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Justified - 4.12 Peace of Mind - Recap/Review (SPOILERS)

Previously on Justified: Boyd drilled a pimp for information. Colton got a little rough with Cassie. Limehouse screwed Ava and Boyd. Nicky was mean to Ava. Raylan was after Drew Thompson. Rachel helped Drew out of Harlan by train. Art snarked about it all.

Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) starts out on the phone with Winona (Natalie Zea) saying that the department is talking about sending him to Washington. She doesn’t really care and asks if he’s signed the paperwork for the baby before telling him he’s having a girl. He walks into the bullpen which erupts with clapping. He tells them to stop because he’s on the phone before telling Winona he “don’t know shit about girls” to which she replies that it’s awfully sweet of him to state the obvious. He asks if he can call her back and hangs up. Art (Nick Searcy) asks if he’s not used to positive attention to which Raylan sarcastically replies that he wishes it would continue. Rachel (Erica Tazel) asks if this means he can now get a haircut. Hey, I like Raylan’s hair this season. Art jumps on the anti-hair bandwagon, not really a surprise there, and says that he can get a haircut on all his forced him off before suspending him. Raylan asks why but I think he knows.

ADA Vasquez (Rick Gomez) is talking to Thompson (Jim Beaver) who asks if his lawyer should know where he’s going since he's being transferred but since his life is in danger, the answer is no. Drew wants protective custody for Ellen May (Abby Miller). “Stick it up your ass.” Raylan is not happy. Drew refuses to make a deal until he gets protection for her. Raylan and Art are on the same page that Drew can sit in gen pop until he feels compelled to talk.

Up at Limehouse’s, Ellen May is sitting on a bed until Ellstin (Mykelti Williamson) comes into her room. She asks if it’s time for Boyd and Ava to kill her and Limehouse pulls up a chair. He asks her if he didn’t tell her that wasn’t going to happen. She isn’t quite sure what to believe in terms of whether he’ll keep his word to her to them. She thinks either way, she’ll end up dead. So, Ellen May will just sit there until it happens like she’s been doing all along.

One of Boyd’s men is not happy about the Johnny (David Meunier) problem they discovered last episode. Colton (Ron Eldard) thinks that Ellen May should be the priority. Ava (Joelle Carter) thinks Detroit is the bigger problem. Boyd (Walton Goggins) is just sitting there listening to the whole debate looking like his head is about to explode. “Quiet!” He would like a moment alone with Ava to talk things over. The other men leave and he sets down the poker chips he was fiddling with. He’s been thinking about what’s most important and with everything he keeps coming back to Ava and her freedom. Ava says that they don’t have the money to go after Ellen May so Boyd suggests that they should go after Limehouse "For a man who speaks out of both sides of his mouth deserves to have it permanently shut.”

“Drew Thompson and the hooker with a heart of gold.” That should have been the title. Art says that he never really cared for Julia Roberts saying she looked too much like her brother. (It makes more sense in context.) Raylan offers to go get Ellen May. The problem with that is that he’s suspended. “Suspend me tomorrow.” Art doesn’t find that so much funny nor does he appreciate the comment that he should add a few days and just move the whole thing until around when the baby’s due. “Supendees don’t get to chose when they’re suspended, that would be called a vacation.” Raylan offers to drive down to Harlan find the girl and bring her back “Set her in front of this asshole and say here, asshole.” Raylan whines that he wants to go pick her up and Art says that he should be happy to spend some time alone or maybe go bond with Winona. Raylan persists saying he’ll take both Rachel and Tim (Jacob Pitts) leading to the question why does he have such a bug up his ass about getting Ellen May? Raylan claims it’s so that he can finish what he’s started.

Johnny has a meeting with Detroit. Nicky (Mike O'Malley) tells him that running never solves any problems. Well, that’s not that plan. Johnny intends to shoot his way out of this problem. Nicky wants to know why they’re “trafficking in might-have-beens." Johnny asks how he’s supposed to be helping and if that includes digging graves for the men Nicky’s lost. Nicky says there’s still a way for Johnny to make it up to him and Johnny is skeptical. Theo apparently has ears everywhere. He tells Johnny about Drew wanting Ellen May protected.

Limehouse answers a phone call from Johnny and notes the last time they spoke Jonny was none too happy with him. Johnny offers the chance to bury the hatchet. Limehouse claims not to know about Ellen May. Johnny says he has the money. Limehouse asks if he thinks he can fair better than Boyd did with the men from Detroit. Limehouse refused to confirm or deny whether he has Ellen May and refuses to work with Johnny because he’s working with Detroit and we all remember how that ended. “Good-bye Johnny Crowder and don’t you ever call here again.”

