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Justified - Decoy - Postmortem with Graham Yost (SPOILERS)

Let’s start at the beginning with Nicky’s conversation with Boyd about his clothing, his teeth, and his use of 40 words when four will do.
It’s being a little self-referential without going overboard on it. I know Walton has said that he kinda got an insight in to Boyd when he buttoned up the top button. Everyone who’s watched the show has remarked on his teeth: He has such amazing teeth for backwoods. So I wanted to answer that question, and also just the way Boyd talks. Walton always has a suggestion or two when we’ve got a scene: “You know, what if I said this? What if I said that?” So he has a great insight into Boyd and enjoys the colorful language and just nails it. So I thought it would be fun that this outsider comes in and just goes right at everyone’s pride and vulnerability. He does it again with Ava. He’s shining this harsh light on the reality of their world.

Boyd losing a tooth was a nice touch.
I went back and forth on it. It was scripted, it was shot, and I wasn’t sure. It steps right up to the line of believability, and it’s a film cliché — someone gets hit and the tooth pops out. But we thought that it also set the tone for the whole episode in a way, which is we’re going right to the edge on this one: Crazy, crazy stuff is gonna happen.

Source: EW