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Justified - 4.10 Get Drew - Recap and Review (spoilers)

Previously on Justified: Colt is untrustworthy, Ellen May lives, Hunter attempted suicide by tanker, Ellen May is trying to get right by the lord, Ava killed Delroy and may still kill Ellen May, Boyd was arrested, Drew’s identify is known.

“Bull shit.”

Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) does not believe that Boyd (Walton Goggins) was looking for Drew Thompson (Jim Beaver) and suggests he goes home to take a bath. Boyd think Raylan should have been an outlaw and being a marshal is too much paperwork “You’d still get to shoot people and be an asshole; your two favorite activities. Only you’d be a rich asshole.” Raylan thinks he’d be dead or in jail. While Boyd’s doing fine, Arlo’s dead. Only the way Boyd reacts, he don’t know. Not that anyone is ready to tell him different. Rachael (Erica Tazel) walks in and Boyd tries to make his case to her. “Shut up.” She sure got there fast. Or slow if you think about this in real time but let’s not. Art didn’t want to see them left alone. They’ve found a suspicious woman’s underwear and have set up road blocks. “If you shot Theo Tonin and threw Waldo Truth out of an airplane...” and mid-sentence, Raylan gets an idea.

Shelby (Jim Beaver) packs up his office and tells Ellen May (Abby Miller) she should be safe there until the morning when Henderson comes in. She should tell him what she knows and if it’s enough, she’ll get witsec. She wants to go with Shelby but he’s firmly against the idea. The other option for her is to get on a bus and ride to a coast where she should get a new id and make a new life for herself. Tennessee is not far enough, Boyd will find her. She asks if she can go with him. “I’m sorry it’s gotta be this way, but it does. Good luck to ya, Ellen May.” Shelby drives off and stops for a lone dog walking the highway. He turns around (“Oh balls”) and picks up Ellen May telling her that if she comes with him, their never coming back. His plan is to go to Mexico but if she’d rather, they could go to the mountains. As Ellen’s never seen the ocean, she gets in. Shelby thinks they can get where they’re going by sunrise. “How fast does this thing go?” Except they isn’t driving. They’re flyin’.

Ellen May’s lived in Harlan her whole life and never seen the airport but Shelby saws there’s not much to see. Lately he’s had an opportunity to renew his skills as he’d been avoiding that part of his life when he first arrived in Harlan. Ellen asks if the airport is the first light and Shelby tells her to drive past. Of course, Shelby is in the back under some blankets as to not be seen. Ellen May drives past and Rachael gets the report from another marshal that the car drove by. Raylan is surprised to learn that Shelby has a plane here and for all the questions and answers Raylan’s gotten from the owner of the hanger he “didn’t mention shit about the sheriff’s plane.” Raylan accuses the man of warning Shelby and he swears he didn’t. No one’s usually there that time of night which Raylan finds notable and asks for a roadblock across a street that ain’t on the map.

Rachael invites Raylan inside the car saying it’s warmer but he refuses so that he can wait for Drew. Raylan asks if Art wanted Rachael to stay with him so that he doesn’t catch cold. Rachael replies that she can deal with his “aloofness” because he gets the job done, is cute, and if he does this job right, might just become her boss but if he doesn’t get in the car “I’m gonna start singing show tunes.” Raylan is not opposed to the prospect.

Art (Nick Sercy) arrives sooner than expected and tells them that he’s going to wait to suspend Raylan until after they find Drew Thompson as well as Boyd being released by that state police. Unfortunately this means Boyd cold alert Detroit. Raylan puts the significance of Ellen May’s underpants and Boyd’s appearance together to know Boyd was after Ellen. Art points out that Drew is ruthless and “now he’s run off with a hooker half his age” before asking if they intend to let the state police catch the bad ass that parachuted into Harlan country, has the balls to get a job in law enforcement and rode around with Raylan for two days while Raylan was looking for him. Yeah, they should catch Drew.

Shelby and Ellen May are watching from the forest. Ellen offers to drive thru and pick him up. Drew says that since Raylan would recognize Ellen May, it wouldn’t work besides the car could tip them off. His best solution is to turn themselves in having exhausted plans A and B. Ellen doesn’t want to rat on Ava. Shelby replies he isn’t too happy to testify either, always having to look over his shoulder but since they’ll be watching everybody he ever knew, they have no place else to hide. Ellen’s got an idea as to where they might go.