Johnny seems surprised by that result. Nicky on the other hand does not. Johnny thinks something isn’t right there and that means that Limehouse has already made the deal with Boyd.

Boyd on the other hand is plotting with his new disposable henchman about how they’re planning to take Limehouse. They’re taking two cars after the gun goes down. Boyd says the plan is to tell Limehouse they’ve wired three of his houses but can’t remember which ones. Boyd’s cell phone rings. Weren’t things so much easier before cell phones? You could plot in peace. Boyd picks up the phone which is of course Johnny and tells him “you’ve got some balls calling me." Nicky is on the line and Boyd repeats the awesome “You’ve got some balls calling me.” Nicky hopes there’s a way for them to work it out in the name of mutual beneficence. As Boyd points out, for it to be mutual, he has to get something in return. Nicky offers to pay for Ellen May and give him Johnny. Boyd considers this for a second before giving a darkly amused laugh and saying it sounds like “a sweet deal.”

Boyd and his crew walk in pointing their guns at Detroit and Detroit is pointing their guns at them. “And why would you want to legislate gun control?” Boyd asks rhetorically. He tells them to put the guns away but doesn’t offer to have his men put there’s down first. Nicky says that “it’s everybody wins day at Johnny’s bar except Johnny.” Boyd request that he apologize to Ava which Nicky does. Ava accepts and the guns are put away. Boyd and Nicky sit down at the table and a briefcase of money is placed on it. Boyd asks very verbosely why Nicky still wants to work with him if Drew is in marshal’s custody to which Nicky replies he’s “going to need Google Translate on my phone if I’m going to keep talking to you.” You mean, he doesn’t already? Boyd asks what he wants. Nicky says the money is for the whore in the holler. Nicky then says he needs Boyd because Limehouse wouldn’t deal with Johnny so trade the money for the girl and the girl for the shithead. Boyd asks why they need the girl and Johnny spills those beans. He then gets his. Boyd quips that Johnny didn’t even get to enjoy the fruits of his betrayal before asking what Nicky intends to do with Ellen May after they’re done with her. “We’re going to take her to Six Flags.” Yeah, I don’t see that happening. The men start planning and Ava steps up. “Limehouse don’t like white people and he hates [Boyd]. I’m the exception so the only way this works is with me.” Ava goes to make the deal and Boyd asks what they’re drinking.

Up at Nobel’s Holler, Limehouse asks what Raylan wants. Raylan says that maybe they just want some pulled pork. Rachel tells Limehouse to keep talking shit at her if he wants to see if she’ll put him in his place. Raylan asks about Ellen May. Limehouse asks why they want her before asking about who Tim is. Rachel replies he’s the one to back her up if she has to put her boot up his ass. Raylan pulls the attention back to Ellen May. Limehouse tells them that even if she was there, she ain’t now.

Tim is not thrilled at the prospect of checking every place in the holler for a “girl we don’t even need.” Raylan says that it can’t just be an idle threat and he was rude to Rachel. At the last, Tim agrees to do the search meanwhile Raylan intends to go to Harlan. “Hold up Captain America.” Raylan invites Rachel to go with him saying Tim will keep a level head while Rachel was having trouble. Boyd thinks that the fact people are looking for Ellen May means Boyd is. He is not wrong.

Limehouse’s man has brought Ava up the back way. Neither of them are happy about the potential of a “US Marshal search party.” Ava puts the money on the table before saying she wasn’t happy about how he switched the deal on her. She tells him she wants him to take the money and give her Ellen May. Ellstin said he got into his current predicament of having to sell of land long in his family’s name to keep the holler alive. Ava is sorry to hear that and tells him that her money would be a good start to rebuilding. He says she shouldn’t do the deal and neither should he. Ellen nay is gone. He asks her if she’ll have peace of mind when this is all over.

Driving back, Ava calls Boyd who isn’t happy to hear about this. She thinks that Limehouse is telling the truth. Boyd says that Ellen May does not have the brains to have taken off by herself. Ava goes to Cassie’s church while Boyd sends Colt to back her up and checks out Nicky Cush’s.

That guess actually is the correct answer. Ellen May tells him to tell Boyd that she stole the key. He reluctantly gives it to her and is paranoid about who might be coming up. With good reason too as Boyd’s outside. Boyd tells Augustine that Cush (Daniel Buran) is a little touched. Walking inside they find a room covered in papers with string attaching them and every other hallmark of a paranoids mind. They hear a shower and while one man goes to check is out, Cush pops out and points a gun at the crew. He starts yelling at Boyd and Augustine. Augustine claiming he’s just the driver. Boyd remind him about an article from a long time ago with a bank robbery where the robbers were wearing armor. The weakness in that case was “they didn’t armor their feet asshole” Boyd tells him after he shoots him in the foot and calls him a dumbass.

