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Nikita - 'With Fire' Recap and Review

BFTV has a recap and review available for tonight's Nikita, "With Fire."

One of the best aspects of the second season of Nikita was the increased presence of veteran actor Peter Outerbridge as villain Ari Tasarov. An episode with Ari as one of the major players is both welcome and impressive.

It opens like a bad joke: a former Russian spy walks into a bar. Then the bartender goes into the back and tells his mysterious friends that the down-and-out Russian spy is there. Cut to Michael breaking the news to the whole of Division. Nikita wants to know why Amanda isn't with her better half. Another cut to the Wicked Witch herself, who's listening to her new business partner bemoan Ari's "escape" and the success of their next plan. "Ari is a coward. He's only as brave as his bank accounts," Amanda sneers. "Without his men or his money, he will crawl into the shadows and stay there."

Source: Full Recap and Review @ BFTV