Boyd calls Ava (Joelle Carter) to let her know that to the best of his knowledge, Drew’s got Ellen May. Ava doesn’t understand how this is good news until he explains that their both on the run or they might get a call from Drew leveraging her. Boyd asks over Ellen’s local contacts and Ava runs thru associates. Nicky Cush is the name that stands out as he was the man that brought her onto Audrey’s. Ava says she can’t just wait while he’s running around. Boyd tells her Ellen’s a bullet in a loaded gun before telling her he loves her and signing off.

Johnny (David Meunier) asks what they’re going to do and Boyd replies that they are going to find out which bed they need to drag Jimmy out of. Boyd asks if Colton (Ron Eldard) understands the situation he’s put Boyd in which gets a nod and asks him to be the MP he knew in Kuwait which gets the assurance that Colton’s gonna put this right.

Ellen asks for the name of the place they’re going and Drew tells her before saying it’s the most beautiful place he’s ever seen. Ellen asks if they have religion in Mexico before asking if they have anything like Billy’s church. The downside is that the sermons are in Spanish. He’s confident she’ll learn. She thanks him for coming back for her. “I never felt so free.”

One of Duffy’s men wakes him up to talk to a Crowder. He doesn’t really care which one. It’s Johnny calling to say they found Drew and that he’s the sheriff. Wynn (Jere Burns) asks over the state of this and Johnny asks for men. “My people know Harlan about as well as they know Juno Alaska.” Johnny asks if he has a man in Harlan. Of course he does, it’s Johnny. He better find Shelby before anybody else does or he can kiss his dream of supplanting his cousin goodbye. Wynn goes back to sleep.

The next morning, Shelby goes to see Limehouse (Mykelti Williamson). Ellen May makes the introductions including herself and Limehouse asks if she knows how this works Ellen mentions another hooker but she had information for him. Shelby barters for Ellen to be kept safe despite his and Limehouse’s differences in the past. Shelby says he knows he’s not going to be extended an offer of kindness but Limehouse needs money which he can provide. fifteen thousand if he keeps Ellen May safe for two weeks and helps her get out of town. Shelby knows he’s not welcome there and Limehouse tries to barter for more money before revealing he knows exactly who Shelby is.

Nicky tells Boyd he never thought of Ellen May as a trouble maker by herself but “it ain’t exactly like we’re friend on the facebook or nothing.” Boyd calls in Colt and Nicky while scared asks for cash. “Chair!” Colt pulls him onto the chair and Boyd picks up a drill while Colton holds him mouth open. Nicky spills that whenever she was in trouble she used to threaten to go to Limehouse. Boyd calls Ava.

Ava asks why Limehouse didn’t tell her Ellen May was there as she means her harm. Limehouse replies she would have said that either way before offering to let her see Ellen May. Ellen’s ecstatic to see Ava and tells her she understands why she had to do what she did. Ava asks if Shelby left which he hasn’t and Ava asks how much for both of them. 150,000 each.

Boyd tells her to tell them they’ll do it which will clean them out. So he calls Detroit who doesn’t think Theo’s gonna go for it. “I’m gonna give you Drew goddamn Thompson on a silver platter.” Detroit replies that Boyd should call when they have it.

Teri (Cathy Baron) is so tired of hearing about Ellen May. Johnny wants her to be patient and think about Ellen May and what she knows. When she replies crossly, he throws her off. Boyd calls and asks whey is isn’t at the bar and then Boyd informs him that they know where Drew Thompson is. Raylan walks into the trailer and introduces himself and Rachael to Teri. “As much as I don’t think myself the type, I have become a frequenter of this particular whore house.” Johnny asks Teri to step out which Rachael says would defeat the purpose of the visit; they want to speak to the ladies of this establishment. And Terry replies “Not Ellen May again!” Johnny suggests that they’re asking the wrong questions and Raylan dismisses her. Johnny tells him to think about where Boyd’s money is before ranting about Boyd’s childhood and how he doesn’t ever stick with anything. Raylan asks for the point and Johnny tells him that Boyd is buying a house in the suburbs; he stole Raylan’s girlfriend and Johnny’s job. Raylan replies that everything Johnny has gotten in life has been a result of Johnny being a “small time asshole” before telling Johnny he’s about to spend the rest of his days playing second fiddle to Boyd if Boyd finds Drew Thompson so while they don’t care about Boyd, if Johnny can be of some help, perhaps they could do Johnny a favor in the process. Why do I get the feeling Boyd will be in jail before this season is over? And why do I also get the feeling that if Deputy Rachael is on the case, he won‘t get out on a technicality.