One of Boyd’s men tells Raylan and Rachel that the bar is closed. R+R go into the backroom telling everyone to put down their guns and paying little mind to Johnny tied to the chair before asking where Ellen may is. Raylan asks for Boyd’s henchman to call Boyd and tells him that it’s his job to be a dick. He pushes the guy’s face onto the desk and the cell phone starts ringing. Raylan puts the phone on speaker. Boyd says that Ellen May should be at the church and the surprise in his voice when he hears Raylan’s voice reply back to him is quite possibly the funniest thing this season. The henchman tries to apologize and Raylan sends a message telling him and Detroit to “get lost." Boyd hangs up and tells Augustine that they have to go. Raylan on the other hand, leaves Johnny tied to the chair leaving it to Rachel. “I’m late to church.”

Ellen May is telling Cassie that she prayed and prayed even knowing she wasn’t worthy. And tells Cassie that just like that Limehouse let her go so it must be a miracle. Ellen then tells her about where Delroy’s final resting place is and the fact she covered it up. Ellen thinks that she was released so that she could tell Cassie about all of this. Ava walks in and asks if telling Cassie is going to clean Ellen’s slate according to Ava. Ellen says that she forgives Ava. Ava says that she’s found peace doing what her heart told her was right. “That was people making choices all down the line Ellen May.” Cassie says that if Ava wants to kill Ellen May, she has to kill her too. Colton walks in asking if this is what Boyd wants. Ava doesn’t know. She continues to point he gun at Ellen May a second before calling Boyd to tell him she can’t do it. He tells her to do what she has to do and she hands up. Boyd dials Colton. Colton starts herding the girls and Tim walks in telling him to stop where he is and then drop his gun. Colton reaches into his pocket for a cigarette and lighter saying he intended to quit tomorrow. Tim asks him what he’s doing and then asks if he killed Mark. “Collateral damage.” He apologizes but says most of Mark died in Candor. Tim tells him to put his weapon on the ground. Colt keeps smoking saying he’ll quit today. He raises his weapon and Tim shoots him in perfect formation. Finally. He takes Colt’s sunglasses as Raylan pulls up. Where’s Rachel?

Raylan assesses the situation before calling Ellen May over to him She asks if she can see Shelby. Raylan tells her that if she’s lucky, she can roll the window down. A sheriff’s man pulls up and asks if Raylan was involved in the shooting. For once, he can answer honestly that he wasn’t.

Tim asks Cassie what she intends to do. She doesn’t know because she’s been praying and praying that his bullet would have found Boyd.

Ava apologizes to Boyd about Colton having to die and he says he understands why she had to do it the way she had to do it and says he respects it on every level. He tells her that he doesn’t believe in fate any more, that people dictate the river of fate thru their own motions. There’s one more thing they have to do and that’s to get rid of Delroy’s body once and for all. Boyd pulls her into his arms and asks if she believes in him. The answer is yes.

Ellen May is pacing the marshal's area nervous for when Shelby’s coming. When he arrives, she’s taken to a conference room. She hugs him and he embraces her as much as he can with his hands in hand cuffs.

Winona has received a mystery chair and the handy man putting it together doesn’t know who it’s from. She says that has has a pretty good idea who it’s from. He says she doesn’t think her ex-husband knows what’s good for her or her back. He sees himself out after asking whether she’s having a boy or a girl. She touches the chair with her foot before sitting in it and relaxing.

Next: Raylan's family's put in danger. Boyd gets the shit kicked out of him. Ava may or may not be held responsible for her murder of Delroy last season.

♥ They finally killed Colton! Thank god. I was always of the opinion that he would be tolerable as long as he died by the end of this season, he was causing Boyd to make some truly careless mistakes in the name of friendship. The downside to that is that now, Boyd has Ava and the disposable henchman on his side. Unless there's someone I missed.
♥ That Raylan still tried to get out of his suspension.
♥ The way Boyd and Ava's relationship is developing. Even thought I knew Boyd wouldn't be cross with Ava for not killing Ellen May, the way the scene was written served only to deepen their relationship.
♥ The writers haven't forgotten that Cassie has a very valid reason to want Boyd dead. I'd like to see this story line wrapped up this season as well.

I don't really have any dislikes for this episode but in fact, another 'like'. Seeing the trailer for next week and the way that Nicky is going to threaten Raylan's family, bringing Winona back this episode was in fact justified.

Well, that's what I have. Are you looking forward to the finale or are you wondering where the time went?

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