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Justified - Episode 4.11 - Decoy - Ten Teases (minor spoilers)

Here are ten total teases from Tuesday's episode of Justified 'Decoy'. If you don't want to be spoiled, turn back now :)

This episode is both unique and uniquely Justified but enough about vague things I say to avoid telling more than ten teases, onto the Observations!

1. This episode is shown in close to real time

2. “Here we go.”
3. “We dug coal together.”
4. “He’s usually a little more fair-minded.”
5. “Raylan, just listen to reason.”
6. “As long as you’re inviting people, make it a party.”
7. “We’re in Kentucky, not Sausalito, what’s wrong with you people?!”
8. “Ava, I love you.” NOT said by Boyd

9. Ava is not to be messed with
10. Bob is tougher than he looks.