Limehouse’s man drives Boyd up to the holler. “I got three types of people in my life my friends, our friends and her friends.” Boyd replies before offering the briefcase and demanding his people. Limehouse tells him about his dream where he’s flying a plane with everybody he cares about when something goes terribly wrong no matter what he does “it ain’t no use” he always wakes up before it crashes sweating. Boyd asks about the point of the metaphor before Limehouse changes the deal. He wants more money because what they got is enough for only one of their people. Boyd asks to take a moment to “confer with my lady”. Boyd says they should take Ellen May but Ava is the one fighting to take Shelby because he’s their future. “There ain’t no future for me without you.” Ava begs Boyd to take Drew so he reluctantly does. Ellen May begs them to take her before spitting in Ava’s face. Ava tried to reassure her that Limehouse isn’t gonna do anything they wouldn’t do. Shelby tells her it’s his time. Limehouse’s men are ready to take them back to their car but until they get the rest of the money, they ain’t gonna talk about “getting their little ho back.”

Drew, when he jumped from the plane, jumped with too much coke; he came in hot and broke his legs. He never would have stayed in Harlan had he landed right. Boyd replies that Drew had a pretty good run. Drew then tells them Arlo is dead. They hadn’t learned that fact yet. Boyd lets a look pass his face before saying he’s going to be joining them. Drew tells them that the coke brought them from trailers into house and put presents under the trees. “I think maybe you didn’t know your daddy.” Boyd tells him sometimes people have to reap what they sow before saying that this is his six by six plot of land. A car pulls up and Boyd tells him his “sacrifice will be providing for the next generation of the Crowder family” and hands him over to Colton. Really Colton? He’s going to trust Colt with something this big? Stupid move Boyd, stupid move. He reminds Colt to get his money when he does the exchange. Maybe Colt will be killed by Miami.

Raylan and Rachael are waiting by Limehouse’s and Rachael expresses her doubts on trusting info from Johnny Crowder. They leave on a tip to get Shelby. They’ll know by looking up where the

Drew tells Colton that when Colt came over a few episodes back Ellen may was there. He then tells Colt that there was a sweater right by where he was standing. Shelby calls Colt a “junky pussy without any balls” and tells him that he’ll die by Boyd’s hand. This season? Unfortunately Colt pulls a gun wanting silence from the older man, now chained to a part of an old tractor. Drew is unimpressed. Colt puts the gun to his gun and he replies that Colt ain’t man enough to pull the trigger. He pulls the gun away laughing saying that Shelby will wish he had shot him before running thru the various tortures Detroit could put him thru. A helicopter flies over head and Colton leaves forgetting of course, Boyd’s money. Luckily Raylan, Rachael and the marshal brigade aren’t far behind so instead of landing the chopper takes off again.

Drew tells Raylan and Rachael that Boyd and Colt are up in the forest. Art organized the troopers “Anything for Drew Thompson.” Drew says he’ll give them whatever they want if they get him out of there. He then tells them that Ellen May is up at Limehouse’s,

Boyd is understandably not happy to learn about Drew being with the Marshals. Ava asks what they do. Their options are making a case to Theo or running. Wynn Duffy is equally unhappy to learn of Drew’s entrapment. Detroit wants him and his friend in Harlan. Duffy wants to go from the county. His associate “would prefer not to run like a little bitch.” Duffy quips that he doesn’t know what he’ll do without him.

The Rachael and Tim come back empty handed but Art tells him that this catch could bump him up a couple of grades so that he could pick his assignment. Raylan asks if he’s still going to be suspended and Raylan says yeah. Colton’s gone. And no one’s going to be happy when they find out that the marshals have Drew.

“Meaning we just gotta figure out how to get out of Harlan alive.”

What worked:
♥ Rachael threatening Raylan with show tunes. And the fact it sounds like he would have liked that.

♥ Bringing Limehouse back

♥ I liked that Limehouse changed the deal on Ava and Boyd. It shouldn’t be easy for them to accomplish their task and perhaps more importantly, Limehouse should not allow himself to be walked on.

♥ That Boyd went instinctively to save Ava. It’s such a welcome turn from the pilot when he aimed a shotgun at her

♥ Ellen May fighting back when she’s told she has to stay at Noble’s Holler

What didn’t work:
While I understand why the writers would have Boyd continue to trust Colton, as a fan it is very frustrating to see him keep making the same mistake with the same person. Even if he wasn’t going to kill Colt (which was my vote), he should have sent him away.
The name of Ellen May’s former pimp was hard to tell what his name was. It sounded like they referred to him as both Nicky and Jimmy so I went with Jimmy ‘cause there’s a Nicky in Detroit

Next week: We gotta move. We gotta move soon. Boyd’s formed his own version of the Strike Team only now he’s the leader and Colton’s the Shane.

But what did you all think? Great episode or one of the worst? Sound off in the comments!

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