfriend Pauline. Powerful scene with Beckett showing how much she cares about Castle and Alexis, she was truly not messing around!

The Americans, "COMINT", February 27, 2013, Actors: Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Gregory Abbey, Matthew Lawler, Chris Fischer
The Scene:
The whole scene in the garage while they are "repairing" the car as a cover to switch some electronics in the FBI surveillance car!

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