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Justified - 'Decoy' Recap and Review

BFTV has a recap and review available for tonight's Justified, "Decoy."

Things are definitely hitting the fan in this week's Justified. While the Marshals try to get Drew Thompson someplace safe - you have to love Art inquiring about a rocket launcher - Boyd is trying to appease an unhappy Nick Augustine.

Holed up in his father's house, Raylan recounts history with Drew (guest star Jim Beaver), at least until Art comes in and gives him a status update. "Art, we gotta move, and we gotta move soon," Raylan insists. That's a good idea, because Boyd is telling Augustine exactly where they are and what Raylan is likely thinking. He convinces Augustine to send Colt and one of the Detroit mafia henchmen to a specific location where they can confront the Marshals. Yep, it's going to go down in this episode.

Source: Full Recap & Review @ BFTV